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Vinyl Scratch and Octavian get into a fight. so, Vinyl moves in with Mic. he is abusive an an all around douche. she fears for her life and decides to take action.

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The display picture is really cool, but I can't help but feel Vinyl wouldn't be the one being abused. From what I've seen of people's interpretations of her personality I'd imagine she'd be too outspoken to take shit from someone.

Also I laughed at the description, but if you're going to a serious story you may want to be a bit more serious in the description. Though he may in fact be a douche.

Her name is Octavia.

My name is Octavia.


*My reaction to Vinyl leaving, and then getting stabbed by Mic*

This story is the most beautiful thing I have ever read.

Holy sweet jesus, this was the most in-depth, amazing piece of writing I've ever seen!!!!

Can't tell if trolling, or if hypocritical 'brony' who hates Mic.
Just... just no.

mic should do a reading of this someone should msg the guy on youtube

I'm not sure what to make of this. On one hand it is a very unique and original story but on the other it is the most ridiculous thing I have read in a long while.

Bad grammar, weak plot threads and lack of pacing aside, it had its good bits.

No offence but...

It was absolutely shit. And I loved it. I don't know why. Good story! *claps*


Sweet mother of god. This is absolute gold. Excuse me. I must do a reading of this. Post-haste.

326861 not quite the reaction I was expecting..

Should I be mad? I think this is absolutely hysterical, to be honest.

327025 Nah, I just meant that wasn't the reaction I was expecting. In all fair honesty if someone wrote a story about me in the same light as this I would have laughed too.

Plus, Holy crap I'm holding a conversation with Mic!

I think it's pretty great. I'll probably read this tonight, if not tomorrow just for the hell of it. In the mean time, time for homework!

326861 i thought you would hate it for a sec cince you acted like an ass in the fic

People are free to depict me however they want. I still think this is pretty damn funny.

327282 i was actually comeing here to remove the coment saying you should do a reading of this i thought you would get mad if someone sugested this to you on youtube

I'm planning to write an MST of this fic as a guest submission to Mystery Pinkie Pie Theater 3000. Does the author approve?

372110 ummmm, sure. (to be honest idk wtf that is but do it up)


*slow clap

sir, that was the funniest fucking thing ive seen all week. I want you to have all my internets

It's even more beautiful to hear you read it Mic


Oh god, my sides!

I enjoyed the story. Even though the grammatical errors and the fact that you referred to Deadmau5 as a dubstep artist bothered me.

Okay that was kind of strange but fucking hilarious too!!

All in all you did a good job even if their were some minor errors but nopony is perfect :twilightsmile:

Terrible, terrible fanfiction, but made hilarious by not only having Mic shout "FUCK YO COUCH NIGGA", but also Mic actually dramatically reading it xD

I absolutely loved it. And I love you too Mic. Best. Dramatic. Reading. Ever. Closely matched by 'The Spiderses'.


Vinyl...breaking up with Octavia? ...WHAT IS THIS BULLSHITERY!?


I sense a Chapelle Show reference...

324675 yea but mic hate octavia in this so he calls her octavian

818117 yyyyeahno. I don't call the bully at school fucksack just because I don't like him.

326861 oh my god this is micthemicrophone omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg :rainbowlaugh:

818140 well keep in mind in this mic never met octavia and didn't want to learn her name. sorry to hear about that bully.

The reader only knows about what you tell them.
And how would Mic not know about Vinyl's ex-girlfriend!?
He knows 'Octavia' but still calls her Octavian? He couldn't call her Octavian if he didn't know the first part of her name before hand- Er, hoof.

818240 well then i guess mic was just making fun of octavian err... i mean octavia's name :pinkiehappy:

818272 Stop trying to act cute. This story needs to be widely improved. If you're going to give it those tags, then you actually need to TRY to make it dark or sad.

818285 :pinkiesad2: well if you say so

327282 One thing, would you call your mare-friend's ex-marefriend a fucked up name just because you didn't like them?

818117>>818240 ALRIGHT BOTH OF YOU CALM THE FUCK DOWN. it was a spelling mistake. apparently Microsoft word auto corrected Octavia to Octavian.

819947 Ah. Problem solved, crisis somewhat averted.

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