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New description!


Sweetie Belle's dad was always a good father to Rarity, but no one was ever told how he felt about Sweetie Belle. Most ponies would expect him to love them both equally but some children are more beloved then others, and all Sweetie Belle wanted was a true father that loved her unconditionally, but can she be loved?

(There is no actual clop in the story but there are some parts where rape is implied and where the abuse is shown. There is strong language in this fic as well. You have been warned.)
(Thanks too: snipinexpert, and anondulusion brony for helping inspire this fic.)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 44 )

4093265 If he rapes Sweetie Belle, I will bring out the shovel >:(

4093359 then maybe u shouldnt read the second chapter or find out thats its happened in pas- gah! i mean that it could happen soon...................!

I cant stop reading it, I love the suspence

4093396 lol ok. well this was supposed to be a one-shot but i decided to make it into... maybe five or six chapters.

4093409 YAY…wow bad thing to say with these types of stories

4093447 well for this story i think you should.:scootangel::scootangel:

Continue...only if this doesn't end tragically and if we can have a scene of Rarity tearing the ahole a new one...in vivid detail

4106502 oh, dont worry something will happen. something... big.

Somepony hand me a shovel…shit just got real

This better end with a Rarity beatdown of epic porportions, otherwise I am writing a recursive fanfic doing it myself!!!!

And believe me, no one writes a beatdown like I can

(By wich I mean Rarity delivering a beatdown, and by beatdown I mean, she grabs every single diamond in the Crystal empire that she can grab without losing mana and drop it on the sunuvabitch. and by Drop it, I mean impale in various parts of his anatomy.)

4474142 lol you really love sweetie belle dont you?


I love seeing aholes getting theirs and I love Rarity. Also, yes,Sweetie is my fave of the CMC

4475418 so this is all scary fr you isn't it? I can see why though. Out of all of the cmc.i would snuggle her te hardest.


Replace scary with anger inducing, as in...I want Magnum's head on a pike. I then want to cuddle our little crusader and protect her and put her with her sister

4475999 lol. It's funny I had the same reaction when I first did this in an RP.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER, THIS IS AWESOME :pinkiehappy:! Ohh, that son of a bitch is gonna diiie :flutterrage:. *Picks up a butcher's knife* :pinkiecrazy: COME AT ME, MOTHERFUCKER!

4674456 lol, sorry i havent been updating. my editors are busy and im scrambling to find new ones,

Is Sweetie Belle dreaming in the end?

4676355 It's fine~! I can wait, it's just an amazing story! :D :pinkiehappy::raritystarry::twilightsmile:

4678868 you're gonna have to wait for that one....
4680099 yay, thank you!

4684745 yay! :) sorry on meh phone can't do any emoticons... :pinkiesmile: yay it worked!

4687976 lol Welp I gotta go. I'm in Mexico and won't be on my phone much other the every night to update everypony. Lol.

4688592 See you at some point, you amazing person you~! :pinkiehappy:

4688835 yay, thank you! You make me
Feels special!

4689315 You'er welcome~!

YAY, I MAD SOMEPONY FEELS SPECIAL!:heart::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::raritystarry::twilightsmile::heart:

The chapter's ok, but I found the editing problems a little distracting.

4988267 sorry about that, i really just wanted to put a chapter for this out, im gonna be editing my next chapters. so how'd you find the chapter other than the editing problems...?


Nice and hort, I do like some of the world building and the ending came nicely.

4989450 awesome, thanks. that helps even though i know it needs editing, im glad that it atleast has SOME hold to its name...

I hope rarity will find out about this, cause there's going to be hell to pay now!:flutterrage:

Ugh, too blatantly evil. It's insulting to abuse victims, stories like this. People stay quiet because they love their attacker and don't want to see them hurt, or because they're embarassed what other people will think of them, or because it isn't blatant, so they feel unsure whether it's evil or not, or because their attacker has power and influence and I'm not talking just a father figure. I knew someone who was raped by the sheriff's son and his friends, and the sheriff was complicit in it, so in that small town the police wouldn't do anything to stop them from attacking her. Did she stay quiet because she was afraid of getting cut? Hell no, she told anyone who would listen, and the cops just called her a lying slut, and it only stopped after she skipped town at 17 to a homeless shelter in a nearby city.

When we write stories about victims of brutality not telling others for plot convenience, because they're irrationally afraid of retaliation, then that really doesn't do justice to victims like that. It sort of blames them for being abused; they're cowards, or they have bad judgement, or something. In reality, when abuse victims are given the opportunity to seek help and rat out their attacker, they will more than likely follow through in spades! In reality, they truly are denied those opportunities such as escaping him for a week, or having the conviction of a scarred cutie mark to assure you that he's pure dag nasty evil and it's not you who's the problem. In reality he doesn't keep her from ratting him out by threatening her with a piece of glass; he does it by telling her how much he loves her, and making her feel like shit for betraying such a loving man to force him to discipline her like that.

In reality, the Satan is easy to deal with. It's the Jesus you have to watch out for.

6035426 meh I wrote this a while ago (I think 2 years now) and havent gotten back into it. If I do rewrite chapters ill probably write it better because of the social bullshit that is high school and have had several friends deal with being raped unfortunately...

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