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This is a fusion fanfic.
Rated T for Brief Language [And anything else, just in case]

(Alternate Season 3) After the banishment of Queen Chrysalis, Equestria celebrates the triumph of their heroes with the marriage between Captain Shining Armor and Princess Cadence. However, the victory is short-lived as Princess Celestia falls under a mysterious coma with no signs of recovery. This divergence causes a disastrous chain of events that alters the way Equestria lives, breathes, and bleeds. With Princess Luna becoming the sole, grieving ruler of Equestria, the Changeling Hive prepares a sinister plot against the Nation of Harmony. Life for Twilight changes as she must bear to live without the presence of her mentor. But in the midst of her sorrow, she and her friends slowly discover new "talents" that simultaneously are bestowed upon them, bringing up new questions about the true power of the Elements of Harmony. Why did these events occur? How will the Changelings hurt Equestria? And what is the true story behind the original bearers of the Elements of Harmony?
Author's Message: This is my first story and the idea came to mind after I saw a few pictures with the Mane Six as superheroes (before the Power Ponies episode that came out today). I know that the description might not be forthright in saying that this is sort-of a DC Comics crossover, but in reality, the Mane Six are based off of several characters within the DC Comics Universe that have been combined to form the powers and base of the origin story for all of the characters, both Canon and OC. What I've noticed though is in creating these "superhero personas", they also contain elements similar to Marvel characters and others.
While the prologue might not give in great detail the story of the Mane Six, I promise that all will be explain in due time. The pace of the story might feel slow at first, but I feel that to set a solid foundation in order to tell the story better. The story will follow the events in the show as well as creating parallels between some major story arcs within the DC Universe. Additionally, the story will contain general elements found within several comic book stories such as love (expect some shipping), death (expect a possible dark tag), power, and responsibility.
Since I said this is my first story, I will gladly accept any constructive criticism and possible ideas that you share for future chapters. I hope you enjoy the story.

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This has promise.... do continue.:twilightsmile:

I'm on the edge of my seat

3869104 Trust me. With what I have planned, I don't think anyone will truly be disappointed. And the Justice League aren't the only characters in the story. I hope you enjoy the little loop I'm throwing into season 3 :ajsmug:.

3869584 Oh? Also this is just me but since you threw DC into the mix I actually look forward to see.... who will replace Slade Wilson as the deadliest assassin ever Deathstroke?

3869701 Very well then good sir. I shall indeed wait.

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