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I don't know what I'm doing here.

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Nothing to do but eat, sleep, and jerk-off huh?
Why does that sound familiar?:rainbowhuh:

Looks interesting.

I'll be watching.

I read this story expecting to laugh. Instead I find a vivid and complex description of the subject at hand in a completely serious and thorough manner with characters that are identifiable and not in any way caricatures. What is this? WHAT IS MY LIFE

In your description you say the only anthro is human. Anthro is when the ponies are human like, still retaining pony like qualities such as coat color, cutie mark, wings/horn, etc. Human tag is for when there are humans are in the story or the ponies are humans.

The honesty of the spoilered bits makes want to give this a try despite the lack of a primary Tag, i.e. a Tag that applies to the story as opposed to the characters.

3649940 Nope, if the human turns into an anthropomorphic pony(which is what the author said) then the Anthro tag does apply.

more dialogue

This is awkwardly interesting...

I too wonder why i'm so interested... this type of story really isn't my cup of tea normally

Huh. Well you have my attention.

Potentialy very sad story.:fluttercry:

eat, sleep, and jerk off.

totally not doing that myself :eeyup:

Hmm, never really liked or even believed the whole "imbalanced gender ratio" thing, but I guess this could be interesting. It's not like it would be the oddest thing I've ever read :pinkiecrazy:


Your user name is just another indication of how hard it is to get a name here that isn't taken. :rainbowlaugh:

3651806 What's not to believe? Think of it like this: Count out how many stallions you can name from the show, and then count out how many mares there are.

Can't see spoiler stuff on my mobile. :ajbemused:

Well, it's a show for little girls, obviously we are going to see many more female characters than males. Just because we don't see more stallions in the show, doesn't mean they don't exist, it just means they are offscreen due to lower relevance. Also take into consideration that shots of background ponies are inconsistent/unreliable(just look at all the clones!)

There's no real 'true' evidence for an unbalanced gender ratio, but there's not really much evidence that it is balanced either(other than ponies apparently being monogamous, but ehhh..) Ultimately though, we probably aren't ever going to know for sure, it's just not something that the show would explore. With that in mind, it's perfectly fine to have an unbalanced gender ratio as your headcanon, I just don't like the number of people who apparently believe it's actually canon.

:rainbowhuh: : Twilight... what in the hay did you do to this thing!?
:twilightblush: : Well you see Rainbow, I had to make some... modifications... in order to help ensure the future of our species.
:rainbowhuh: : It looks like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down! Those words it keeps saying, are you sure they aren't 'kill me' over and over again?
:facehoof: : You don't understand, Rainbow! This will help save all of Equestria! It might not look like much, but this thing will be able to get you pregnant!

I'm likin this, I'll be wait for the next chapter

Transformation, spooge everywhere (eventually) and the blatant wish fulfillment that is HiE, etc.
Anthro tag for good measure, but the only anthro is the human.

Well that sucks. Why couldn't the human stay human?

I love this story.keep up the good work.

>All that’s left is the matter of the sentient horse that’s taking care of me
Are you sure you're not confusing "sentient" with "sapient"?

Well, this looks promising for a sad display. As long as (unlike in Dawn Of The First Day where the human MC is a despicably submissive pussy) Twilight gets her skull cracked open with a piece of pipe (at least metaphorically) for enslaving a human and making a breeding tool out of him, I'm definitely gonna like this. :ajsmug:

3653202 Maybe the character doesn't know the difference? :applejackunsure:

3649940 Unless the human is turned into an Anthro.

3650275 If the human turns into a anthro pony and stays that way, then it is an anthro pony, not a human anymore (unless he/she changes from human form to anthro several times during the story), and the human tag should not be there, just like a human turned into pony when she/he arrives to Equestria.

3654156 To be fair to the guy, most of the chapter is spent in what seemed to be a drug induced haze. Maybe even starting to suffer Stockholm syndrome.

Also, he's locked in a room and until he can escape there's little else he can do.

I really hope that at some point, this guy beats the living shit out of her once he figures out exactly what's happened to him. Or maybe Celestia and Luna revoke her alicorn and Princesshood for clearly performing unethical and cruel experiments on someone without even getting their PERMISSION or even showing any kind of consideration for what he wants. For all she knew, she could've taken him from his wife and children, he could've been the moneymaker of the household, his kids and wife could be out on the street now because of her!

This is very much not like Twilight, and I hope she pays for it. Maybe he'll rape her and turn her into breeding stock, since she seems intent on doing the same to him, give her a taste of her own medicine. >:\

I'm sorry, but there is just zero concern for what Twilight wants right now, even if it is to try to save her own species, she could've just as easily explored fertility experiments on her own kind, even on volunteers in secret or otherwise before resorting to kidnapping and imprisoning someone against their will. Please tell me he fights back when he starts to come to his senses? I want to believe he won't be a spineless imbecile. :twilightangry2:

3652062 3652145
Actually, it's not that unbelievable that the gender ratio would make the female population larger. It dates back to when herds were popular. One herd watched over by a single stallion, with multiple mares being the mates of that singular stallion, all carrying his foals. It's a genetic predisposition with equines in general, it makes perfect sense that, even in their more advanced yet still Antiquity-ish society, this trait of the species would carry over, despite herds being extremely rare now, if they even exist at all anymore.

3653202 It's stated in the description that 'the only anthro is the human'. That, and the fact that Twilight is much shorter than the human, suggests that the native ponies are actually quadrupedal, not sapient.

...So no, he isn't. At this point in the story, it's quite clear to ________ that this 'purple angel' is sentient.

3654471 I know, I'm not blaming you or our MC of anything. I'm just thinking of the future, y'know? :unsuresweetie:

EDIT: oh hai peanut gallery :ajsmug:

3654522 ... do you even know what you're talking about? Doesn't sound like you do.

sentience = ability to feel, to sense
sapience = ability to know, to be wise (essentially think higher thoughts)

As you can see, there's nothing related to anthro-ism there, and Equestrian ponies are clearly sapient.

Or ponies become a mix-breed of the two?

....You know, I just thought of something: if this winds up being a success (and it does, the introductory text on the contents page for this story said as much), Twilight will need to kidnap and mutate other humans, likely against their will, in order to keep the gene pool diversified, otherwise all she'll be doing is staving off the inevitable. Even then, mares will probably start to give birth to anthros over time, if they all wind up getting knocked up by mutant humans-turned-anthro equines. I really can't see the populace accepting this 'solution' in the short-term or long-term, let alone how the Princesses might wind up reacting to all of this.

I mean let's face it, if we're aiming for a realistic portrayal of Celestia and Luna....they would EXILE Twilight for what she's done, because it's horrific and cruel!

My friend warned me about this fic, now look where I am.

Potentially a very very dark story ... :fluttercry:
I wonder how long till he realizes that the purple angel was the one who abducted him from his home world and forced the change on him. :pinkiesad2:


are you sure they aren't 'kill me' over and over again?

specifically 5:23-5:31

Good so far, the guy was transported in equestria againist his own will, then Twilight started to pump shit inside him to transform him in a pony, not just asthetically with some fur on a human, but with the limbs changing, as far as the escription goes, it looks like he still have his hands, probably something like a satyr.

Twilight probably keeps this project secret to everyone, letting the guy alone for all the day, he has to deal with his hunger and the loneliness, since he isn't able to interact socially with anybody and he can only understand Twilight without the possibility to reply.

He will probably have problem for a while.


I knew I never should have said anything about the gender ratio, now I'm doomed to debate it forever. :ajsleepy:

Anyway, as far as I know, the birth ratio of males and females for horses isn't that uneven, it can vary somewhat due to environmental reasons and diet, but otherwise, a similar number of males and females are born. The reason why there are less stallions in real life is because most of them die/are run off in competition for a herd, and sometimes other factors such as human intervention. Of course, since these problems aren't going to exist in Equestria, there's no reason for the gender ratio to be uneven unless you think of some sort of magic reason.

Not that I agree with comparing real life horses to the talking ponies in this show, there really isn't that many similarities other than aesthetic to some extent, and maybe diet(they have been seen eating hay, and things like that daisy sandwich.)

Also, I think I mostly agree with you on what you said about the actual story(since that's what we are supposed to be discussing in this comment section anyway) There's no way that what Twilight is doing can be called 'morally acceptable'

i came here expecting mindless clop and wish fulfillment.

i was... pleasantly surprised:twilightsmile:

also, i see stockholm syndrome written all over this chapter

and this needs a dark tag

3654560 Well, it seems I need to buy a new dictionary again. I apologize. :twilightsheepish:

What? Why'd you change tense randomly? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy you stopped writing in the present tense, but be consistent.

Fuck, quit randomly changing tense. Just stick to past tense. Present tense has too much baggage and requires too much skill to properly use, skill, which you lack.

>implying he would be capable to figth back
Twilitght is a princess, powerfull and whatever, she would beat him into submission in a second without even touching him.

3657371twilight is a bitch, use loophole question she shut down, BAM! Free rape stock

Hmmm... I think I'll pay attention to this for a little while. Keep the work up, and I'm curious, is the man going to undergo a full physical transformation into a pony, or is he going to be stuck as an anthro? Because honestly, permanently marking him as a breeder by his only being half-formed is kinda worse.

This is actually pretty well written. I liked the gradual change in his psyche as the drugs wore off. Looking forward to more.

Oh, I'm not debating whether or not it's completely true, I'm just saying there's basis for such a perspective.

Regardless of how Twilight's behavior in this fic makes me feel, I do want to see where this is going. I mean, it's an interesting concept to be sure, I just can't picture Twilight becoming this morally bankrupt, no matter how much she hopes he can forgive her.

Yes Twilight. You've uprooted his entire life, locked him away in a small room day in and day out, pumped hm full of God-knows-what to mutate his entire body and turn him into a freak of nature, and I'm getting the feeling you screwed with his mind while you were at it.

He'll TOTALLY forgive you when all is said and done. Maybe your friendship will make it all better! :facehoof:

3651808 Really? Nobody ever has my username taken.... :scootangel:

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