• Published 29th Dec 2013
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Wings of Silver, Hearts of Gold - Silver Melodies

Scootaloo is depressed. Sweetie Belle will risk it all to make sure her friend's dream comes true. Maybe not such a good thing to do.

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Her silent song

Scootaloo stood at the edge of a cliff, string into the cold, hard stone below. It had been two months since Sweetie Belle had died. After her death, Scootaloo had taken the herbs to Zecora, who, sure enough was able to make the cure. Only a few days after Scootaloo took the medicine, her wings began to grow at an alarming rate. She didn’t go to flight school, and instead took lessons from Rainbow Dash. Each day her wings got bigger until they were almost the same size as Rainbow Dash’s. It was strange, sure, but everpony became accustomed to it.

She learned how fly within a few weeks and mastered many techniques shortly thereafter. Still struggling with the loss of Sweetie Belle, she told Rainbow Dash that he needed to be alone for a few days, and that she would be back in time for the funeral.

She left and spent time in the clouds, away from Cloudsdale and Ponyville and any other civilized area. She had plenty of time to think, and slowly came to terms with the simple fact that her friend was gone, and had died for Scootaloo to fly. She swore she would make the most of her new wings. But nothing could repay what Sweetie had done.

She jumped off the cliff, letting herself fall. She closed her eyes, waiting until she almost hit the ground. She spread her wings and her descent stopped suddenly, then took off into the sky, flying over and under the clouds. It should have left her exhilarated, but she still felt empty inside.

The wind under her wings and in her mane was feeling she had longed for so long, she still had trouble understanding this wasn’t a dream. Part of her wished it was, that way Sweetie Belle would still be alive. But it wasn’t. So why was she struggling to understand that?

She spun and dived and rose in the air. She never felt so alive. But without Sweetie Belle, was it worth it? She had three friends in life. Now she had only two. That wasn’t a lot to begin with, and now there was even less. But she had to continue, for those two left, Apple Bloom and Rainbow Dash. They still needed her, right? She had to push on, for them.

She flew back to Ponyville, taking her time. The funeral wasn’t for another day, so she wasn’t in a hurry. She still wanted to think just a bit longer. Just a bit longer about her friend.

She still marveled at how it felt to fly, to feel the wind beneath her wings. She felt a freedom she had never known, being able to fly. She could go anywhere, and do anything. The sky was the limit. She almost laughed at that thought.

She wished Sweetie Belle would have been able to see her wings. They were really big for a filly, even one of Scootaloo’s age. She wondered how she would react if she saw them, now spread out in flight, as Scootaloo soared through the air. The thought brought a tear to her eyes. She shouldn't think such things anymore. But she did.

She landed gently outside of Ponyville, standing there for a minute to take in the sight of her home. So simple and quiet, yet it seemed empty without Sweetie Belle. That was hardly the case as many ponies hustled around doing their daily business.

Scootaloo walked over to Carousel Boutique, deciding to pay Rarity a visit before the funeral. She just wanted to pay her respects and give some thanks for raising Sweetie Belle the way she did. She had been such a good friend, her sister had done a good job.

She opened the door to the Carousels Boutique. She expected to see Rarity making dresses, or talking to her friends, or something that she always did.

Instead, what she saw made her mouth drop open.

Sweetie belle stood there, right next to Rarity, who was smiling yet still looked sad. Scootaloo just stood there, staring at Sweetie Belle. No, that wasn’t possible. She had died. There was no way she could be standing there right now. No way. She wasn't... she wasn't real...

Rarity spoke up. “Ah, Scootaloo.”

Then Sweetie Belle spoke. “Scootaloo? Is that you?”

Scootaloo paused for a second. Sweetie Belle could have turned her head to look at Scootaloo, but instead continued facing the window. no, Sweetie was dead... she had died, Scootaloo had watched her die! Scootaloo tried to speak, but could only stutter over her words. “I… uh… yes… you…”

Sweetie Belle turned to face Scootaloo. There was no doubt about it. It was Sweetie Belle. She was even missing her leg. “But how?” Scootaloo asked. She hadn't been able to accept the fact Sweetie had died, now she couldn't accept that she was alive.

“Well, I don’t know exactly. I know I died. I saw heaven. I was almost there when I was suddenly pulled back, like I was being sucked into a vacuum. I awoke but passed out instantly. The doctors kept me alive and worked on me for weeks, but didn’t tell anyone because they didn’t want to spread false hope.” She scrunched her face in confusion. "I think."

She turned to Rarity, who finished the tale. “Once she recovered, she was put into rehabilitation for a few weeks. About a day after you left, two days ago, the doctors told us what had happened. As you might guess, I was infuriated and made sure to tell them so. They had no right withholding such information from us. But that is past us.”

“Wait.” Scootaloo said. “Rehabilitation? What does that mean?”

“It’s where a pony goes to adjust to something new so life is normal again, like a lifestyle or deformity or such.”

“Why did Sweetie Belle go?” Scootaloo asked. She was afraid to hear the answer.

Sweetie Belle spoke, her voice squeaking as a tear fell on her cheek. “I’m blind, Scootaloo.”

Scootaloo shook her head. “What? Blind?!” She turned around. Now it made sense, but blind? Her friend? Sure, she was alive, but she was blind. She... she had lost her sight so Scootaloo could gain her flight. That was an unfair trade!

“It’s okay Scootaloo.” Sweetie Belle. “I’m fine, I can deal with it. All that matters is I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.” Another tear fell down her cheek. “I guess I won’t ever see your wings. Rarity tells me they’re beautiful. May I feel them?”

Scootaloo held back tears. “Sure.”

Sweetie Belle placed a hoof on one and ran it up and down the wing. She smiled through the tears. “They feel big! How big are they?”

Scootaloo choked on her words. “About… about as big as… as Rainbow Dash’s… wings.”

Sweetie Belle beamed. “So it worked. I’m so happy for you Scootaloo.”

“But what about you?” She could feel tears coming on.

Sweetie Belle laughed, so sweet and clear. “Scootaloo, you’re happy. You can live your dream. That makes me happy. I only ever wanted to make you happy, since we first met. I knew there something wrong with your wings, and I made it my goal to help you figure it out and solve it. And I did.” She smiled so brightly the sun paled in comparison. "Right?"

She placed a hoof on Scootaloo’s shoulder after missing once. “Best friends do that, right?”

Scootaloo sniffed and nodded her head before remembering Sweetie Belle was blind. “Yeah.”

Scootaloo tried desperately not to cry, but couldn’t hold it back. Here was her friend, faithful beyond a doubt, and willing to risk it all for her friend’s dreams. She nearly gave her life for her, and Scootaloo knew she would never hesitate to do the same for Sweetie Belle. So Scootaloo embraced her friend and wept from joy and sorrow.

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Better than original i know its the same but rewritten but shut up

4351566 Yay... more tears of sorrow!

Hu, a few of the mistakes i noticed before are gone.

This is every bit as sad as the original version. Sweetie Belle is a true friend. :pinkiesad2:

4352263 Ah, yeah, the first time, I didn't proof read it at all. This time, I was a little more thorough.

4352364 :fluttercry:

4352802 Thank you. I hope you'll like the sequel just as much.

4353896 It will be out within the week

4353927 gulp why do I feel butterfly's in stomach?:twilightoops:

4360945 *gulp*might as well read :pinkiehappy:

4360952 wait do I wants to cry right now?i dunno.:twilightoops:

4360955 but when everything is quite to experience it better cause now is noise as hell :twilightoops:

4360967 ......so how's the weather?:pinkiehappy:

4360972 Um, great! We got some rain!

4360992 here some question......Who's your favorite character?Do u watch anime?if u do which is your favorite?do u like muffins?what about derpy?What about background PONYS?what do u think of mlp s4?do u hate a espisode if so why?
Phew.......that was a lot of typing :twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

I love her
Lyra or Vinyl
I love it. Not the best season, but great still.
No, I'm not one to hate anything in MLP:FiM

So, she is blind, why?

4362289 I feel like I already said this, but oh well.

She's blind because of two things:

Severe Brain Trauma, from being jerked and snapped around.
Sensory Overload from all the pain her little body felt. (not entirely sure that's real, but I'm going with it)

I hope that makes sense. :twilightsmile:

She opened the door to the Carousels Boutique. She expected to see Rarity making dresses, or talking to her friends, or something that she always did.

Instead, what she saw made her mouth drop open.

After reading some of your other stories I was expecting Rarity to be hanging from a rope (wait, this is Rarity... "hanging from a fashionable scarf"), but I suppose you planned that didn't you.

Sweetie's blindness could probably also have been caused by what could be considered a stroke, a lack of oxygen to the brain, when she y'know... Died...

4695784 Yeah, I'm not really a medical expert... I don't know a lot of these things.

I hope you liked the story?

4696137 Yeah, I did enjoy it. In a way I enjoyed it more than your other stories, since this is about a somewhat intentional sacrifice; where several of your others that I've read are simply "this pony died, everyone was sad"

4698993 Ah, yes. I decided to add a plot to this outside of suicide. Guess it turned out better. I'm kind of done writing stories where the ponies just die. :twilightsheepish:

Well, that was different than what I'm used to seeing out of you. Still, it was a nice read regardless, despite the fact that I don't understand how this situation caused Sweetie Belle to go blind. Ah well, good going! Cheers :pinkiesmile:

5262403 Ah, thanks! Glad you liked it!

If I may, Ill clear up the confusion.

Trauma to her brain, basically. She was whipped around and thrown to the ground and it was too much for her body to handle. Her brain got a little damaged when everything went down, that part being the one that controls eye sight.

Well then. That was sad. I don't know how I should feel about Rainbow Dash now. Anyway, I really enjoyed this story.

Congrats on making it to 100 thumbs up, Silver!

5575555 Oh wow! I didn't even notice! Awesome! Thanks!

Tears came to my eyes from this story. Great job.

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