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"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster... when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you..."

-Friedrich Nietzsche.

A soldier trained since his youth to fight for honor and country finds that his world is racing towards its own end. While exploring the ruins of a once grand city, he finds himself in a world similar to his long before the war errupted. Can he use his skills to end a war before it begins and find himself a new life, or will he be rejected from this new place called "Equestria" and be treated as an outcast?

Note that this is my first piece and any comments or criticism would be helpful. But please no emotional outbreaks

Also Tags will be added as the story progress

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 197 )

Hmmm, unknown waters? TIME TO CHART THEM!

I up-thumbed this based on the description alone, will report back once I'm done reading.

Read it, and I'm very thoroughly pleased by this story so far!

Hmmm, just finished reading both chapters, aside from a few spelling errors (literally only 2 to 3 errors per chapter), the story itself seemed great! If you'd like, I could do some proof-reading for you. If you're interested, just PM me and I'll give you my contact info.

Hmmmmm Nietzsche stared to long into the abyss eventually.

A gew spelling errors here and there, but I an enjoying this.

this is pretty good..... if hes still using a PPSH-41, while it being an effective submachine gun, i suggest you decrease the date, to maybe 2020-ish

dis i like.... i will certainly track

Awesome story man! keep it coming! :pinkiehappy:

yet another war fic:trixieshiftleft:..count me in!:pinkiehappy:

why are people so weird when it comes to first post:derpyderp2:

Simple my dear friend.:moustache:

It is pride that you get from being the first one to start a thread or comment.:pinkiehappy:

I like where this is going...

Also, If Sergi is based off of your profile image. I'm glad someone else enjoys the underrated masterpiece called EndWar.:yay:

whoah man, that was pretty intense
In other news: First

I like this... PLEASE make it so he uses more modern weapons... i mean, im perfectly conftorable with everything minus the 1887 shotgun, since... you know.... it is not as efficient as modern shotguns,

Pretty nice story, but... sorry... but a fucking 1887? In the hands of a US-supplied Russian soldier in 2070? If you're going to go with a repeating shotgun, at least make it something, I dunno, PRACTICAL in a post-modern combat situation? Like the M26? (Sorry, sorry...)

But, yeah, definately following. :pinkiehappy:

ooohp something is going to go down i can just feel it in my nuggets

Fuck efficiency. It is a shotgun therefore the only thing that makes it efficient is lethality. It fires 12 gauge shell that can pack a variety of projectiles from rock salt and rubber balls all the way to anti-personnel flechette shells that can erase parts of a persons body from existence. A shotgun isn't something that becomes more or less effective over time. The only thing that changes is the ammo and the how fast it can fire that ammo. It doesn't matter if you have a mossberg 500 or a Winchester model 1887 because at the range that they are meant to be used effectively they share the same lethal qualities as every other shotgun in existence.

As to the other weapons he uses well the ppsh is the original weapon that symbolized russian freedom and liberty in WWII. They were the guns that let the Russians march on Berlin. In the case of the character it is clear that he is fighting for the same Ideals those soldiers fought for. He may not be on the same side as they were, but the ideals and the lust for freedom and justice is clear. The only other weapon I would like to see him use is an AK. Not because it's cool, but because it is the the greatest weapon the Russian's ever created. It also shares similar emotional connotations to the ppsh. It is a symbol of pride and a symbol of power.

Oh and good update:flutterrage:

505848 i mean, the 1887 is inferior in certain ways to modern day shotguns... not to mention its a Russian US supplied soldier in 2070, not Sylvester Stallone in Rambo.... i mean, the ppsh, i get it, it is a great smg, but the 1887 really, isnt as efficient as shotguns today when it comes to, mainly everything, and it symbolizes nothing at all besides COD.... all i would really say is get a modern day shotgun like the SPAS-12, etc.


...well maybe it's the fact that it can be cut down to a highly maneuverable weapon. It packs more punch than a pistol, Holds more rounds than a normal "sawed off" shotgun, and it allows the user to fire different shells depending on the situation. You can strap an 1887 to your leg with a carabiner and some a bit of cable. I still don't see it as inefficient... it may not be a modern weapon used in combat today, but it does exactly what it's supposed to do. Oh and with the cut down "call of duty" variant it would be more lethal than a normal modern shotgun because the shorter barrel length. The stigma against the gun because of call of duty is stupid. And this US supplied Russian is using a PPSH... if he can do that then I think that he can use whatever the fuck he want to use.

506037 Erm, you do know that, well, there are shotguns for pretty much every encounter, like, the range Vs. firepower thing, plus there are shotguns that can use pretty much any kind of round... hell, there are incendiary rounds for shotguns... Not to mention is 2070, guess how advanced those weapons and/or rounds would be

SMALL armory!? Sounds like he could take on a small country with all those weapons!

well, that clarifies the shotgun debate for me :pinkiehappy:

I would like some more backstory in a upcoming chapter or some more badass moments but other then that

jesus that armoury could last him an entire season:twilightoops:

Holy f**king Sh*t that´s a shitload of weapons! O.o :pinkiegasp:

EXCELENT Also You Weren't Kidding Wtih The Small Amory

I like the idea, but using a PPSH-41? Bro, compared to other weapons today, let alone the future, he would have a hard time getting very many kills.

That would be like a soldier running around with a Thompson, instead of something like the MP5.

As I get the other chapters up, it will show why the PPSH is a part of the story.

Haha, someone really likes The Grey.

Such a great movie.

Good story, but I know the 1887 very well, and I can tell you: CoD makes it look too good. That gun is so prone to jamming and malfunctions its not even funny. Lack of blowback forces parts to rub against eachother and the modern rounds with the older weapon can superheat the weapon, causing more malfunctions. If you said "Modernized 1887" I would have been like: "Oh okay" lol. Basically, after every fight, he'd be taking the gun apart and swapping pieces, terribly impractical.
Another note: Unless his armor gives him the strength of five men, no one can carry that many weapons and ammo.

He'd be rocking almost 250 lbs of gear. I would have found it more believable if you said he had an AK-47 and an FAL, that way he would only have to assort two types of round, versus three.

All and all, I am enjoying this story, and look forward to the next chapter.

The next chapter will give some insight into some of these conditions

Hahaha, I love how this chapter starts off very similar to my second chapter. XD
Great minds think alike.

EDIT: One thing I just noticed is that you keep spelling it "Kukhri",

Looking at the box on mine it is spelled: "Kukri or khukuri"

You are talking of the machete that is bent and used for stab slashing, correct?

Don't mess with Russians. They will win.

Excellent This Pleases Us In Many Ways


I will follow this for my own nefarious purposes:trixieshiftleft:

Thats right more blood the herd dammands more Griffin blood. mhawahwhahahahahahahah:pinkiecrazy:

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