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Shazam 25

I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


One life, that all she has and had to save. One life and she lost it. Her own life! Then two strange ponies bring her back to life by making her a robot Pegasus. But when one her savors try's to take over Equestria, Rainbow choses to use her new body to stop her. Mega Mare is Born!

This is not related to my Mega Mare Dash stories.

A little base off the classic Mega Man games but will use my own ideas. First chapter has that tragedy slot, there it no more after it.

Cover belong to Lady Pixel Heart.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 70 )

At least Rainbow died heroically.:pinkiesad2:

Hay I'm not dead!
I know Dash, but in this fic you do. Kind of like that OTHER one. But in this one you did heroically,

3690944 This my first time doing this. Not a big fan on death.:twilightsheepish:

Sounds awesome. Faved liked and added to read later. Sorry to see all the really mean comments people are leaving on Megamre dash and the grammar stuff. It's not nice att all. People should just sa your grammar needs work and that's all not act like jerks about it.

3700182 Thank you for your kind words. I do my best.:twilightsmile:

3700443 I'm now thinking on which Robot Master to go after first. I never play the game so I don't have a order. Care to help with that part?

Ok seriously
I can't even read this story
Its written so bad that I have to rerread some parts to understand what you are even saying
You must edit what you have so far

3700496 I'm already rereading chapter three to see if I forgot anything.

3700483 Sure Megaman is my fav game series beside sonic! The first robot master is Cutman then Elecman then Iceman and then I gotta look the other three up but there's the order of the first three.

3700617 Thanks. That help out with the bosses. Now all I got to do is plan the fight.:twilightsmile:

3700812 glad I could help just PM e when you need the order of the last three bosses or more megaman info.

3701009 Sure thing, Hope you continue reading my story.:twilightsmile:

3701028 I know the order of how it goes for the Robot Masters. It Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man, and last Guts Man.:pinkiehappy:

I been thinking about a intro for Mega Mare and I found this video that might fit it.

What do you think?

Well I got a robot master you can use. And this one is purely original.

Here is his bio:

Name: wildwoods

Description: based on a black timber wolf with a werewolf base. He stands at celestia's height and has foldable claws.

History: He has the ability to summon cybertimberwolves as minions. He treats these fuax timberwolfs like family and is loyal to them. He mainly controlls wood and similar plants. He was originally designed to help with farming and animal care with his pack being originally to help track anyone lost in the woods.

Copyied weapon: cyber wolf claw.

Armor change: unlike the normal changes to megamare's armor when using a copied weapon this armor is a reference to the double soul ability with the armor taking on a more wolf theme. What set's this further apart is that it can be combined with privious weapons like elemental abilities or in cut stallion's case make the claws sharper and makes a buzzsaw move for a finisher.

Personality: his personality is very much like a wolf in that he is very loyal and protective. Normally. When reprogramed he got a seperate personality that is the opposite he calls dark moon. When defeated darkmoon used the magic of the everfree to create a seperate body and escape.

Alligence: light before reprogramed, spray after, and darkmoon's allegence is unknown but more likely sigma's counterpart.

3772364 Your idea sounds like it can be use for my Mega Mare Battle Network story which I'm doing and trying to get the first chapter done. If you got any more feel free to let me know.

Decided to check out your Mega Mare fics, was avoiding them because I'm doing my own fic like this and didn't want to be accused of copying, but I've got my last details ironed out so figured why not? I'll be reviewing MM Dash during the week :)

Intriguing start with this. I'd say the biggest problem, to repeat what others have said, is the spelling and grammar. You really need to proofread your work, because the errors are numerous and glaring. I'm not the sort of grammar-nazi type, I make errors all the time, but with this level of frequency it really damages the story's readability.

Good luck with this story and your others :) :twilightsmile:

3789086 I know! I KNOW!:twilightangry2: Gezz, can people stop telling me about that? My grammar made be bad but I do this so people can enjoy my stories. And don't tell me about my Grammar in Mega Mare Dash either, I have enough messages about that. Mega Mare is not done because I'm a little stuck on Ice Stallion fight. But it will be up.

I really like this story, you seem to update it frequently too which is always good.

pretty cool. I'm enjoying the Megamare series quite a bit.

Weapon Get!....../).<.....*sigh* this is a great story ,but that will always make me facehoof

MORE!!!!:flutterrage: i dont care for grammer to much!

4993308 I understand, Fire Stallion is a little trick to do. Haven't even plan out the fight.

Edit please.
No major spelling errors but very, very constant.
Luna's sentences could use a little rewriting as well. :twilightsmile:

I love it, I'm just going to say it right here, I love this fic, I am a big Mega Man fan and this is the closest to an actual Mega Man game I've ever seen. A few notes I've made:

I love how you kept the whole musical name tradition with Melody,

I also enjoy how you're taking notes from Mega Man: Powered Up for the Robot master personalities. (But does this mean Time Stallion and Oil Stallion will appear?)

Proto Man (or Proto Stallion I guess), his appearance just made me slam that fave button, I have never seen him in a Mega Man/MLP crossover until now, my only concern is you didn't include his whistle.

The only problem with this fic is the grammer and spelling, which I can help with if you'd like.

Please continue! :pinkiehappy:

5356377 Thank you for reading this story. I will answer the two questions you are wondering about. One, I'm use the classic Megaman Game mix with the Powered Up. So there will be no Time or Oil Stallions. Two, While I made Proto Stallion appear in this story, I want to wait under I have him in the armor before the whistle comes into play. Sure I don't mind, do you want me to send it to you in the PM?

Go ahead with the PM, I am excited to see where this story goes:twilightsmile:

5356894 OK, I'm up to Fire Stallion right now, I just can't plan out the fight.

I was expecting more of a 'revised by Cyber System' in the description but that works too.

5360231 I saw someone else do the same thing. How the next chapter coming?

5361725 pretty good, pretty good, school's just getting in the way

5362044 It fine, just take your time.

3789150 Hey, if you need an editor, I'd be happy to help! :twilightsmile: It hardly seems fair that you should get hate mail for poor grammar.

5488516 Sorry taking so long to get back to you. I'll be glad for more help! I have one person already helping but you can help out too. IF you want to can go over the first two chapters and see if there any that that need that Cyber System might have miss.

Huh, I was thrown by the grammar problems and I don't usually stick with stories that do that, but Mega Mare is still interesting. Curious how the fight with Fire Stallion will go.

I would have to guess that was the Proto-man version as a pony from the last chapter. :pinkiesmile:

5896406 We got a winner! I been waiting for someone to guess.

5896626 :raritystarry: Nice I had a feeling that he would show up sooner, or later so I guess he's going to be called Proto-Stallion then correct? I know that I'm going to sound somewhat immature, but anyway what did I win? :trollestia:

5897182 That name is also right. Your Prize is a thank you for read this story.:trollestia:

5897867 I figured that was the case anyway. :trollestia: So Fire-Stallion is next huh? So I'm going to give a guess that reprogramming was somewhat off, or not complete on him then. Well if you don't mind giving a suggestion on were he should show up at, and maybe just maybe Proto ( short for Proto-Stallion ) could show up there, and give some advice to Dash about what she going up against in the area. :raritywink:

5898078 That could work. The chapter is still being work on.

5898128 Well it takes time to do that stuff, and all. :raritydespair: I bet at times I just have bad luck when it comes to story stuff and let say I really stink at spelling, and I lose motivation when I don't get it right the first three times, but I guess you have to roll with the punches then. :raritycry: :facehoof:

5898305 So any ideas when she gets an upgrade for her armor yet? :twilightsheepish:

5898407 If your taking about the Slide and Charge Shot, That will happen when I do the third and fourth games. The whole story is going to use all 7 Mega man games. I had this idea before 9 and 10 came out and I don't plan on doing 8. Nothing wrong with it, I don't feel like added it in.

5898470 Well seance I only saw game plays of the games I really don't have experience, or knowledge about them besides two of the Battle Network, and the three of Star Force games which the Battle Network seems to be off of normal Megaman robots while the 1st Star Force are based off some of the constellations, the 2nd is based off myths, and legends while the last is somewhat sad :raritycry: just regular old playing cards I mean Red Joker, and Blare Ace. :ajbemused: But the major hard bosses were the main final boss, and the after game final boss those two were unbelievable difficult I had to use a action replay just to finish the main final boss, and the after game things were difficult as hell I had to fight all of the bosses from first part, and including the optional battles as well just go get to the after-game final boss.:twilightangry2:

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