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"Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be."– Clementine Paddleford

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Not you, too! :raritydespair:

Just plum peachy.

This deserves a like just for taking advantage of the joke :rainbowlaugh:

3648319 shaddup, it's cute clop xD

3648320 totes :3 thanks for the lookover :twilightsmile:

I was wondering when someone would get off their ass and make this a porno. Jesus, I figured the first time someone used Peach to mean Princess Toadstool we'd have gotten crossover porn.

3648356 was honestly surprised it hadn't been done yet

3648359 awwwwwww yis




3648362 RainbowBob wrote "Twilight Sparkle Eats Peach" and it wasn't porn. I was super confused.

This peach thing isn't going to stop, is it?

3648364 yeah I was shocked, he probably would have done it better than me tbh. i'm too weird/scientifically minded to write clop well, but I know good clop when I see it, so idk

3648365 oh it will eventually. no worries

3648381 ffffffffff good thing my finger was on the escape key >.>

ilu anyway, w/e

Wanderer D

Juices are the best. That is true.

3648409 I'm glad you share my opinion on peaches, o mod of mine :yay:

Very disappointed this isn't called "Twilight Sparkle Eats a Peach Out".

3648468 I wanted to use the same title Obs used as the example in his blog :3 And it works anyway :twilightsmile:

Poor Twilight's sane part. :facehoof:

Now that's just poor etiquette there, Peaches.

3648507 right? at least Twi doesn't seem to mind :twilightblush:

Not exactly rolling in the ol' lols over this peach fad, but this got a laugh out of me. Upvoted!

3648606 Thanks much :) I wanted to make a story that still makes sense outside of the joke, that way when people find it months or years later they don't need that context for it to be passable

i missed the memo. why are there so many peach stories?

The whole peach thing actually made me laugh! I'm kind of glad it happened, because enthusiasm for writing.

There were a number of things I enjoyed about your story, but essentially I thought it was, well, sweet and sexy. :twilightsmile:

A peach clopfic!
Edit: Fuck. Goddamnit. I thought this was going to have Twilight fucking some genuine Prunus persica.
I wanted fruit, I got pony. :raritydespair:

"I... I can eat a Peach for hours."

Any chance this is a quote from Face Off?

3649711 Never seen it. That's a phrase that's been around since before I was born, which was well before Face Off came out :p

I'd actually eat peaches if I had some like that one, methinks.

3652710 peaches are delicious

and juicy

and wonnerful :twilightsheepish:

Wow, fastest reply ever. I hit add comment, I scroll up, I go to the home screen, and I get a notification.

And I love the flavour of artifical peach stuff, but haven't gotten around to trying one. Not really a fruit or veggie person.


Frankly, I'm not surprised you wrote this. Lawl. Nice job.


3652727 I tend to reply pretty fast if I'm actually online xD Peaches taste better than peach flavoring, I can tell you that.

3652731 Thanks :D

Well played, sir, well played. :pinkiehappy:

Best chapter name ever.

3656489 I'm not a sir :p

3656703 it looks like a peach :3

For some reason, I kept reading all of Peaches' dialogue in a semi-Irish accent.

Scratch that, I mean it sounded like Amy Pond's voice in my head.
Celestia help me.

It IS years later. I enjoyed the clop but I'm curious as to what the peach "joke" was that spawned this?

Obs gave an example fic title “TS Eats a Peach” to refer to “(Pony) does (X)” stories. Everybody ran with it.

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