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An average girl who writes stories and is always willing to make new friends.


My day started off normal, as normal as a singer's life can be.

However, just before a concert, I seem to get whisked away by something in my dressing room to a place full of ponies. Magical, talking, pastel ponies nonetheless. If they can use magic, asking to get home should be no problem, right?

Except it is.

For I am now a cat.
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Sup: cool story bruh
Sip: I love cats

Wait, Fluttershy can understand animals. Shouldn't she be able to hear her?

3689850 It's different with her. It'll be revealed later in the story.

Hi! I like this! I will like it now.



Before reading, I wanted to say I'm a bit saddened that it wasn't a crossover with one of my all time favorite anime Black Cat due to the title. But, what can you do?

Needs some polish, and at some point in the middle you were shifting verb tenses.

Also, I'm not so sure about this premise. It feels too gimmicky.

kinda reminds me of this

3692664 I've never even heard of that story, so I assure you that any similarities are purely a coincidence.

3692752 Doctor who names? I haven't seen Doctor Who (yet), so that is all a coincidence.

I dont know why but I like it when Humans get transported to Equestria and turned into a animal instead to one of the Intelligent species. And I like the way you write and I hope of a quick new chapter. Keep up the good work.

Hmm, there's already a fic like this.. BUT I like ponies and cats, and this kind of transformation intrigues me, so I'll be reading =D

Oh, someone linked "a felines point of view" already, well that's for being lazy and not reading through the comments properly I guess.
Hmm.. well, I agree with MythrilMoth that it feels off a bit, but I'll reserve judgement until the story progressess a bit :pinkiesmile:.
Also, the Dr.Who names are from the band: Rory is a companion of the doctor, and the other name I won't say, because spoilers :raritywink:.

One thing I'd avoid is spending a paragraph on describing the character. Especially in a story like this, where the character changes form in five hundred words, having a perfect description of her human body is unnecessary unless the character is going to be antagonizing over her lost form. Readers generally don't see that kind of description and internalize it; it's generally better to give it out over a few paragraphs, or leave it up to the reader's imagination a bit more.


Anyways, I'll be watching this.

Comment posted by Dragonlover553 deleted Dec 29th, 2013

I can see some incoming hilarity with the CMC in future captures

*sigh* you just had to go and wrap that up didn't you. I think it would have been alot more interesting if the language barrier wasn't solved for a while. All those adventures one can get into as a 'stupid' animal. Even some shenanigans where she tries to communicate by other means, but something keeps getting in the way. Plus, a simple spell, really? A Translation spell (or whatever) would be mind-boggeling complex, we can't even get a computer translator that keeps sentences from being mangled, and we have been working on that for years. Not to mention said spell didn't even know what it was translating from.

3697685 Sorry, but I have a lot of things planned for this story. >u>

My heart sinks at her words. I sigh and lower my gaze to the ground with my head resting on the hardwood floor. “Okay…”


Gotta agree with 3697685 on this one. A simple translation/talking/whatever-Twilight-did spell really wraps a lot up and closes a lot of doors. I'm still following this story, but now it's with a little less enthusiasm.

3700979 Don't worry. I have a lot planned for this story. I don't want to spoil anything (of course), but there's a lot more to her suddenly being able to speak than the readers think.

3701182 I'll trust you on that, seeing how you're the author and all.

I have to know how is the updating going to be 2 day a week or what i really like this story and all

3703316 I don't know to be honest. It'll just be whenever I finish the next chapter.

Well, while the first chapter was nice, I think you need to work on the second. Try ... I don't know. Anything but magic solving everything. Problems with the translation. It starts out very Sue-ish.

3704388 Like I told someone else, there's a lot more to her suddenly being able to speak then the reader's know at this point.

3704525 You should also withhold the spoilers. It doesn't help your story. I'm going to be reviewing your work, by the way. It'll be a pleasure, I'm sure.

3704592 I know it'd be best not to spoil. I just don't want anyone dropping the story due to her suddenly speaking due to a spell. I know you said you wouldn't, but I don't know if that'll be the same for everyone.

3704626 We're barely three chapters in. If you hook the more matured readers and reviewers, you won't have to worry about menial readers.

3839931 Not intentional, but I suppose there is. ^^

3839949 you can't put

I’d like to make a contract.”


3839956 I did, though. Maybe that's where my brain got the idea, but while writing this I didn't think about it at all.

nice to see a update cant wait till next chapter :scootangel:

It's too bad this appears to be abandoned. This wasn't too bad of an exposition, though I feel it could use much more detail and Discord was probably introduced too quickly.

I smile. “Victoria Hill. You can call me Tory.”
“That’s a strange name,” Fluttershy points out.
I laugh. “Your names are strange to me.”

This exchange seems very odd to me. Her name is very clearly based on 'Victory Hill'. It would've made more sense if they had asked if either of her parents were in the Guard.

“A princess rules this world?”
“Two, actually. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Princess Celestia is responsible for raising the sun, whereas Princess Luna is responsible for the moon.”

This statement is rather obviously incorrect, as they only rule Equestria, not the entire world.

This is all going too fast, and she's too accepting. Even someone who's taught to be calm would panic even a little at having their reality shaken in front of them, quite violently might I add.

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