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Shining armor finds a letter with his name on it.

And the pain starts when he reads it. Discovering that his wife was a changeling and it all was a lie. There never was a Princess mi amora cadenza.

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Good idea but too short and underdeveloped, also in the second chapter you don't even mention a possible pain or regret, unless she lied to him about loving him:rainbowderp:

I think the worst mistake is having completely skipped shining reactions and thoughts, he has little to no emotion during the whole chapter, were you merely told us his reaction instead of showing it, and that extricated us readers from the story, giving us an empty, blank feelings to it:raritydespair:

Better next time

3691662 Thanks....I'm not a very good writer but I still like creating stories that pop in my head:twilightblush:

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