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My name is Cameron, I am currently a junior in highschool and plan on joining the US Coast Guard when I graduate from Nova. I love horses, steam locomotives, vintage cars, and military equipment


Princess Cadence, master at spreading love, has been tasked with a special mission. Learn about a species in another world called Earth and one of their traditions. It's called Christmas.

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Comments ( 13 )

Cadence in Germany? Go on...

Well, this story has promise. :pinkiesmile: Carry on...

Please don't mention the war.

Does she become human?.

3677525 Nope, but I will have her use a spell so she appears human in other people's eyes except the main character.:pinkiehappy:

That can work. I mean... if Celestia and Luna can do that, why can't she? On a very unrelated note, the same premise occurs with my OC, but reversed. (And no, he's not a pony, griffon or changeling.)

3697603 Sounds cool, I'll have to check that out my friend.:twilightsmile:

what happen to the Verbolten story?

6972125 That one is been put on the back burner, if anything maybe you can help me with writing it. I am helping another author with a story and I am going to fix this one up and then continue with it. The Verbolten story is still on here though, I just unpublished the chapters.

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