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Google Docs is doing something weird where it's deleting entire random lines of documents when they get brought over to fimfic. I think I've caught most of the instances, but if something seems off, let me know.

All hail the ponebutt.

All hail the tail-tease :rainbowwild:


Unf. That's what.

Ponebutts and hoersecawk: the cornerstones of life.

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It's funny because they don't understand the concept of irony.

Comment posted by coandco deleted Jan 8th, 2014

3754593 The best kind. :D


Or maybe because it's still not funny the fifteenth time an ironic anti-clopfic comment pops up, no matter who posted it. :raritywink:

Oh man, the banter was great. Stifling my laughter wasn't easy or even possible in some places.

And the clop was good if a little over-the-top. Then again, that's kind of your modus operandi, so it's to be expected.

Woohoo, best straight clopfic I've read in a while :yay:

I think I have a new favorite Soarin/Dash smutfic.

I think you need some better editing, and there was at least one point where it seemed like you had an entire line missing, but the intro was very entertaining, and I'm a sucker for married sex and Soarin/Dash in particular, so the lovey-dovey bits mixed into the smut was really nice for me. Good on you.


I was like clicking the last piece of a puzzle into place.


And calm yo tits, duder. This was a great story, even without the clop. :ajsmug:


“You always use the wrong A-word,” Dash muttered.

The Jury approves. :rainbowdetermined2:

What the fuck did i just read?

And adding this to the read later list :moustache:

That description: it's really juicy and it hooked me. I'm going to read this story, which I assume is going to be good. I really like the premise.

[Edit] I laughed, quite a few times.

Also, nice fuctionary at the end there. You put too much work into that I say.

How the hell did I miss this?

~Skeeter The Lurker


I found the missing line you were referring to in the battle. I'm not sure how it got deleted in the first place, but it's fixed now. Thanks for saying something about it, but for future reference, it saves me time if you point out the section where you think something is missing so I don't have to go through the entire thing.

I try not to make specific 'corrections' as a commenter/reviewer. It's one thing if I'm acting as an editor and it's my job to, but I've found a lot of people don't really appreciate unsolicited nitpicking at their grammar, and so I tend to leave my criticisms a bit more general when it comes to spelling/grammar/technical stuff like that.

Now if I have an issue with your themes or your plot or your narrative decisions I'll write you a fucking thousand word essay about it, but.....yeah, I've pissed off enough people nitpicking their technical skills where it wasn't wanted that I don't really bother anymore unless asked.

Glad you found what I referred to though.


I see that your research has paid off in this. Good combination with the clop and the "challenge accepted wind fight". Pegasus magic given a different light.


Yeah, I understand what you mean. I'll never understand people that get massively butthurt when you try to give them pointers or show them where mistakes are. I don't mind the nitpicking at all, as the mistakes are usually minor and they take less than a minute to fix. Oh no, how traumatic :rainbowlaugh:

Strangely, the missing lines thing happened when the document was converted over from GDocs. I've no idea how or why, but it happened in about five or six random instances throughout the story. I hadn't re-read the whole thing after I'd posted it on fimfic, so that's why I didn't catch it. You were the only one to say something about it, but I'm very glad you did.

Comment posted by TorontoFCBrony deleted Jan 10th, 2014

3757772 I've helped edit a lot of documents on GDocs for other writers, and have pulled my own down to FIMFic from there, and this problem seems to happen often when there are editorial comments still attached to the original GDocs document. I've pulled down 100K or so of my own words from GDocs (all without comments attached) and never had an issue like missing lines and whole paragraphs, or even duplicate lines. Testing this out wouldn't take much, FWIW.


No problem, glad to be of help. I'll remember that for future reviewing of your stories in particular.

Out of curiosity, in your author's note where you mention the erotic thesaurus, is "In Her Majesty's Service" on this site? It's the only title I don't recognize from the list of fics you drew from, and a cursory search doesn't bring back any exact matches, and none of the close matches are clopfics short of a teen fic with the sex tag and my own fic of a similar name.



Okay, so that's meant to be Her Majesty's Secret Service, which is actually one of YOUR fics. I got the title confused with Service to the Crown, which is farther down the list.

Welp, that's pretty embarrassing.

Oh, haha, no worries then, man. I didn't even give it a second thought til a friend suggested it might actually mean to be mine, but I didn't wanna be quite that arrogant about it, I know I saw other similarly named fics and figured you were referring to one of them. I appreciate the praise though, I'm glad my naughty vocabulary was helpful to you in some way. :twilightblush:

Fucking. UNF.:heart: I was waiting for them to bang, and you delivered. Favoriting at the speed of light.

.OMG THIS IS AWSOME! FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

Damn. This is a good story. Best part?

“Fast or slow?” Soarin asked as he lined up his awkwardly bobbing tool.
“The fuck do you think?” Dash snapped.
He chuckled. “Had to ask.”
And then he rammed his foot-and-a-half-long cock inside her.

Best part.


AWESOME. :rainbowkiss:

Clop comedy? We think alike, sir. We think alike. I can't help but put comedy into my sexing either. And how casually you write Rainbow swearing and talking about sex? Yes. So much yes. We think of the cyanasus in the same manner. So this is just pretty much a live commentary as I read it. It's how I roll, and I want you to feel like someone enjoyed your work. I know how that feels as an author!

Yes, Rainbow Dash, you can be very creative. You aren't the LGBT pride of Equestria for nothing! Also kudos on the sex smell. I know some people might not like that, but... well... sex smells. And it smells awesome.

Oh my god... I just... you write her so damn well. Don't you love vulgar Rainbow Dash? You do. I can't stop laughing. Only she would joke about rape casually if she were brought into an R rated setting. I love you. I love you so much. We should have our Rainbow Dash's make out.

“The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can get down to the real business. And by real business, I mean screwing each other senseless.” <- I give up. I can't write gold like this. I just can't. I envy how you can write amazing lines like this. So much yes.

Horsy sounds! Winking! Some people might not like that, but damn it I do! I might have to put this story on a PDF just to read it every week. This is so amazing across the board.

Goodness the potty mouths on these two! And yet I keep on hearing Ashleigh Belle's voice the whole time. Goodness the...

are you guys so horny that you couldn’t see what I actually wanted you to do?” “Yes,” Soarin and Dash said together. <- True story.

"You just caused tens of thousands of bits in damages!" Well it's a good thing my best friend is a minor princess and I'm also part of an Equestrian special forces team, so I think the damages will get paid for.

Soarin, I'm pretty sure not getting head is worse then getting kicked off of the Wonderbolt's. Rainbow blowjob? Or Wonderbolt's? The choice is clear.

Oh god... infinite sex spell on Soarin? And I was going to write a Dash/Wonderbolt's orgy story. I guess not now...

I so approve of that spell.

Aww... romance fucking. So cute~ Sweet romance talking to Ahegao Dash? Good times.

Aww. Tail wrapping! I love that...

Of course Rainbow Dash likes anal. Look at her cute blue butthole. And it's her! So gusta

Of course Soarin' likes anal. Duh. What a good husband. So gusta x2.

10/10. Adored it. Funny, well and quickly written - in a good manner - and kinda adorable with the romance. Kinky, musky, fluid filled, and jesus I love your swearing ponies so much. The only thing missing was Rainbow getting a snout covering of cum, but that's because she looks good with white on her face. Other than that... gold.

Please continue The Power of Harmony.

Dash’s eyes went wide. “The entire Cloudiseum? I thought the place was enchanted to withstand an F-4!”
He nodded. “It is.”
It took a few seconds for that to click, but when it finally did, her jaw slowly fell open in awe.

HO-LY SHIT... Even for the most skilled weather ponies, making one of these monsters would be quite a challenge.

In Equestria, most tornadoes are EF0-EF2. When a storm comes out of the Everfree...EF3-EF5. :pinkiecrazy:


Oh:rainbowderp:......that's why i got a boner. :twilightblush:

3761625 No one read your comment:ajsleepy:

It's so much better when it's between a married couple. Or at least stable relationship. Much sexier and more romantic. What else can be done another time if there will be another time? Maybe some rope tricks. But on whom? I bet Dashie likes switching from submissive to dominant so it won't be a problem.:rainbowwild:

3762550 Your the writer so of course you read, its so long that i don't think any one else read it. BTW you should do more clop like this maybe a flutter x rainbow or twi x luna.

Squishy. So, so squishy. As mush as I love Appledash, it's cool seeing her married to a stallion. This gets an upvote, fave and a watch.

one of the best clopfics ive ever read :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::yay::yay::raritystarry:

Holy shit! When I read this, I became so wet that I was soaked! You are truly talented, you put my clop to shame, in fact. Keep writing more stories like this one! :raritywink:

3765438 Hey, I like speaking my mind. -Shrugs- :twilightblush:

Wow. I don't know why but I came here thinking this would be meh. But I was wrong. VERY wrong. This was great!


I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've always thought of Dash as this cocky, yet unbelievably charismatic character. Sort of like Vegeta, except her attitude attracts others to her rather than alienates them. She acts like she's awesome because she actually is, and she has every bit of talent to back up the things she says. In Dash, that kind of attitude is infectious, inspiring, and makes others want to be like her.

Please continue The Powers of Harmony.

Hmm. Well, since you asked so nicely...

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