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Looks like this thing needs to be updated so here we go. I'm a writer, currently when needing a break from work I write pony fanficiton. Expect more random works soon-ish


Dreaming Blue is a young orphaned pony who has dreams like the rest of Equestria. A dream to get a cutie mark, to live a life with friends, to live in peace under Celestia's sun. Dreams can come true...that doesn't mean you'll be happy or sane

A/N: A diary styled story on the life of a pony who doesn't see the world quite right.

(I will not be updating this. It was an experiment in writing style and I am not happy with it. I will leave it posted because I refuse to hide my failures. Hopefully I will write something someday that will be worth completing.)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 3 )

Well, it sounds like a foal, so to that extent, you've succeeded.

I suspect that the orphans are doled out as little information as Equestrian law will permit, and to that extent, they have to come up with their own explanations as to the way the world works. The story potential here, therefore, is downright mindbending. On, then, to the next chapter!

3702085 *jumping up and down like Twilight, thrilled for my first comment* ........*clears throat* Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the story

As for the orphans. Honestly I see Equestria having a much better foster care system than we do. Dreaming Blue and the others do go to a public school. However, due to Dreaming Blue's issues, understanding certain things is a difficulty. Thus allowing having to make up own explanations as you pointed out.

I get the feeling that at some point Sunbutt Celestia is going to intervene personally. (Then again, I could be wrong.)

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