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Alteratia decides that she can stop Hearth's Warming and steal the ponies spirit by stealing their gifts.

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I loved this story. the writing is great:pinkiesmile:. but there were just a few erorrs. like this one for example:

Just before down she finished her task and left on her chariot as quick as a flash.

down sould be dawn.:pinkiesmile:

:twistnerd: ~DawnRose~

And fixed, thanks for catching that!

Comment posted by DawnRose deleted Dec 21st, 2013

Alteratia has definitely gone off the deep end in this one, Obsidian.:rainbowlaugh:

This was weird but cute...even if it didn't really fit the "When They Were Young" theme since none of the youngins were involved.

B>>3662808 Yeah, I just got the urge to write this morning and couldn't come up with a decent way to work the little ones in. I originally thought about Chyrisse playing Obsidian"s part, but he fit the "Voice of reason" role better.

Couldn't Luna have been the filly she tricked?

I suppose it could have, the idea of the sisters being in Ponyville for whatever reason just didn't occur to me...

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