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It is odd to think, and even odder to say, that I love My Little Pony. I did not think I would. After all, what is one show from thousands? But I find myself growing attached to it nonetheless. I can only imagine the kind of ridicule I would receive if my coworkers outside of my close friends knew that I did. The very idea of a two dimensional animated based medium of storytelling, that not only contains odd creatures, but even more odd morals and lessons, why, it’s just absurd to even imagine one finding fascination in it besides simple documentation of its existence. Even though I have been working at my job for a reasonable time to garner some respect, and I considered my position solid enough to not be knocked down from easily, I must hide the fact that I like this show for fear of reactions should anyone ever discover my obsession. I mean, it’s one thing to find a particular story enthralling, we all have our favorites. But what’s even more absurd than the idea that I like magical talking ponies, is that I actually like a show created by Humans.

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>brony in Equestria
>implied misanthropy


Wow :derpyderp2: not what i was expecting at all!

Totally new... not what I was expecting in the least... but good

you got me, now keep up the good work :)

Feel free to read it or not read it, but so far this story as nothing to do with a human in Equestria.
I found it very interesting for a first chapter. I hope that it's going to be a long one.

You could send them to me my name is Jonathan or Jon for short I live in Sussex New Brunswick Canada I'm 29 I have short brown hair with green eyes with white skin as for my personality I'm a little bit like twilight with a tad of rainbow dash thrown in (well in this fic anyway) you can use me as an oc if you like you said you where open to suggestions and plus I can't make a fic to save my life I tried to make my own but it seemed like a bad self insert I can only imagine what a mlp self insert would be like (shudder)

Ah... Come on... Send em to Lauren Faust herself. I can totally see her opening her garage door and finding the mane six asleep on the floor.

>>Liqwidice That would be very funny but Im not sure it would work out very well.

Will the timer be removed because of where their going and what just happened?

5337891 No, it's still in effect. And I will update the story again someday :ajsleepy:

"I'll make one."
Oh boy,:twilightoops: this can't end well:applejackunsure:

great story, plz contiue:raritystarry:

5337908 I sure hope so!
I LOVE this story so far, and I would very much appreciate it if you would continue.

5337908 Oh My Fucking God update already!!!!!

7473897 :twilightblush: I'm so sorry, I've been busy as hell these last few months. So much that my main story hadn't received an update for 5 months. Since this is a side story, I can't promise when it'll be updated, but it isn't forgotten.

So make sure that is true, my friend.

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