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I'm just that guy who hated the show, then sorta liked it, then realized that he was a brony and freaked out. Then realized that there was nowhere else to post fiction. And so here I am.


Twilight eats a peach.
Well, multiple actually.
And weird stuff happens.

I'm so, so sorry.

Thanks to this guy for prereading.
Blame this guy for everything.

Terrifyingly terrible cover art by me. And GIMP.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 11 )

I'm sorry, this was just poorly written, on top of being a stupid meme fic, but it was preread? By Skeeter TL, no less? This fic hurts him more than it helps you.

>cut-rate clone of Obs' peachfic
>except with gore
>and spoopiness
>all just a dream



I'm sorry. I didn't like it. Mainly because everything that happened was only a dream. I don't really have any other problems with it besides that. But this fic is, in my opinion, not upvote worthy. In my opinion. But giving this a downvote just doesn't seem right. This isn't THAT bad.

I thought this silly meme was dead, to be honest.

I'm honestly sorry (I'm honestly lying,) but I have to agree with everypony else (except for thesnyphur. Seriously bro, what do you need the unsee button for?) I think you should stick with original things. I don't know where the peach invasion came from, but it has passed. FIMfictioners, you can stop writing about peaches.

Eh, I had fun reading it. Peach fics in general tend to be silly and random and this was exactly that. As far as the whole meme-hate goes, right now the site's buried in far more Hearth's Warming stuff (both good and bad) than it ever was in peach stuff and nobody jumps on those.

Can't really criticize you for following the meme when I'm still writing a peaches shorts series, but I do feel justified in saying that randomly capitalizing letters is the cheapest and most juvenile method of portraying insanity, and anyone who does it should feel bad.

3687172 I'll stop writing about peaches when I've run out of things to write about peaches.

Apparently, I am really good at pissing people off.

I am so proud of this story.


Oddly... I don't recall. Either that or I just wasn't paying attention.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Such pReeTy colOurs. WURGB.

Would theY bEE oRzHov FlaVoreD? whaT waS ORZhoV?

I see what you did there.

4737795 Neat-o.
To be honest, I forgot what the shiny gold and shiny black fleshes were.

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