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All I Needed To Hear - Surry

A big sister is what Scootaloo really needs right now, seeing as she decided to stay behind in Ponyville when her friends needed her most. Luckily Rainbow Dash comes to comfort her and offer support, finally assuming her role as her big sister.

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The Reveal

The Reveal

Rainbow had the picnic all perfectly set up. She had the blanket flung across the grass and her basket sitting atop of it, all underneath a weeping willow tree. The lakeside view was always so peaceful, especially late in the afternoon with Celestia's radiant orange sun blanketing everything in its warmth. A gentle breeze was blowing the hanging branches above Rainbow wistfully to the wayside.

The pegasus sat her behind down on the blanket and started removing things from the basket. It wasn't really much, just a large salad she had prepared and two correspondingly sized bowls. But there was something else in the basket, something for later.

She sighed briefly and started looking around for somepony.

"She should have gotten out of school by now. Where could she be?" she asked herself.

She began to worry after a few more minutes passed. "I sure hope she didn't forge--"

"Rainbow!!!" She was cut off by a familiar filly's voice.

Every time she heard that voice she felt something wonderful in her heart. Her spirits lifted whenever her little filly came around. She finally found another purpose in her life, one that had more meaning than something as selfish as wanting to be adored by everyone as a Wonderbolt. Her new purpose was to guide this little filly through any difficulties and successes she would ever have growing up, all as a good big sister should.

Rainbow waved at Scootaloo as she saw her approaching on her scooter from over the hill. Seeing that she was coming in a little too fast, the orange filly began to break by dragging her right hoof in the grass. With a great slide, leaving a long streak from her wheels behind her, she came to a gradual stop just a few yards from the picnic.

Rainbow hopped up and flew calmly over to her. Just as Scootaloo was taking off her helmet she felt the familiar embrace of Rainbow's forelegs wrapped around her. Now used to her affection, the little filly rubbed her cheeks into her chest with glee, glad to see her after a long day.

"Hey, how's my girl today?" asked Rainbow.

"Just peachy!" said Scootaloo with a big smile.

Rainbow broke off the hug and showed her over to the picnic area under the weeping willow. Scootaloo set her scooter against the tree and laid her helmet beside it. The little filly sat down on the blanket and watched the sun passing down over distant mountains.

"So how was school today?" asked Rainbow. She began to carefully put her homemade salad into her bowl as she looked off into the distance.

Scootaloo, still bearing a content grin on her face, turned to face her. "It was okay I guess. I told Sweetie Belle and Applebloom that I had plans this afternoon and they seemed alright with that."

"Good." replied Rainbow, "Because I was really looking forward to seeing you today."

"You were?!" she exclaimed.

"Well of course! Just having around my little sister is enough to make me happy now."

"R-really?" Scootaloo stammered.

"Yes, really." She replied confidently. She watched as the little filly's face lit up with satisfaction in the sun, replaying Rainbow's last few words in her mind over and over. Then her expression began to change.

"But what about everything else, didn't that make you happy before? What about your friends and flying, and wanting to be a Wonderbolt?"

"Look Scootaloo, when I see my friends, I am happy. When I'm flying as fast as I can, I am happy. And when I'm flying around in that Wonderbolt's uniform, I am happy. But, at the end of the day, those things can only make me happy for so long. Whenever I see your face, excited to see me even when I'm having the worst day, it turns it all around. You've given me something in return that friends or dreams can't give. You've given me family... here in Ponyville."

Rainbow's calm magenta eyes gazed deeply into the little filly's. After a moment or two, Scootaloo's smile returned and she drooped her head slightly. Her purple mane concealed her face, as a single tear encroached on the edge of her left eye.

"B-but what about your friends? A-aren't they family too?" she continued to stare down at the picnic blanket.

"Absolutely I consider my friends to be like family... but we have something special between us, Scootaloo. Before I really got to hang out with you as your big sister, something here in Ponyville was just 'missing' for me. And it wasn't until that we got closer that I realized what I had been missing. Now, at the end of every day, knowing I have a little sister to look after just makes me feel... like my life is complete or something. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, Scootaloo. I hope you know that."

Rainbow could see that she was trying to hold something back, but she could not tell what it was with her face hidden under her mane.

"Sniff*... you're the best thing... that's ever happened to me too... Rainbow... sniff*" The little filly's voice quivered at every word, struggling to speak over the lump in her throat. She remained perfectly still, letting her emotions set in.

Rainbow scooted in closer to her. Gently she wrapped her forelegs around her shoulders and the orange filly quietly returned the gesture with an embrace of her own. Her left cheek rested softly against Rainbow's chest and some of her tears got wiped away.

The blue pegasus looked down on her sister and using one hoof, moved her mane out the way to get a better look at her face. Her cheeks were completely drenched in tears but she was not crying anymore. The little filly had the most serene, calm smile that Rainbow had ever seen. She was so quiet, barely making any sound at all as she gently breathed into her sister's sky blue coat.

"You know Rainbow," her tiny voice was barely audible, "you used to be just a hero of mine. I always looked up to you. I wanted to be just like you... But as my big sister, that makes you an even bigger hero to me."

Rainbow chuckled lightly. "Heh... being your hero is what I live for now."

The little filly's hug became twice as tight around her chest.

Scootaloo rubbed her cheek in deeper. Her calm smile still remained.

She spoke in the softest little voice. "I..." she paused for a few seconds and took in another breath, "I...love you Rainbow."

At those four words, Rainbow felt an enormous lump form in her throat as well. Her lips quivered and her head began to shake ever so lightly, as she struggled to hold something inside. She had never quite experienced an emotion quite as powerful as this before. She tightened her embrace with Scootaloo as well, as a stream of tears started to trickle down her face. She forced her eyes to stay open to let her take in the moment of their hug and the brilliant sunset in the background. A tear came to the end of her cheek and fell to the blanket below.

"I...I...." She struggled immensely through her tears.

Never in her life had it been so difficult to speak so few words.

"I... love you too, Scootaloo." she whispered.

Her quivering lips pursed into weak smile. More tears fell onto the blanket. Pure happiness broke like ocean waves over her heart.

She held the filly for a minute or so, letting each other feel their radiating heat and the comfort of their loving hug. Their breathing slowed down into a relaxed syncopated rhythm.

"I... I have something for you." said Rainbow.

They gradually let go of each other reluctantly. Rainbow turned back to the basket and started rummaging through it. She pulled something out and cupped it within her two hooves.

"Alright, now close your eyes." she said.

Scootaloo obeyed and stretched out one hoof to receive whatever she had.

She felt a loose chain of some kind and something heavier attached to it lowered into her hoof.

"Open em'."

When Scootaloo looked down she saw a beautiful golden necklace dangling from her grasp. At the center of the necklace was a golden heart with two halves that clasped together. Carefully she opened the heart and found that the inside compartment was empty.

"It's a locket." the little filly noted, "But... there's nothing in it."

"Yet." added Rainbow. "You know that thing you've always wanted to go to?"

Scootaloo gasped. "The Convivial Cloudesdale Carnival?!"

"Yep... and I'm taking you there myself." she replied smugly.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you Rainbow!!"

The blue pegasus smiled as she felt the familiar embrace of her sister wrap around her.

"Yeah there's a place or two where we can get a picture taken, just you and me." Rainbow said. "I got a locket just like yours and I want to get a picture of us both that we can share forever."

"That sounds... so awesome, Rainbow." Scootaloo whispered.

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I liked this chapter. I could feel a few tears coming.

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Name of Story: All I Needed to Hear

Grammar Score (out of ten): 7


1) Very cute and fluffy. I'd love to see this in an episode, although not quite as mushy.
2) The morals and advice that Rainbow is giving (discounting the actual canonical lines) all sound like things that Rainbow would say to Scootaloo.
3) The picnic scene is nice. Also glad to see Scootaloo back on her scooter again, confident as ever.


1) A few grammar gripes, but I'll pm those to you so you don't go all "WELL THEN, WHAT AN ARSEHOLE, MY COMMENT SECTION IS RUINED" at me.
2) Other than that, there's not a not I can really criticise, except for the fact that I've seen this done quite a few times. That's not your fault at all.
3) conlocator.exe has stopped working


I don't often read cutesy-wutesy fluffy stories, but there's nothing inherently bad about them. It's just not my usual style. This one is nice, hits on all the right emotions without being too overwhelming, and most importantly of all (in my opinion) feels just like how an episode could play out. Short, sweet, to-the-point, in-character cast--you can't really ask for more than that.
7/10 (would be as high as an 8.5 without the grammar errors).

Enjoy your review! Thank you for reviewing Burning Day Brethren.

3708934 haha, your review makes my review look like a sissy little bitch :rainbowlaugh:

Good show:trixieshiftright:
Just as a side note too, i wrote this the day after the episode came out just on a whim, so i really didn't know what going to happen :pinkiehappy:

This kinda reminded me of Velocity. So many bubbly feels of happyness :rainbowkiss: Dash and Scoots are best siblings. Period!

Oh god the feels.
This is beautiful.

3708934 would you mind adding this story to this group?

Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo

3995768 Yeah, I can't really finish this until then. :fluttershysad:

3995771 I know. I haven't read the second chapter yet, but I'm curious to see where this will go when you're done with Voices. :twilightsmile:

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