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I'm English, I'm female, and I love art, music and writing stories (obviously!). Some of my favourite shippings include AppleDash (OTP), RariJack, SoarinJack and MacinDash.


Applejack's tired of all the Christmas hype and finally allows herself to have a moment of peace. That is, until her best friend texts her.

WARNING: AppleDash, humanised, a bit o' hot sauce. Oh Jesus, please don't hate me.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 6 )

Not bad, a nice Christmas Appledash one-shot. javascript:smilie(':moustache:');

This was amazing! I really loved it, and I hope you keep on it eventually.

AHHH! I loved this!

Great fic, it gets a little muddled towards the end,:twilightsheepish: but besides that it was a good read. :scootangel:

Holy shit... This was freaking amazing! :rainbowkiss:

so sweet, I really enjoyed it, so 10/10 for a job well done.

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