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Just an aspiring writer. Not really anything special.


Luna is a hardcore gamer, and it piques Celestia's curiosity. She's skeptical at first, but Celestia is willing to learn about Luna's favorite pastime.

Chapters (2)
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And Equestria is forever DOOMED.

LOL love that last line.... i bet she said it in a tone that made luna shudder too!

WE need moar please this is one of the funniest things i have ever read. if possible try and write another chapter based on the final fantasy game dirge of cerberus.

:trollestia: Love it. It's nice to know Twilight and I share anger issues in a PvP scenario. :twilightangry2:

I also quite like that every item has it's own Royal Title. Not much else to say, no errors that I saw, good work.

Brilliant story.


Havent read yet but, where did you find that Luna? I must know!

Ha loved this story, would have loved to have seen Trixie get into a massive online fight with twilight :trixieshiftleft::twilightangry2:
Still great story, also everyone knows that in Equestrian Effect the best class is Vanguard Minotaur

I approve of this fic

very good written and funny plot leaves me wondering what type of games pinkie pie plays though :D

overall I would give tihs fic :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2: out of 5 raging twilight's I would have said 3 but you got me on that last line :yay:

“Oh good,” Celestia turned back around, devoting her attentions to the screen again. “There’s only one problem I have with this game.”

Luna raised her eyebrows. “And what would that be?”

“I can’t send my enemies to the moon.”
My FAVORITE part ever! I Laughed so hard! Every time I read I laugh!
translates: AWESOME STORY SIR!

Yes, yes... This will work wonderfully...

I wonder if Spike would be a grandmaster of the video games because of his unique abilities? (apposible thumbs)
I like to think so. :moustache:

Great fic! and making Twi like that... oh, and the cover pic is total win!!!

So...tired. Want to read...but eyelids closing.
Track for later? done!!!

HAH! That was an :pinkiehappy:exciting read right there!

Equstrian effect 3?
Lemme try one
Battlepony 3 :D

lol, I feel the SAME WAY about Age of Empires!
Cept it's the frigging chinese that keep pissing me off!

Awesome story and I love the ragequit thing. :rainbowlaugh:

Everything shall devolve into chaos with Celestia addicted to video games.

:trollestia:, if you were able to send your enemies to the moon, what fun would that be hmmmm??? :moustache:

Ponies = Gamers = Win! :raritystarry::pinkiecrazy:


Is AoE moddable? If so, somepony has to give Celestia what she wants :pinkiehappy:

Pretty funny story, man. The characterization seemed a bit off for most everyone, but it fit in with the whole "video games in Equestria" theme so I can let that slide. :twilightsmile:

I enjoyed that. Also, gotta love Celestia as an RTS fanatic. She should try Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2; being a princess of the sun I'm sure she'll appreciate the Prism Tanks and Towers. And Chrono-troopers might not send things to the moon, but erasing them from time is almost as satisfying. :eeyup:

I can't send my enemies to the moon!

Best. Line. Ever!

Gamertag = INSANITYSOLDIER Mess with me brah, ima sick c***! :pinkiehappy: Edit: Dashie, gots the hottest bod in Equestria? mmm

Dis preases meh.

Tired of the new games? Play the old ones.

Twilight, Twilight, Twilight. There's no need to rage quit. You haven't played with an EMP troll.

VAT ZAH HELL? NO BATTLEPONY 3? i wouldve thought dash wouldve been playing A BP3, because of the fighter jets

lawl. Equestrian Effect 3. Love it, absolutely love it. Great on ya! Eagerly await more of your work! The "Whatever, 'Molestia'... made me :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight = raging COD spewer eh?
....makes more sense then I'd like to admit...

:fluttershysad: Mine countenance whereupon no Halo.
:rainbowhuh: Mine countenance whereupon Rainbow's not playing Sonic or Ace Combat.

As a Game Designer, I approve:yay:

That was AWESOME!
I wonder what will happen when Celestia gets a hold of Shogun :trollestia:
oh oh oh!!! or maby CIVILIZATION V :pinkiegasp:

am i the only one think that flutter shy would play okami?
anyway a pretty funny story, in my books.:twilightsmile:

I *trollface*d the entire time. Great read!

As a gamer I approve. my favorite party was the "Insert obligatory “that’s what your mare said last night" joke.:rainbowlaugh:
but is [PONYTYPE] supposed to be prototype, and is Equestrian Outskirts supposed to be Borderlands?

What am I damning? :rainbowlaugh: I love this to no end. Why can't I like more than once?!

"Anyway, Luna, where ya lookin’ to do a bit o’ skatin’?" - :applejackunsure:

This was a fun little read, lmao.

Well, duh. Of course she does! :rainbowlaugh:

VEEEERY nice job with this one. Hah, I wonder if any of them play TF2?
Just a one-shot though? You make me sad. So be it! Come Patsy! X3
In all seriousness though, this is pretty dang well-made. Good grammar, good story, an unfortunate ending (That you could see a mile away) with Celestia hooked on Age of Empires. I rather hope you make a sequel. :twilightsmile:

Simply amazing. Nothing else to say here. Brilliant job!

equestrian effect? probably the best game ever. i'm tracking this so i have something to read later.

what to NOT try to cross names i RL and ponies. It's bit fantasyless. annyway. Good writing

Make a fucking sequal now

Mah goodness
Twilight is freaking hilarious :rainbowlaugh:
Wonder if Twilight is good at quickscoping :twilightblush:

Foalout: New Pegasus. Obviously.

Brilliant! And dat punchline. :rainbowlaugh: Celestia should try Civ 5 or Shogun next. :rainbowdetermined2: Or Crusader Kings 2.

And Twi', you disapoint me with your rage quiting ways. :facehoof:

You shold make them have a massive lan match on counter strike source with the raging twi and celestia could be the troll he pisses every one off

Fluttershy is too busy playing X-com.

"3 Battleships on Infiltration, and all I have is an Interceptor and a Firestorm? LETS DO THIS!" :flutterrage:

'Lo and there was much snickering from the palace guards as the stories of the coffee induced alicorn's gaming issues had come to light.


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