• Published 17th Dec 2013
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Strange Revelations - sniperwar10

A changeling stuck in a city, and his mind in the past. While looking for food he found something unexpected.

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Chapter three: The Dream

From night till morning things can happen. A dream of memories of thoughts or emotions. Or it could just be Mark snoring on the couch. Dreams can reveal more than just a memory. More than just random thoughts. In any case, Tom has a dream while sleeping in his bed. A dream of his past...

Tom woke up in a place familiar to him. It was his old hive he used to live in. Shocked, He gets up to look around at the walls of the hive. It was dark, and noises of footsteps can be heard from within the hive. the sound came from multiple locations, Tom is alarmed.

"Hey, turn around." a familiar voice said.

he quickly turned around to see who was calling out to him. He stared at the figure then realizing something.

"Whats up with you today...?" The mysterious figure said. "hello...earth to Tom, are you there?"

Tom shook his head in disbelief. It was his old partner Surge. Surge was a close friend when Tom was living in the hive. His eyes were a blue-greenish color. His wings were same color too. After a moment of thinking Tom shook his head and replied back to his friend.

"S-Surge...What are you doing here?"

"Well i was to inform you of our mission together." Surge responded. "But i guess i will wait till you stop admiring me.~" He said with a smile.

"Umm...What were you going to tell m-me?" Tom replied "And i-i'm not admiring you..."

"sure your not.~" Surge replied. "Well let's talk about it while we walk, follow me."

"okay..." Tom replied.

While it was nice to see an old friend Tom was still in shock from being in the hive and being with his close friend. As they were walking he can't help but to admire his partner, or close friend. Surge took note of this by nuzzling him. Tom shook his head and blushed a bit. Surge was Tom's boyfriend, he would defend him against anybody that would bully him.

"So, you sure you're okay? Surge asked. "you look afraid..."

"I'm okay Surge, i'am..." Tom replied.

"has anybody been bullying you lately?" Surge asked. "you know i'm here to defend you..." Surge took a moment to nuzzle Tom.

"I know, just had a nightmare..." He replied

"Well worry no more, we're almost out of the Hive." Surge said.

He was right, the noises have gone quiet. There was wind from outside the hive, and the light was too. They reached at one of the holes, or entrances out of the Hive. Surge and Tom stopped walking.

"all right, so here is what our mission is." Tom said "Me and you are going to be staying out of the Hive for a while."

"Just me and you? Tom asked.

"Yep, we're going to be staying in a place called Ponyville for a while." Surge replied "And i'm sure we will able to do other things while on the mission.~" Surge said while nuzzling Tom.

Tom couldn't stop himself from blushing. "how long...?"

"I don't know..." Surge replied. "I just know we are to try to gather some love by being in Ponyville, since about everyone is affectionate there."

"also, There's one more thing." He said

"what is it?" Tom asked

Surge Closed his eyes and then kissed Tom passionately. Tom was surprised but, gave in to the kiss. after a moment, Surge stopped.

"So, you ready to go?" Surge asked happily. "oh, one more thing, do you remember the name i'll be using as a disguised pony?"

"umm...No..." Tom said.

"I'ts okay, My name as a pony is Ty."

Tom shook his head and thought about what Surge said. Ty.... But that's the name of one of my co-workers... That can't be right...

"Tom, you okay?" Surge asked.

Tom shook his head. "I'm all right, just thinking..."

"Thinking about me?~" Surged asked.

Tom blushed again, and said "Yes." Surge laughed a bit before nuzzling Tom. They both walked outside, but Tom was blinded by the sun... He stopped and whimpered a bit.

"I't is going to be all right." Surge said. "I know you will be okay."

Surge then kissed tom passionately again.

"I'ts time to wake up now." Surged said "we'll talk next time we meet."

"huh?" Tom said.

The light was too much for his changling eyes. He closed his eyes then open them. He Woke up back in his house that is now filled with the morning light. Next time...? What does he mean by next time... Could it be that he was really talking to me while i was dreaming..? He thought about it for a moment, and shook his head. that can't be possible, can it? got up from the bed. His eyes and body groggy from sleep. A green flame lit up the room. Tom transformed back into his pony form.

He open his door to his bedroom and looks at Mark. He was still sleeping and snoring on the couch with the cover Tom gave him. Tom smiled and walked next to Mark. He nuzzles him in order to wake him up. Mark yawned and looked at Tom and smiled. He then closes his eyes, and trying to fall back to sleep.

"I'ts time took wake up now." Tom said. "I'ts time to go to work..."