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A new age has dawned in Equestria. An age of exploration beyond the skies. Twilight and her friends have signed up for this voyage. Even though they must leave Equestria, they have high hopes and dreams for it. But what happens when those dreams come crashing down?

Cover made by my good friend, gifted with Photoshop talents, Pinkamena Diane Pie (PhoenixBrave)

Chapters (5)
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Took a different route than my normal stories. Hope you like it and tell me what you think in the comments.:pinkiehappy:


One thing i spotted:

“Good. Now could you put this on, and we will start the process.

Needs another quotation mark at the end.

Rather well done and an interesting idea. Tracking for sure. :twilightsmile:

300 years and Stasis for travel? STL speeds? now that's rarely done for science-fiction, must be because usually science-fiction novels involve space combat and as such to keep stuff interesting they need to go from one system to another in only a few weeks.

And why did they feel the need to send ponies into space for such a long journey.... especially when the stasis process has a lethality rate over 5%? (still better than ours with 100% lethality rate >_>), I feel like they could have perfected the stasis process before sending their first colony ship.... and even more so when said Stasis does not freeze the neural impulses and is interrupted in-transit (and I guess at over 20 years from the destination)

But besides my stupid science-fiction theorizing addiction, nice story, tracking.

Okay, first of all I love this story so far. Second of all, there's a few grammatical errors that can be easily fixed just by re-reading the story. Third of all, the mane six are the ones who come out of stasis (I'm assuming) prematurely? Really? Oh well, like I said, love the story and I can't wait to read more!

Really good, Interesting story, tracked + liked.

Wow. Thanks guys! I haven't had a first day, or first couple hours, like this before!:raritystarry: Don't worry, more is on the way!:rainbowdetermined2:

I don't like it... I LOVE IT! :raritystarry: Definently tracking this!!

Bucking good job on this one I will be reading this story too now that's three of your stories I'm tracking!

somehow I imagine rainbow saying, "well this sucks!" Instead.

P.s. this type of space travel is MUCH more believable and you have definately caught my attention.

323864 That's a very good question. The situation must be desperate if they're going to risk losing an entire eighth of their population... What's going on in Equestria? :trixieshiftright:

This is a brilliant first chapter, I look forward to the later chapters :heart:

good i cant wait for the next chapter and to see who that pony is.

I froze at the word "Lethal Substance", haha. Makes me worried. Good job with that.

Aside from a few grammar errors, this is looking like a good story! Keep it up!

I will take that as a good thing then! :pinkiehappy:

Ah man it's about to get real ya'll.

I still wonder what happened for Princess Celestia to grant funding for a STL Exodus-type ship....

Oh well, we'll never know now.


351345 I concur with you:moustache:

I sure hope you won't suggest that the "other pony" is attempting to sabotage the engine and keep the vessel stranded, cuz you made this possibility completely obsolete by choosing a type of interstellar travel based on Exodus STL engines.....
Let me explain in Twilight-quirkiness:
ships without a Faster-Than-Light component reach their destination by ACCELERATING through the first half of the journey THEN do a full 180 degree turn at the halfway mark and fire their engines to DECELERATE for the second half of the journey.... since theyre 10 years away, it means theyll reach their destination quite soon... if they do not keep decelerating (might be 2-3 years instead of 10). So there are 2 possibilities if the engine is sabotaged:
1. A landing at the wrong coordinates (which if the engine is sabotaged for more than 2 months maybe? will be a CRASH landing).... best outcome
2. Miss the whole Planet Interception point and be stranded once and for all..... thus turning that Exodus ship in a Generation ship since I doubt the Stasis modules will keep working in 11 years
and if the Mane 6 do repair any sabotaged engine, theyll have to increase the fuel output and increase the velocity to decelerate and get no miss or crash-land.
Sorry for explanation length, but I felt I needed to impart some theory on STL travel before continuing my reading....

crap.... I was too late.....
and a Planet orbiting Triple suns? really? >_>, I know we're talking bout ponies.... but seeing as how habitable planets are extremely hard to find in a double star system, the odds of finding a TRIPLE star system with an HABITABLE planet in STL range of Equestria is ASTRONOMICALLY low.....

and even if the ship lost ALL movement from its engine being disabled.... the galaxies keep spinning, in 24 hours it'd be possible that Nova Equine went 1 second farther or 1 second closer to the ship.... well maybe not but it will in a few weeks....
and that's if the: Time to landing is a distance tracker instead of a "pre-programmed" timer.... which would have been the normal solution altough much, much more dramatic seeing as how the timer would have hit 0 and theyd still be stuck in space....

but oh well... this explains the glitches, theyre not glitches, the stasis pods are ending their programmed lifecycle....

395225 Actually, the Centauri system IS a triple star system. And many Astronomers believe that we can find a habitable planet in that system. I don't just write this stuff, I do my research. And I was thinking of adding the Xenon Ion engines(the one that slowly accelerate) But I thought it wouldn't fit for the direction I was going. And before you make all of these assumptions, I suggest you wait to see in what direction I take it.

and that's why I still didn't unfavorite or gave a Thumbs down, cuz sciencey stuff isn't the only thing that makes a sci-fi story.....
for all I know, your story is much stronger than my drafts for my own story....

395327 You would have unfavored cause my science isn't correct.:fluttercry:

no...I explained it, it's not JUST science that makes a sci-fi story, and actually your story is currently the most original spce-type sci-fi story I'm reading as few are the authors making use of 300 year-long journeys.... most use a FTL drive.

If your story was poorly structured, hard to read, way too short and other complaints that are often given THEN I'd have unfavourited.... EVEN if the science was spot-on

and your story matches the other good points from the 3 chapters you published yet, so I can forgive the unmatching sci-fi elements and oh well.... our STL drives work like I explained but they're PONIES, they may have developed some kind of Inertial Engine which really result in the ship stopping when it's disabled...
hope I covered all the points..... damn you Twilight part of me..... not able to enjoy a sci-fi story without criticizing those...

395370Ah, I see. Alright, cool. i try to research. But, since there are no current planets, at least that I know of, that can sustain human, or Equine life, I decided to go for something.


actually I do believe there's one.... but I think it was located in a galaxy 13 billion light-years away? which means it might be destroyed already.... and at STL..... thats like longer than the estimated lifespan for the universe (unless it decides to keep expanding which if I remember is the case)..... and no Exodus nor Generation ship could last that long.....

395426 Yep, and since I didn't want to use an Infinite Improbability Drive, I went for the Centauri system. Proxima Centauri to be exact.

395327 They are obviously gonna do a barrel roll then use the boost to get through and land safely.:trollestia:


that would actually have been funny as hell :rainbowlaugh:

but yeah too unrealistic..... wasn't the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy supposed to be a parody of science-fiction btw?

395459 yes, but that doesn't mean it is not epic and worth a shout-out. And, to finish all this up and get back on topic, Xenon I on engines would have worked, but not for what I was going for. And just wait and see how I direct this story. That is basically what EQD said. They wanted answers NOW!!! And I was like, WAIT FOR IT!!!:trollestia:

This is why I favorited and tracked this story. Thank GOD Derpy and Doctor Whooves are alright! THANK GOD! Kudos to you! And dude when you get finished with this fiction, you have GOT to make a Dead Space crossover! That would blow my freaking mind out of the water! Wait it would blow my mind out of my head and the water. Quite frankly what I'm trying to say is that it would make my face, head, and brain explode. Then explode again. I didn't appreciate the wait, but it was sure as hell worth it. Nice job!

Stay frosty!

396402 That would be difficult, as I have never played those games. And I don't like to do crossovers of video games. But, if the wind is right and the trees are in bloom, you might get it.

396575 Their pretty good. However if you do not want to play them or anything it wouldn't hurt to look it up on the wiki. All of the knowledge of the universe is in the wiki. :yay:
But if you really don't want to you really don't have to. It's all up to the author. Just don't go becoming a Dictator on us. :raritywink:

Stay frosty!

They destroyed/criticaly damaged the main engines and activated its reverse engines to bring it to a halt and then they destroyed those engines too. Unless they have a rocket scientist capable of repairing the engines, or salvaging the parts and building new ones, however long this may take, they are, as I believe the term goes, dead in the water, for the time being. With all those bluprints and schematics it is very possible to build new engines, expecialy if they scuttle the entire city for parts and sleep in the cryo-tubes. Maybe a few dangerous space walks would take place, but in 2 or 3 years they could have new engines and proceed to their new home. As long as you have materials, schematics, and your mind, it is inposible to stay dead in the water forever.

This or another passanger awoke early to realize the ship wasent woving, he attempted to fix it, failed and came to the following conclusing: unmovable, unreturing.

I wonder if rather then our mystery pony sabotaging the ship, he/she was trying to fix it...

Perhaps the ship has been stranded for far longer then we think. Spooky.

Impressive chapter my friend... you get a moustache :moustache:

That was...amazing...so beautiful! :raritycry:

Stay frosty!

So they found the mysterious pony who had written the notes!

Good chapter,i'm looking forward for more!:twilightsmile:

OH, so that's what you meant by not misjudge the sciencey-wobbly stuff.... I hope the deceleration engines just didn't fire at all so that they could have a shot at going in reverse for the rest of the journey, after all if the target destination was established at least 90 years ago with the second ship onwards, they probably have some intrasystem ships to recover the drifting ship.... but now that I think about it, I think they actually fired already, because the only other way to decelerate would be from gravitational braking and not just one but a few.....

also, did you think about the whole deceleration before OR after I mentioned it? plain curiosity....

and finally:
Stars. That was the first thing she saw. Start. Billions upon billions of them. All shining away happily in the vacuum. It was stunning. She had never seen this many stars before. Even in the observatory back on Equestria. She could feel a stupid grin spreading across her face as she looked out into the void. But her companion did not share her feelings.
Shouldn't it be STARS instead of Start?

426928 Ok. #1) I was sorta thinking of it before you said something, but that comment solidified it. And #2)....yes....it should be.

THIS IS EPIC AND SAD AT THE SAME TIME:pinkiehappy::raritycry::pinkiehappy::raritycry::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Interesting, very interesting. So many questions left un-answered. Is this really the end, or are you planning more? :twilightsmile:

but then.... what happened to the Colony that was supposed to have been installed about a century ago??

hope you're gonna make some kind of sequel....

and.... the Escape Pod was for the entire Cryo-level then?

Considering that this is still labeled incomplete, I take it there's still a proper epilogue chapter on the way?

Oh my Celestia That note that Cora left on that Picture made me have a massive feel it brought tears to my eyes :fluttercry: very good job with that and I have few un-answered questions too.

463783 So I take it you liked it then? :moustache:

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