• Published 23rd Dec 2013
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The TwiDash/Rarijack Tales - RDFTW

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TwiDash VS RariJack

Story: TwiDash VS RariJack
Written by: RDFTW
POV: Rainbow Dash

I only have two bullets left in my magazine.

I have to careful. Don't wanna miss.

There's only two of 'em left.

All of us are out of respawns.

Twilight should be able to find Rarity. I told her that I have Applejack.

I have to admit it is kind of boring waiting for one person to show up for Applejack.

I mean, I'm a Pegasus. I can scan the whole area, and probably kill AJ easily. But, that's not part of Twi's plan.

Heh, she's so awesome. She told me to keep my sights on the building where the intel was, so when AJ comes to steal it, BAM! Headshot. But, she told me to wait until after AJ gets the intel. You see it kind of takes forever to get the intel, and the building that it is in only has one door so you can only go in and out of that one door. So when AJ is running out of the door to get to her base, BAM! Head-...Oh, wait. Already said that.

My thoughts are interrupted as I hear gunshots, and a scream.

Twilight just got Rare.

Ha! What a bad ass marefriend.

I see AJ enter the building. She must be pissed. Her support got killed. Ha!

After about a million minutes, I see AJ coming out of the building, with intel in hoof.

I hold my breath, look through my scope, follow her with my sight at her head, and take the shot.


She ran in front of a wall. A stupid wall. And, my bullet hit that wall.

I facehoof, and I take off trying to catch her.

Only one bullet left.

I hear any explosion somewhere behind me.

Twilight was killed by one of AJ's mines.


Now it's personal!

I turn the corner that AJ took and see her aiming her assault rifle at me.

I start to aim down my sights.

Maybe I can quick-scope her for the final killcam.

Oh, this is going to be so awesome!


"Horseapples!" Applejack yells. "I was about to get ya!"

"No you weren't," I strike back. "I was about to quick-scope you for the awesome final killcam!"

"You wish," AJ starts, "You suck at snipin'. What makes you think you can quick-scope me?"

"I don't suck!"

"Yeah ya do."

"Can we play a different game?" came a voice from my lap.

I almost forgot Twi' was sitting there.

"Oh, uh, sure we can," I say. "Who's turn is it to pick the game?"

"Mine, darling," Rarity answers.

She better pick a good one.

When she's done taking a million minutes to decide, she pulls a game out and asks, "What's Marvel vs. Capcom 3?"