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not bad i was skeptical at first but this is turning oout to be pretty good continue good sir

3719808 Thanks! I made a pretty big mistake by uploading without doing a serious proofread. I've fixed all the mistakes I could see, and I'm glad you like it! What side missions would you like to see next?

Comment posted by Black John deleted Mar 9th, 2014

Quite the story you got here!

3733456 Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

I like it. Not sure why it has a half up and half down rating.

3746283 I take that as a sign that I'm doing my job right. I want this story to be as gritty and brutal as possible. Like I said in the description, the Lone Wanderer and his little friends are in for a bumpy ride.

Either the story I last read stole lines from this or you stole lines from it like last chapter

"You can shake them..." I've read it before. Please clarify did you or the other guy steal that line? But other than that , Make more.

If you're talking about 'Dark Wanderings', then yes, I stole read that, and thought it was pretty funny. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to catch the reference.

This intrigues me... I shall follow this story.

Alright! Two new chapters, and I'm working on two more! I'm sorry about the long wait between the two, my internet access is few and far between right now, but I hope that these chapters can make up for the wait. Thanks to all for reading and enjoying my story!

Can't understand how this has only a 21-11 ratio; it's a good fic, and there's a lot of it. Just did my part to improve that rating... :twilightsmile:

3891831 Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I will warn you though, the next couple chapters are going to be VERY dark. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy them!

before i try to read tell me if theres pony rape

3945186 That would be telling, wouldn't it? I'm not gonna post spoilers, so send me a PM if you really want to know.

This story is underrated, so far all of the characters are being fleshed out and still in character. While it may seem like Twilight is OOC in this story I find her reactions to the violence and killing quite understandable. Though in the past she and her friends have triumphed insurmountable odds and beaten ancient evils the what she is experiencing now is vastly different. Whereas before she had her friends, spike, and princess celestia to support her,now she has only pinkie pie and David, and that is without taking into account being thrust into an unknown wasteland where to her friendship and harmony is all but forgotten and hatred and death the norm. Not only that but the level of violence is far above what she has encountered and this is the first time people were specifically trying to kill her.

3946831 Thank you! That is exactly what I am trying to portray with this fic. Again, I'm glad you like it, and thank you for the feedback!

I don’t know how old these ponies are, but I’m not exactly comfortable with letting them read a copy of “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Wrong placing for the punctuation. Also, almost 300 year old books.

4076525 Actually, that placement is entirely correct.

From the description


Capital Wasteland.

4076525 Also, I'm having a bit of fun deciding which books our purple pony librarian is gonna scar herself for life with get her hooves on.

Hmm...honestly this reminds me of Dark Wandering, I take it it's going to follow a similar direction in the plot (not that plot)?
Also...why is it whenever I see the "Sex" tag on stories with humans I always end up thinking of Human/Pony intamacy?
Honestly I don't believe Dave with have sexytimes with Twi or Pinkie but damn it I still wonder about it...rather irratating truth be told.
Still...it could happen I suppose but it doesn't seem likely.
Anyway honest this is an awesome story and I can't wait for more chapters!!

4278171 I guess that this does look a bit like Dark Wanderings. It's unintentional, I only chose Twilight and Pinkie for this one because they're my two favorite ponies. As for the rest, it'll be getting revealed in the next chapter, if things don't stop happening so I can get it completed! I'm NOT a ship-teaser, if that answers any questions for ya.


Good to see that you are back on track.

Since to see you back on this story.
Me thinks Dave is about to go on a killing spree...but when does he not??
So Twilight and Pinkie want to rut him...I can honestly say I did NOT see that coming!
Twilight has redeemed herself for prior-breakdowns with that awe-enspiring massacare!!
Soooo...question...the the desire to rut Dave solely cause of their heat or are they genuinely attractive to the borderline psychotic killing machine?

So I can look forward to possibly either non-discrptive clop or "behind-the-scene" clop between Dave/Twi/Pinkie...hmm I'm noticing a trend in Pony/Human pairing.
It might be me but I think the more mentally scarred/deranged/tramuatized a human is the more attractive ponies find them.
Now this doesn't acount for all Human/Pony relations but now that I think about it most humans involved with ponies have an issue in one way or another.
Funny that.
Oh and this has nothing to do with this story really I just felt like "speaking" my theory and seeing if anyone else finds it odd.

Really enjoying this so far. Probably the most well written fallout crossover I've found (because screw fallout equestria.)

Anyway, eagerly awaiting any and all updates. You've got my fav and like.

Give it another two chapters, and I will deliver. Just a warning to all, the next chapter will heavily focus on torture, rape, and other fun things!

You have no idea how good it felt to even get the chapter uploaded, even if my laptop is dead.


The rampage he is going to go on will probably be the biggest of the story, except for the end of Broken Steel, perhaps.

Anyways, as for Twilight and Pinkie's desire, I'm still hammering it out, because things are about to get VERY complicated for the three.

I've noticed that trend as well, but in all honesty, I'm only shipping the three because I've never shipped before, and I think it'll be fun. When I started out, I didn't intend to ship any of them, but I figured "fuckityolo" and did it anyway (I will be punching myself in the balls for saying yolo, btw, don't worry), and it's been (mostly) fun planning it out.
As for clop, it'll be mostly behind-the-scenes, but any clop that I do write, or that others write for me, will be uploaded as a different chapter, and labeled as such. I know that some folks don't like reading it, so I'm not gonna ruin the story for them.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you're enjoying my story so much! I'm not gonna lie, each favorite I get, makes my day. It means a lot to me that so many people are enjoying my story!

Wow! 67 favorites, and 61 likes? The only thing I can say, is thank you, thank you! (Someone tell me what episode that's from, I forget)


Can I skip it? Does it contain plot thingies that I need to know?

4338828 It will contain information that will be relevant to the story, I'm not gonna put Twilight and David through hell just for shits and giggles, but if you message me when I finally get the chapter up, I will give you a barebones synopsis and explain how it factors into the rest of the story, without spoiling anything. Sound good?

4338868 Awesome. :pinkiehappy:

I don't mean to inconvenience you.:twilightblush:
Its just that reading rape makes me very uncomfortable.

4339263 Understandable. Hell, I'm a deranged motherfucker, and there's shit that even I won't touch, like foals and such. Unless it's an evil bastard who needs to die. But I digress, it's all good.

You know I think I'll follow Jeff the Killer's idea and ask if I can get a synopises (sp?) of the next chapter. I really don't want to read about Twi getting raped.
...But at the same time I'm wanting to read the killing spree Dave will go one.
Quite a cunundrum I find myself in...damn guess I'll just read the next chapter then.

4344602 Killing spree will be in a different chapter, actually. I'm still working on it, but I'm probably gonna put a warning in front of anything rapey, and a safeword right after, so it can be skipped. I'll still have to send you both a synopsis, though, so I dunno yet.

Ok this is probably going to be extremely redudent and retarded as I already know the answer but I've got to ask so this damn question will stop drying me crazy. Please forgive me.
But...the rape isn't going to be...in-depth is it? I find rape to be absolutely dreadful...god I sounded like Rarity there...wow...
Anyway I'm sorry for the stupid question but it's been driving me crazy...and I just repeated myself...:derpyderp1::derpyderp1:

please ignore my most recent review. I just read your reply to a review from earlier.

this is a buckin good story:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

4347065 Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Just thought I'd reread this...yeah Twi's going to have even more tramua heaped on her! As if she didn't have enough as it is! Still I just can't wait to see how the Wastes will turn Twi and Pinkie into epic badasses!!

4417324 Yeah, that's the plan. Like I said in the description, David, Twilight and Pinkie are NOT in for an easy time. That said, the three of them are gonna come out of it stronger than before, especially Pinkie and Twi.

Why is his karma evil?:rainbowhuh:

4453627 Well, he killed the Overseer on his way out of 101, and there's the way he deals with raiders (dismembering them and such). Personally, I would have no problem with it, but dismembering and mutilating the dead is something considered to be inhumane (sanctity of the dead and all). The road to hell is paved with good intentions, yeah?

Just a random thought...but have to considered giving Pinkie and Twi implants? I mean it just struck me other then Dark Wanderings I've never seen a pony with cybernetic enhancements. Just an idea I thought I'd share.

4463981 I did think about it, but between their tribe abilities and the armour upgrades they'll be receiving, they won't need them. Yet.

It's not murder when you kill someone so drugged up they don't know what's real, that's mercy. It's not murder when they attack you first, that's self defense. It's not murder when you know that they've killed innocents, that's justice. And it's definitely not murder when they're slavers. That is a service to the world.

If the world goes to shit, that will become by motto.

...Why do I feel like I going to hell for reading this?
Yeah...rape and torture isn't for me...god I need some liquor or something!

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