• Published 17th Dec 2013
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Strange Revelations - sniperwar10

A changeling stuck in a city, and his mind in the past. While looking for food he found something unexpected.

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Chapter two: New company

Walking through the city was annoying at first when you settled in. But Eventually you get used to bumping into people while walking through the large crowds at day. At night however was a bit tame since some or half at max of the ponies you see walk at day were either busy working late shifts or sleeping. Still, you will sometimes complain on most days how crowded the streets were. Tom on the other hand, seemed to see Mark being sad most of the time. He had his head lowered when walking, and is looking at the ground mostly thinking about something. Tom kept on walking to his house, thinking of his bed or couch if he was tired enough to sleep...

Tom and Mark had reached Tom's house, while it's a bit like an apartment it felt like home to Tom at least. Its not much, but it will have to do until i find somewhere else to live. I wonder if Mary Had problems adjusting to the living conditions here... I mean she goes from Apartment to House and back again.Tom unlocked the door, and let Mark inside the house first since he was a guest. Though Tom didn't really had any friends besides his co-workers from his paid job. Tom can't help but to see the other pony sad so, Tom was first to ask question to break the silence that was in the air.

"you alright there Mark?" "You seem a bit down since i met you."

Mark replied back in a sort of normal voice. "Yeah, i'm fine..." "So, this is your place?"

Mark took a moment to look around the apartment. When he walked through the house he noticed the couch right next to the table. It was sort of blue green-ish color. The rug under his feet was a normal brown color. The wall had pictures of Tom at his work celebrating his job's parties, birthdays, holidays, and achievements. Towards the back was a small kitchen where only two regular ponies can eat and cook. Next to the kitchen was a door to Tom's room. After looking Mark looked back at Tom.

"Looks nice." Mark said with a smile.

Tom replied, "Well I guess it's nice, i mean it is my home after all"

Tom thought for a moment. He wondered why or who Mark was. He was also a bit curious about the affection that was there when Tom was talking to Mark. This to Tom could mean another source of food for himself. Sure he was feeding of his co-workers, but eventually he needs a stable food source like when ponies have boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. After Tom was done thinking he look at the Mark who was walking towards the couch.

"What brings you here to the city Mark?"

Mark stopped and looked at the floor. He thought for a second, should he tell this nice strange why he's in town? He stopped thinking and looked back at Tom.

"Well I like to travel alot." "I'm just walking through town."

"Well..." Tom replied. "this is a big city, it takes about two to three days to get through by walking."

"oh..." Mark replied. "Well anyways, I was wondering if i could rest on the couch."

"hmm..." Tom said. "I guess you can sleep on the couch for now."

Mark slumped over the couch and laid on his back. It was a sigh of relief since he had been walking for a while. Tom began walking toward Mark, and nudges his face to see if he could cheer him up.

"hmm..?" Mark said. "Is there something wrong?"

"Well... You need a cover if you want to sleep on the couch." Tom said with a smile.

"oh... Right..." Mark replied.

"I will go get one for you." Tom said.

Mark look at Tom who was sitting right next to the couch and smile a bit. He yawned, and started to sleep on the couch. Tom went looking for a cover for Mark to keep him warm for tonight. It does get really cold at night... He looked in his small room that's right next to his kitchen. It looked like any average room in the city. There was a bed, one bathroom, one window and a closet. Cover... Cover... Looking through his small closet packed with clothes and small items. Most of the clothes are for work and the rest is when he takes a vacation from work. ...Found it! He smiled as when he found the extra cover underneath the stack of clothes. It was given to him from the friendly co-worker Mary Weather. It had a vibrant color scheme but the colors were ironically green, Dark blue, and Grey. Reminding himself that he's still a changeling and not a normal or average pony. As soon he flew quietly to give the cover to Mark. He was already sleeping by the time Tom got the cover. Once the cover was on him, Tom flew back to his room and stopped by his door. He looked back at the sleeping pony on the couch, and said.

"Goodnight Mark..."

Tom then went to his bed and look out the window. The moonlight was shinning through lightning up the darken room. He stared and wondered... Will I ever adjust to this life style.? Or will i have to leave and find a new hive... A green light lit up the room. Tom transform back to his changling self. He yawned and lay on his back with the covers over him. Slowly closing his eyes and thinking. Maybe the next day will be a new start to a interesting chapter in his life. Or maybe it will lead to the start of something new...