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Hearth's Warming Chaos - DisneyFanatic23

Mothball searches for the perfect gift for Screwball, while Prism fears her parents Rainbow and Soarin won't make it home for the holidays and Discord accidentally tells a filly there is no such thing as Santa Hooves.

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Chapter 4

It was three days before Hearth's Warming Day. Raspberry was sitting in the snow, staring at the empty window of the toy store. Flakes were gently falling and sticking to her poofy mane. Most stores had closed for the night, so the streets were quiet. At least, they were until a voice spoke:

"You know, you could catch a cold if you keep sitting there, right?"

Raspberry turned her head to find the source of the voice and saw a red unicorn stallion dressed as Santa Hooves.

"I know you," she said. "You're the guy who poses for those Santa pictures in the Town Square."

He shrugged. "Guilty. Though I don't recall you coming to see me."

"That's because I know you're not really Santa. None of you are."

She hung her head and then looked back up at the window. The Santa Hooves sat down beside her.

"What used to be here?" he asked.

"The Rosebud 3000," Raspberry replied. "It was going to be our Hearth's Warming gift, but we couldn't afford it, and now it's sold out."

"Oh, I see. Well, Hearth's Warming isn't all about presents, you know?"

"It's not so much the sled. It was something my sisters and I could have done together. See, every pony says we're eventually going to drift apart, and the thing is...I believe them, but I don't want to. But if we are going to drift apart, I want us to have as much fun together as we can, before it's too late."

"Maybe Santa could get it for you."

"No, he won't! Because there is no Santa Hooves!"

He raised an eyebrow at her. "How can you believe that? A sweet little girl like you?"

"You can stop pretending. I know the truth. I know my parents were the ones leaving the presents and not you."

"And does it really matter who the presents are from? Is it really worth losing faith in Hearth's Warming?"

She paused. "It's just...I always thought Hearth's Warming was a time for magic."

"And if there was no Santa Hooves, it wouldn't be? Hearth's Warming isn't about Santa Hooves, you know. Haven't you been paying attention to that play you're in? Hearth's Warming Eve is about three different types of ponies living in harmony and friendship. We celebrate it every year to keep that fire of friendship alive, and we give each other gifts to show our friends and family how much we care. Santa does the same thing by bringing joy and hope to all the children of the world."

He smiled at the filly. "If you think about it, there's a little Santa Hooves in all of us, even in you."

Raspberry glanced down at his hoof as it poked her in the chest. She gazed up at the stallion and squinted at his face.

"That beard is so realistic," she said. "I don't know about that horn though."

He laughed. "It's always the horn. So what do you say, Raspberry? Are you going to stop this moping and let the spirit of Hearth's Warming back in your heart?"

She stared at him for a moment, then gave him a small smile and nodded.

"Splendid. You be a good little filly now, you hear?"

"Yeah," she said. "Thanks, mister."

The stallion grinned, stood up and started his way down the street. Raspberry glanced back at the window and it suddenly did not seem so empty anymore. Her smile disappeared once she realized something.

"Hey! How did you know my name?"

She looked around for the stallion, but he appeared to have vanished into thin air.

When Prism woke, it was freezing. Strange, for they did not usually have this problem in winter as the clouds were insulated. She saw a moving lump under the covers and lifted them to find the shivering shell of her tortoise, Tank.

"It's okay, little buddy," she said, wrapping her hoof around the shell. "I'll keep you warm."

It was so cold, she could see her breath. As she crawled out of bed, she draped her blanket around her shoulders while holding on to Tank. She hobbled over to the calendar and picked up the red marker with her chattering teeth. When she saw what day it was, her mouth fell open and the pen dropped to the floor.

It was Hearth's Warming Eve, the day of the pageant! Her parents were supposed to have flown in last night! Maybe they were here right now!

She forgot about how cold she was and dropped both her blanket and the tortoise as she raced downstairs.

"Mom?" she called. "Dad?"

She found the twins and Scootaloo shivering in the kitchen, wearing heavy blankets and drinking hot cocoa. Prism glanced around for her parents, but they were not there. She wrapped her hooves around her body as she started feeling chilly again. Scootaloo opened her forelegs and pulled the filly into her blanket.

"Wh-where...?" she said through her chattering teeth. "Where are Mom and Dad?"

Scootaloo bit her lip. "I...I think they're running a little late, hon. They must be having trouble getting through the storm."

Prism's eyes widened. "Storm?! What storm?!"

Scootaloo pointed to the window. The shutters flew open, letting the snowflakes blow furiously inside.

"Your turn," Lightning groaned.

Thunder grunted and got out of his seat. He tightly clutched his blanket to his body as he fought against the wind. After much struggle, he managed to seal the blizzard out.

"Looks like the blizzard from Fillydelphia finally caught up to us," he declared.

Prism looked worriedly at her aunt. "You think Mom and Dad are okay?"

"I'm sure they're fine," Scootaloo assured her. "Remember, these are your parents we're talking about."

"Yeah!" Thunder said. "They're the toughest ponies around!"

"I guess you're right." Prism gasped as a new thought occurred to her. "How am I going to get to school?"

Scootaloo raised her eyebrow. "Are you sure? School might be closed today."

"It can't be closed! Today's the pageant!"

"There's no way we're taking you out in that blizzard!" Lightning insisted. "You could become an icicle out there!"

"So could we!" Thunder added.

The door burst open, allowing more flakes to fly in. Derpy held an envelope in her hoof.

"Cheerilee...asked me...to..."

Lightning ushered Derpy in and shut the door. The gray pegasus plopped to the floor in exhaustion.

"The things I do for friends!" she complained. "I tell them I don't work blizzards, but no! I have to deliver a letter to every student in the class!"

Lightning Dash picked up the envelope and opened it. After reading the words on the paper, she looked sadly at her sister.

"Sorry, squirt," she said. "The pageant's cancelled due to the storm."

"Golly!" Discord exclaimed as he attempted to close the door. "I haven't seen a storm like this since the first Hearth's Warming Eve! Is there some sort of rift between pegasi, earth ponies and unicorns that I don't know about?"

"Can't you do something with your magic?" Fluttershy asked as she moved in to help him.

"Maybe I can push the storm back a little, but only a few feet away from our house."

"It's better than nothing!"

Discord snapped his fingers and the wind stopped blowing through the door, allowing him to shut it.

"Gee," Screwball marveled as she gazed out the window. "However did the pegasi from Fillydelphia manage to create a storm like this?"

"I hope it doesn't ruin my surprise," Mothball mumbled.



Cold air filled the room as the door opened again.

"Are you kidding me?!" Discord groaned.

Then he saw four pegasi covered in snow standing in the doorway.

"Oh, goodness!" Fluttershy uttered as she shut the door behind them.

The pegasi shook the ice off their wings and heads.

"Lightning, Thunder!" Screwball exclaimed, rushing to her friends. "Are you guys okay?"

"No!" Lightning snapped. "We're not okay!"

"We just flew through a blizzard!" Thunder shouted. "Sure, we're just peachy!"

"That's enough, you two!" Scootaloo commanded.

She glanced down at the shivering filly under her wing. Prism was clutching Tank tight to her chest.

"It's okay, RJ," the orange pegasus said. "We're inside now."

"What happened to all of you?" Fluttershy inquired.

"Our home was so cold that even the fireplace was frozen! We couldn't stay in there any longer, so we came here. Do you guys mind if we crash here until the storm blows over?"

"Of course, you can! We have plenty of room here. You can stay here as long as you like."

"Woo hoo!" Lightning and Screwball cheered. "Slumber party!"

"Fine," Discord said as he glared at the teenagers. "But boys and girls will be sleeping in separate rooms! Except for me and Fluttershy, of course."

"I wonder if Apple Blossom is having as much trouble," Thunder said. "What if her roof caved in or something?!"

"Yeah," Screwball nodded, looking out at the blizzard. "And what about Dinky and Cinnamon Stick?"

"Don't forget Gem and the Tri-Pies!" Prism exclaimed.

"Goodness!" Fluttershy squeaked. "We should make sure they're alright!"

"Ooh!" Discord uttered as he rubbed his hands together. "Party time!"

Things at Sweet Apple Acres were not faring so well. The wind had already blown off the roof of the barn and the animals inside were screaming. Applejack, Applebloom, Big Macintosh and Cinnamon Stick were trying their best to round up the pigs and chickens while Cheerilee, Apple Blossom and Spike were handling the sheep. It was not easy with all the snow blowing in their faces.

"Mom!" a voice called.

"Cinnamon Roll?!" Applejack cried. "I told ya to stay inside with Granny Smith and Applespike!"

"But we have a visitor!"

"Who would be visiting us in this weather?!"

Discord flashed behind her. "Me, of course!"

The cowgirl jumped and tripped backward into the snow.

"What are you...?"

"I'm here to help you!"

"Can you fix up the barn?"

"Even better!"

He snapped his fingers and in the place of the barn stood a house of steel.

"Your animals are all safely tucked away, with plenty of food to last them the storm."

Applejack smiled. "Thanks."

Her hat then went flying off her head. She reached out her hoof to catch it, but was not fast enough. Discord stretched out his claw to retrieve it.

"You all want to spend Hearth's Warming Eve at our place?" Discord offered. "It's less windy."

She looked at the draconequus suspiciously, wondering if this was another prank of his. When the wind knocked her down again, she decided it did not matter.

"Sure, whatever! Just get us out of here!"

Meanwhile, at Carousel Boutique, the window burst open and Rarity cried out as the wind blew through her mane.

"My hair!" she howled. "Some pony shut the window!"

"I got it," her father said, pushing firmly against the glass.

"Hot cocoa, any pony?" her mother asked as she levitated a tray of hot chocolate.

"Please!" Sweetie Belle begged.

"One for me too!" Gemstone exclaimed.

The filly and her aunt were shivering in front of the fireplace with their hooves wrapped around each other.

"It's so cold in here!" Gemstone whined. "Can't we put another log in?"

"Sorry, Princess," her grandfather shrugged. "That was the last one."

Rarity groaned and glared accusingly at her husband. "Fancy, you were supposed to get some firewood!"

"Me?" Fancy Pants said. "Why didn't you get some while you were shopping for watermelon yesterday?"

"I forgot! Okay?!"

"Brrr!" Gemstone uttered. "If only there was some sort of way we could heat up the entire house using some sort of sparky energy source."

Her grandmother laughed. "Oh, Rarity, your little girl says the most adorable things!"

"I'm serious! And it's cold!"

"Gemstone!" Rarity shouted. "Stop your whining!"

"Hey, it's not her fault!" Sweetie Belle insisted. "She's only a filly!"

As the adults started talking over each other, Gemstone moved closer to her aunt and tried to keep warm. At first, no pony noticed when Discord materialized in the room. He watched them all with excited red and yellow eyes, until he got bored and cleared his throat.

"Well, I hate to break up Family Fun Night, but I understand you're having a bit of a heating problem?"

Every pony turned to the draconequus and shouted, "YES!"

"Our home is plenty warm. You're welcome to come over. The Apples and Dashes are already there."

Gemstone gasped in delight. "Can we, Mommy?"

Rarity scowled. "Absolutely n-" She paused. "What am I saying? It's freezing! Let's go!"

"Red!" Pinkie shouted.

The orange stallion with red hair dropped the balloon animal he had been fiddling with. "Oh no."

His wife came into the living room holding an empty carton.

"Did you forget to buy more eggnog again?!"

"I was going to today!" Red Shoes insisted. "I didn't think there'd be a blizzard!"

"Mom!" Blueberry cried as she and Cherry rushed into the room. "We're out of cookies!"

"WHAT?!" Pinkie shouted.

"And cupcakes!" Raspberry exclaimed, running up behind her sisters.


"And, uh, fruitcake," Cherry gulped.

"Oh, that's fine. But still, WHAT?!

"Calm down, honey!" Red said softly. "It's no big deal!"

The triplets gasped and Red winced once he realized his mistake. Pinkie stared at him in disbelief.

"No big deal?" she said. "No big deal?! NO BIG DEAL?! It's bigger than big! We're out of eggnog! And we can't have a Happy Hearth's Warming without eggnog! And no Hearth's Warming cookies? Or cupcakes? DOES NO PONY THINK ABOUT THE CUPCAKES?!"

Discord then appeared sprawled on the mantel. "I do! Cupcakes are my top priority! Next to chocolate milk and cotton candy, of course."

Cherry and Blueberry narrowed their eyes at the draconequus.

"Oh," the latter said. "It's you."

"You're not still mad at me, are you?"

"YES!" they both shouted.

"Girls, it's okay," Raspberry insisted. "Uncle Discord, it's fine whether there's no Santa or not. Hearth's Warming is magical when I'm with my family and friends."

"Yeah, yeah," Discord said, waving his paw. "That's touching and all, but I didn't come here about that. I came to invite you all to our little Hearth's Warming Eve party!"

Pinkie looked at him wearily. "Will there be eggnog?"


She grinned brightly. "Then what are we waiting for?!"

The living room was crowded, but fortunately, it was a big room. The Dashes, the Apples, the Pies and Rarity's family were all gathered around the fireplace, wrapped in blankets, sharing hot cocoa and eggnog. Discord had also brought Derpy and Dinky Doo. Every pony talked, laughed and sang winter carols, enjoying the company of each other.

Soon, it was time for bed. The married couples each had their own room, while the boys slept in Mothball's room and the girls in Screwball's and the single mares shared a room together. It was hard to get the little ones to sleep, for they were excited for the morning to come.

Discord could not get much sleep either and teleported out of bed and into the living room to sip some hot cocoa in front of the fire. He was soon joined by a sleepy-eyed pegasus filly.

"Rainbow Junior," he said. "What are you doing up?"

"Can't sleep," Prism said.

"Well, I could use a friend."

He patted the space beside him. Prism did not hesitate to sit down.

"Hot cocoa?" he offered, summoning a mug.

The filly nodded and allowed the cup to land in her hooves. She took a sip of the warm liquid and then let out a content sigh.

"Thanks for letting us stay here, Uncle Discord," she said.

"Hey, no problem," the draconequus replied.

Prism glanced out the window. "I'm worried. What if my parents can't make it through the snow? What if they show up at our house and wonder where we are? What if they get into some sort of accident? What if...?"

"Hey, hey!" Discord said, putting his finger to her lips. "That's no way to talk! I'm sure your parents are fine."

She looked up at him with hopeful green eyes. "You think so?"

"Well, I'm not really fond of them, but I know what it's like to be a parent. When it comes to your children, nothing stands in your way, not even a little snow!"

"You think Santa can get through the snow?" another voice asked.

Discord glanced down to see little Raspberry.

"I thought you didn't believe," he smirked.

The magenta filly jumped up on the other side of him. "I'm not sure anymore. It would be nice if he did exist. I don't know. I guess...knowing all those stories are real kind of gave me...hope."

"Maybe Santa can help my parents home," Prism said.

"Now, I wouldn't..." Discord started to say.

He trailed off as he looked at the pleading eyes of the two fillies. He sighed in defeat. Had he really gone so soft that he would submit to a couple of children?

"Maybe," he said.

"Hey," Raspberry said. "Wasn't there a storm like this the first Hearth's Warming Eve?"

"Yeah," Discord said. "I was there."

Both girls stared at him with wide eyes.

"You were?!" they said.

"Well, I wasn't there for that whole fire of friendship thing, but I did live through that blizzard. I was just a little draconequus at that time." He glanced between them. "Actually, I think I was just about your age."

Intrigued, the fillies leaned in closer.

"What happened?" Raspberry asked.

He gulped. "I was...separated from my family. Don't ask me what happened to them. Let's just say that I'm the last of my kind and leave it at that."

"You had a Mommy and Daddy?" Prism inquired.

"Of course I did! Where do you think I came from? The stork?"

"Yes," Raspberry replied, scratching her head. "Isn't that where all babies come from?"

"Actually, they come from...quit changing the subject!"

"So you lost your family? That's sad."

He sighed. "Yeah, but I've gotten used to it."

"And it's not like you don't have a family anymore," Prism said. "You've got Fluttershy and Screwball and Zany, even Mothball!"

"And us!" Raspberry piped.

He smiled as he pulled them closer. "That's right, my little ponies. You know? I was once like you. When I was small, I was full of hope and excitement. I would play with the other young draconeqi, my parents would feed me cotton candy and chocolate milk..." He chuckled. "You know they once made me this little cornhusk doll, err, action figure? What was it I called him? Corny, that's right!"

"Cool. Do you still have it?"

His smile faded. "I lost him in the blizzard, not long after I lost my parents." He sighed again. "After that, I slowly lost my hope as well. It was dashed forever when the storm finally ended and my parents did not return."

The fillies fell silent for a long while.

"Gee," Raspberry said. "No wonder you became such a grump."

He shrugged. "Maybe that's why I could never believe in something as impossible as Santa Hooves. He was never there for me, after all."

"Maybe because you were never on the Nice List," Prism smirked.

"Eh. Fair enough."

The pegasus filly's worry then returned. "Will I lose my parents to the storm, too?"

"Of course, not!" He ruffled her rainbow mane. "You silly filly! It's not that bad a blizzard! You just need a little hope, that's all."

"But you said you lost hope when you lost your parents."

"Well, I was foolish. I thought things wouldn't get better, but you know something? They did. Eventually. And things will get better for you too."

Prism's smile slowly returned. "Thanks, Uncle Discord."

The draconequus stiffened as the fillies snuggled up to him. Indeed, he was never going to get used to this, but he did not mind.

Author's Note:

One more chapter, I swear!