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Hello, My name is Ky I am a hobby writer that loves mlp. Enjoy


Weeks after the return of Nightmare moon, Luna is haunted with the memories and the horror, that had once consumed her heart. Will Luna be able to defeat the darkness that still haunts her at night. Will the Elements of Harmony be able to defeat the darkness that is consuming the castle.

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I love the story, and I lie how its like, Luna's having reprocusions almost. :heart: this story!! Can't wait to read the next chapter.

sorry, repercussions.

Can she slowly go insane and take her live I would like that more store's need to have luna or another pony go insane and take there lives :pinkiehappy: thanks

I love this story! :heart:

I love this story! It is awesome how you went in depth on Luna. Love it!

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