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Sweetie Belle and Rarity are as close as sisters can be...or at least, they used to be. Lately, Rarity has been too busy for Sweetie Belle. She's tried to get through to her sister, but nothing Sweetie Belle does gets through to Rarity. Her sister can't even take time off to build a snowpony with her sister anymore.

Inspired by the song from Frozen.

Story 2 of my Cutie Mark Sadfics

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I've told you that you're a bitch countless times, but this was just plain mean. :raritycry:

So many feels... I love this movie too. :raritydespair:

The song was going through my head, my mouse was hovering over your fic, and I hadn't even read the title yet. Had to read it. It was serendipity.

Oh my god... the feels... WHYYYYYYYYYY?! :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:


I can't hold all these Frozen feels, man, and you're not helping.:raritydespair: Nice story, btw.

The feels! I don't like these feels. It hurts me!

Cute story, but so sad!

You never know what you ve got till it's gone...

So many feels. Ehhnnn. :fluttercry:

.... :raritycry: Too many feels .... :fluttercry:

Rarity is such a jerk! If only she knew that she was only looking out for herself, she wouldn't feel so guilty about Sweetie Belle's incident.

About to read. I absolutely loved the movie, which I saw just yesterday, so I 'm sure I'll like this as well.


Okay, i read it, and have tears in my eyes. The feels :pinkiesad2:
I definitely loved this, the only thing retracting from it for me was the name of the snowman. "Hooflaf" is just too forced. There's always Oatlaf, if you want. While it's still forced, it's not so much so and works better. In my opinion.

Uh.....excuse me, but how is she a jerk?

3678572 by shunning her and never giving time out of her schedule to make a snowpony with her only sister. Even though I hate my brothers as well, I would never do that. Even if they ruin something dear to me.

Read it..... then cried.. then turned into rarity and started crying:raritycry:... then turned into fluttershy ans started crying:fluttercry:.


OMG!!! The Frozen movie might be the saddest thing in Equestria, but you're making it worse!:raritycry: nice story anyway:twilightblush:

3679211 I agree with you, Plascin.

I have so many tears... Why must you make me cry so?!? :raritydespair:

Well, I slightly do agree with you on that regard.
I guess I was on the defensive a bit because my sister would never, even in my wildest dreams , EVER be nice enough to do something, well anything, with me. So I identify with SB on that regard.

3730763 well I'm like that with my older brother. But instead of a snowpony, I want to impress him by showing him clip that I like. But he never sees them unless my mother tells her.

Great story! I saw those parallels, too.

Sweetie Belle..... No....

Most of it was predictable, I guess i'm not in the mood for these feels right now.

Shame on Rarity. I don't pity her.


It huuuurts!!! It hurts so badly!!! I think I'm gonna cry right now!!!

why do u ppl always kill me???!!!:unsuresweetie:

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