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Just another writer that aims to entertain. Nothing to see here, move along. Though yes, I am very feminist. Don't like it? That's nice.


After a long trip to Canterlot to visit her family for Hearth's Warming, Princess Twilight comes home to find her very special somepony waiting for her. The conversation takes a very... personal turn.

A little holiday present to my friend RainbowBob. He mentioned he wanted to see more TwiCora out there, and I felt like I needed to write something like this after the holiday season I've had. Something very sweet, a bit sensual, and even a little sad. Sorry boys, but the sex tag is just to be safe. Hope some of you enjoy it anyway!

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Thank you, Colin Baker! :pinkiehappy:

3699211 "Commenting on your own story makes you a rather egotistical author" XD

Nice to see someone knew who he was.

My prayers have been answered! An awesome, sweet Twicora fic. If only there was more. :applecry:

I comment to respond to my readers. I feel like it's worthwhile to socialize with them, let them know that I'm actually reading what they have to say. :twilightblush:

I'd gladly write more if I had more ideas! Right now, though, I really don't. When I do romance, I try to make every story (and every couple) very distinct from each other in plot points and character interaction/dynamics. :twilightsheepish: If you have any interesting ideas for these two, though, feel free to send them my way! :twilightsmile:

3699289 Oh I know, I do the same thing. What I said was a modified Sixth Doctor Quote. The actual quote was, "That was a lot of I's in that sentence, you sound like a rather egotistical young lady."

I really don't have any ideas at the moment either. I would have written this ship myself, but the rhyming is just so difficult for me. I just get a proper feel for it. But I have to admit, you pull it off better than me.

Twicora. Good stuff.

Never heard that one. Sorry. :twilightsheepish:

It's still a big challenge. :applejackconfused: And that's just the rhyming; it's even harder to make it to fit the mood of, well, most anything. Rhyming characters don't really go with a gloomy scene, y'know?

The best stuff!
...almost the best stuff! :pinkiehappy:

finerly a Twi x Zecora that isn't porn, i bin wanting to read that for so long X3

Very nice work. Fluffy story with just the right amount (and proper positioning) of sad. Can't really ask for more.
Plus, I do love rare pairings, and Zecora in particular should get more love, hint hint. (Sorry)

Yeah, I've never really seen them together outside of clop. Kinda sad, really. :ajsleepy: Glad I could give ya what you want! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you! :twilightsmile: And yes, I'm a sucker for rare pairings too. Plan on starting a mutli-chapter DerpyShy story in a few days, actually! :pinkiehappy:

And yes yes, I'm fairly sure I remember that you still want to see more from my other Zecora story. :unsuresweetie: Haven't had much inspiration for it lately, though.

3699621 bin wanting it ever sines i stared reading fan flicks X3 so thanks :twilightsmile:

3699621 Well, nothing you can do about a lack of inspiration except wait and see if some appears.
Also, :yay: for DerpyShy! And multichapter? Christmas has come a bit late! Or very early!

are there going to be more? like Twi telling her friends and family, like having Zecora meats Twi's family to tell them there together?

Hope you like it when it comes out! :pinkiehappy:

Maybe in the future? But as it is, this is a one-shot, and one that isn't getting enough readers to warrant a high spot on my priority list. :twilightsheepish: Sorry.

3699817 ohhhhh shame, that's the that pop in my head one time part from Zecora is also pregnant and Night Light isn't all that happy about it but instead of him saying it, it's done in how he acts as he doesn't want to upset Twi.

That... could actually be really interesting. :twilightoops: It'd certainly be new territory, since I haven't really done a story where the pair is in the pregnancy stage... hm... I'll have to think about it. :duck: May use the pregnancy angle for a different couple, though.

3700023 i love to read that X3 i think pregnancy be best with Twi because of Shining Armor's reaction will be funny X3

This we very well done, mate.

Nice to see a TwiCora done right.

~Skeeter The Lurker

every story I see you at the comments list

Interesting story, what really caught my eye was the art, is too bad it's not sourced.

Well, give me a watch; even if I don't end up doing it, you might like my other work. :twilightsmile:

I certainly tried my best for this unloved couple! Glad you enjoyed. :pinkiehappy:

Ugh, sorry. Fixed. Well, I sourced the DA page of the artist, who I've written for in the past. Great artist and a really great person. :twilightsmile:

Loved this one, Twicora is a cool ship.

Stories that have just leap into an established relationship between two characters who aren't extremely close or preferably heading towards/already in one in canon always suffer in my opinion. The degree to which the lack of set-up hinders the story depends on the degree to which it centers on the relationship, so it had little effect on your Cadence and Luna talking fic but here one wonders how this happened.

3703424 i will as you seem friendly and I've read some of your other stories X3

3703424 Ah, good. I knew that was krypt's art, just wanted to make sure it got sourced. Also, I wonder if I've seen you in Krypt's streams at all, I go by RaindropSkies in those. :pinkiesmile:

Glad you enjoyed! :pinkiehappy:

Erm... why? :rainbowhuh: I know it's common in our culture for stories to only be about/involve a relationship starting or ending, but it is very possible to write about stuff that comes between that. I mean, if that's how your suspension of disbelief works, that's just how it works; I won't begrudge you that, and thanks for at least telling me why you dislike my story. But I have to wonder what in the world you're expecting about how a relationship would "happen" besides "both parties became mutually interested in each other and started dating." :unsuresweetie:

Hope to see you around on future stories, then! :pinkiehappy:

I don't normally go on streams and the like, no. A bit reserved when it comes to talking to crowds of strangers. :twilightsheepish: But I guess if I catch the next one, I'll try to hop on.

3704987 I'm shore you will as your a great story teller X3

god damned beautiful socrates.
as usual i find myself enamored with one of your stories. and still your zecora is awesome.

Um... thank you? I think? :rainbowderp:

Mraw, you're too kind! :twilightblush: So glad you enjoyed it, though! :pinkiehappy:

I can't put my finger on exactly why, but I think it just has to do with the more stuff being changed from canon as a background detail assumed to happen before the story starts rather than happening in a story the more it's difficult for me to invest in. It doesn't just apply to relationships, that's just the thing it's happening with here and one of the most common changes made in fanfiction.

It would be like reading a story and finding Spike moved out and bought a house off camera and going to visit his house is a major plot point but no one talks about why or when he did that, just "we're off to Spike's house" with no explanation.

It didn't bother me enough to thumb down, just enough to not actually mark it up or read very far into it.

EDIT: But I do agree that it's fine to have stories depicting characters in an already established relationship rather than focusing on how it starts. Just not when it's ones that have spoken perhaps a half dozen lines to each-other over several years and not only displayed no previous romantic interest but don't even seem particularly close. Well... Maybe a dozen lines as of Magic Duel.


I now ship her with Flash, Luna, Big Mac, and Zecora.

Oh hey look, someone who can write a good Zecora^^ Instantly makes this mushly little pile of happy feels twice as good^^

3709102 You forgot Fluttershy and RD^^ As for your question... i dont know either but I think it's the same reason why twilight gets ALL the OCs. Just look at Couragous Heart. Also, yay! I FINALLY found someone else who doesn't hate the ONE shipping with Twilight that has even a remote chance of ever becoming canon.:yay::yay::yay: And on that note I leave you with this little pic^^


3699289 You mentioned a feeling of lacking good plot points for a TwiCora fic, and I wonder why not use the ones you implied in this one? Equestria being a society built upon a herbivore herd mentality are more defensive against outsiders, and thus Zecora have a hard time fitting in despite the Mane 6's best efforts and wishes. Twi wants to tell her friends and family about her and Zecora's relationship (the establishing of which in itself not being the focus of the story, and thus left to the respective suspension of disbelief of the readers) and though they may enjoy Zecora as a friend and individual they may still feel a bit iffy about their friend/daughter/sister dating her, for age old traditions and scars in pony society if nothing else.

But to the matter at hoof, I liked this fic, and after my hopes for more TwiCora after your implications in "Starting on the Wrong Hoof" I was even more psyched and am even more happy it didn't disappoint.

Considering my reply on "In the Pale Moonlight" I feel obliged to give you some more well thought-out points on this one, yet... I can't. I feel more at home and comfortable with longer stories, what with there being more to reply to and reflect upon. What I can say about this one though is that it was really adorable, and I could see the unmentioned connection between Twi and Zecora well enough to not have to suspend my disbelief (though that could just be me). Despite not much happening the pacing was good, the characters didn't feel out of character, and it left me curious and wanting more which in itself must be a good thing, right? The only thing I really can complain about is the fact that... well, not much is happening. Yet that is only a matter as subjective as blaming a cat for not being like a dog, so I can't really hold it against you. 4/5, would fave again.

Thou art an odd egg. :rainbowhuh:

You... didn't even finish reading it? It's less than 3k. :applejackunsure: Look, whatever, it's your time and your preferences, go forth and do whatever ya want.

You ship FlashLight?! Heresy! :flutterrage: :derpytongue2:

Silliness aside, I think it's because Twi's just adorkable as all hell... though I usually don't focus on her in my work. :twilightsheepish: She gets enough attention in the show, and the realm of fanfiction is meant to explore what canon doesn't, in my opinion.

Glad you liked! :pinkiehappy: Zecora is certainly a challenge to write well. :twilightsheepish:

Hrm... fair enough point. I could certainly use those plot points, yes. Problem is, in all honestly, I just really don't feel like it. :ajsleepy: Normally, I'd write it anyway because it's what people want to see and there needs to be more TwiCora out there. But I've had a really rough year and rough holiday season, so I really need to just write what strikes my fancy at any given moment and try not to agonize over it to minimize my stress. I have enough unfinished multi-chapter fics as it is. :fluttershyouch: I'll be starting a DerpyShy multi-chapter fic soon though, if that suits your fancy.

That aside, really glad you liked and enjoyed this story. The wealth of feedback is always appreciated! :pinkiehappy: I really tried to make their chemistry stand out, mostly so that a lack of origin wouldn't matter so much. Glad that it worked for you, at least. :twilightsmile:

Yet that is only a matter as subjective as blaming a cat for not being like a dog, so I can't really hold it against you.

And this is pretty generous of you. :raritystarry: I mean, yes, I could have written out chapter upon chapter of origin for this couple, but that isn't what I wanted or needed to write. I needed something... well, like I said up above in the summary: sweet, sensual, and a little sad. Though, more importantly, short.

I may continue this in the future, though it'll be further down the line when things are going better for me. I guess I'll hope it meets your expectations when it does happen. :twilightsmile:

Okay, so I don't mean to sound picky, but I am picky when it comes to fics I like for certain ships. There are very few Zecora ship fics I like compared to everything else, partially stemming from the unfortunate lack of best zebra.

But this? Just rightfully earned its place among said very few.

I loved the execution. You managed to make this as sweet and loving as possible without reaching love poison levels. You did a wonderful job with the rhymes. It just. . . I love every single pixel of this story on my computer screen. I can't really say much more than that. Brava.

Yes well done wish it was a sires or a seaqule it seems like a nice fic and would love to see more of such things. ^_^

3710244 You ship FlashLight, too? *Is somehow daring to hope even though it seems like I'm the only one who even likes that ship* :raritystarry:

Indeed I did forget Flutters and Dashie :twilightblush: I also forgot Rarity. See, she's so shippable that I forgot some of the ponies I ship her with!

lol that pic totally fits me. :rainbowlaugh:

Um... wow, that's pretty high praise. :twilightoops: Thank you, and I'm glad you like it so much! Hope I don't disappoint when if/when I do Zecora in the future. :pinkiehappy:

Glad you like! :pinkiehappy: This will probably get continued... just not in the near future, though. :twilightsheepish:

Wellllll... not really. :twilightsheepish: I'm not a fan of Flash Sentry as a character or character concept to begin with. But I won't begrudge anyone who is a fan of the shipping. :unsuresweetie:

With this story, I must say, you very much please.
And have the feeling that, for you, rhymes are an ease.
I've never heard nor read of TwiCora before this day, :rainbowderp:
But your story is quite well done; that I simply must say.
Bravo to you! LDSocrates, :rainbowdetermined2:
For writing this fic with these fillies.
And making it ever so cute and adorable,:rainbowkiss:
Yet keeping the relationship quiet and simple.
I may keep an eye out for your other works;
Perhaps ask advice on relationship quirks.
For you have much skill writing, that I can tell.
Far more than I, for which I envy you as well.

I offer my like, fave and sincerest regards,
For you deserve no less, you clever little bard!


3711000 That she really is. Which is why she won't appear in my story even though I'd love to have her in it.

3712519 Well I dont really 'ship' it. I haven't watched Equestria Girls yet so I dont know much about his character, thus its hard to ship him with Twilight. But I don't really mind the ship either. It is, like I said, pretty much the only mlp ship to date with even a remote chance of ever becoming canon. Also, with a ship name like FlashLight how can you not like the ship? Hehehe^^

Indeed^^ Honestly, I have yet to see a character who CAN'T be shipped with her yet^^ Save maybe for her blood-related family. I've seen her with Luna, Celestia, Nightmare, Chrysalis, Cadance, Discord, Sombra, Octavia, Vinyl, AJ, Big Mac, Caramel.... The list goes on and on^^ Fluttershy may be officially the best pony but Teilight is definitely the most shippable pony^^ :twilightsmile:

Glad you liked it^^ That makes two of us then^^ It is very true for me too^^

You earned every single character of that praise. I loved this. I am often kinda disappointed in how authors handle her rhyming or character, but you did very well on both accounts in my mind.

And as for more Zecora. . . *gleefully waits* :pinkiecrazy:

So cute! I've put this story into my group Romance is Magic!

This was a lot better than I previously thought...

Aw, man! This is a oneshot! There should be a prequel, or a follow-up!

I... must say this is the first time I got what amounts to poetry in response to my work. :twilightoops: Bravo, and thank you so much! :raritystarry:

Thank you very much! :pinkiehappy: Not sure when or what I'd use Zecora in next, but here's hoping I don't disappoint!

Thank you, and glad you liked! :pinkiehappy:

Glad I could exceed expectation, then! :rainbowwild:

There might be one, in the future. Not anytime soon, though. :twilightsheepish:

This was the first TwiCora I'd ever read, and I'm glad I did. Given Twilight's interaction with Zecora in Magic Duel, I can buy the ship. Nicely done, sweet and believable.

TwiCora. Color me interested. Is there a group for this ship, where I might find more stories relating to it?

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