• Published 28th Dec 2013
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What Happend To Us? - Rainbow Dash856

This is MY Ending to Vacation Death Cruse. The CMC wake up to see that Scootaloos a unicorn, Appleblooms a pegasus, and Sweetiebell a earth pony

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How Did The Other Girls Do? Where Is Sweetiebell going?

All three girls landed back at the clubhouse, very disappointed that they found nothing about their problem.

"Now I gave to go do my farm chores." Applebloom complained, for now she couldn't find out any more about why she has wings.

"And I have to go talk to Rainbow about my flying lessons." Scootaloo said sadly, dreading for that moment to come.

"And I have to go see Button- I-I mean go help Rarity with something. By girls." Sweetiebell said, leaving the room so the two friends couldn't ask any questions.

"She's going to see Buttonmash AGAIN!!'' Scootaloo complained, "When are they just gonna be each others super special somepony, so Sweetiebell doesn't have to hide it."

"She's just scared that if she does that we won't like him." Applebloom tried to explain.

"That's ridiculous! We've already meet Buttonmash! We like him. She should just do it already."Scootaloo said, still not seeing what her friend could be waiting for.

"Maybe she wants him to ask her" Applebloom sad, "We can't all be as brave as you all the time.'

'I still don't see whats she's waiting for, all they do is play Mindcraft and drink milkshakes." Scootaloo said as she walked out the door, "See ya, I have to go talk to Rainbow." "See ya, Scoot." Applebloom said, walking in the other direction, off to the barn to see what her sister wants her to do.

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Comments ( 9 )

Um... what the &$%^ is Vacation Death Cruse? If that's not how you spell it I'm sorry but could someone send me the link?


VDC is in ask the cutie mark crusaders tumblr from about a year ago.

This story's pretty good, if not too short. Still, can't wait to see how this goes. :pinkiesmile:


Not even gonna try. There are so many things wrong with this, but I'm not even going to bother.

3691572 plz tell me what you find wrong with this? I want to get better.:pinkiehappy:

3691615 Chapters are too short
Grammar issues
Spelling issues
Punctuation issues.
And other things.

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