• Published 17th Dec 2013
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Strange Revelations - sniperwar10

A changeling stuck in a city, and his mind in the past. While looking for food he found something unexpected.

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Chapter one: Usual life

Author's Note:

currently being rewritten. so the story at the moment is in progress.

Just like any day with ponies in cities, whether rural or not. Had there own ways of life that seemed normal. On the other hand, Tom doesn't have a normal life. He's a changeling, a creature that can change it's own appearance. A creature that has to feed on love not like any "regular food". By the time he arrived to the city, he got used to having this lifestyle since changelings have to replace ponies sometimes for missions or to gather food.

Tom had gotten to work as usual, even though he doesn't like it much. It earned him bits so that he can live there. But none of the ponies Tom had ever met had any "love" to give. Though he could feed on affection, positive emotions, or even regular pony food. It's not a stable source of food for a changeling.

Work, was normal like any other day of the week. Sometimes he sees his co-workers argue over simple topics in their life.

"they are just a bit childish sometimes..." Tom thought.
While calculating and finishing up work for today, he received a note from one of the co-workers. It was Ms. Mandy, she was in charge of taking care of the schedule. Sometimes Tom talks to her, and there is usually nothing bad between them. So then he proceed to grab and look at the note thinking if he did something wrong,

Dear Tom
While it is nice to talk to you for awhile, but i won't be here for a month. I had been worried about my family so i wanted to leave, and see them. Luckily i'm allowed to, so this means farewell for awhile. Hope you won't miss, or worry about me when i'm gone. Hope to still see you here working when i get back. Don't forget to put your alarm on, and reset it when you go back home.
Mary Weather
Try not to be late for work!

"Be late for work?" Tom thought to himself.
Even though he is late sometimes, he has some not so reasonable excuses for being late on time.

I wonder when i can't use excuses anymore..." (though, not limiting to oversleeping, laziness, even being overworked.)
But Mary saw through that Tom is sometimes being late on purpose, and gave him a lecture. A lecture that was very boring, but Tom kept the note on the details. He doesn't mind the leave but that will make him more prone to more "excuses".

After work, Tom went out to get supplies for his desk. Even though he doen't need it for himself, but in order to keep his job he need certain supplies. Tom sighed, he was tired and thinking about the life he has now. This is not what i was expecting to do as a job... Well better than starving , I feel like i'm becoming more like the ponies than a changeling... Oh well, I suppose I should get going and get those supplies...

Stores, stores, isles, books, keys, what-cha you call it? Tom passed by different stores before getting towards to his destination. The store he goes to is "stop on buy", well not the worst, or cheesiest name out there. The streets of course were crowded, sidewalks are no different either. While he doesn't mind walking he sometimes flew towards his destination, or store in this case. The buildings were tall that if you were too look up, it seems you were just in a big alleyway. while a bit amazed at such a sight, he can't say for how the streets were. alleyways are sometimes worst them the streets themselves. Tom stopped, he reached the store.

The store was lively with ponies in each section of the store, some wandering looking for the right thing, others chatted with friends about life, or whatever ponies do really. while getting his supplies he can't hep, but to notice other co-workers finding their supplies. It seems the store is running out of stock so, Tom did his best to hurry. He ran into one of his co-workers in the process, of course... He was an Green earth pony with a blue mane, and tail. Colorful, his eyes were a bit rainbow colored. Containing 5 colors, magenta, midnight blue, blue green-ish, yellow, then bright orange. His name was "Mr. Ty".

Ty greeted Tom by shaking hooves, then asked about his day. Tom didn't want to think about his day since he was thinking about something else....

"Something the matter Tom?" Ty said worried. Tom shrugged as a response, Ty try to smile and responded.

"well if you need help just let me know, you know?" Ty then to wander through the store. Tom unfazed, continued walking...

After some effort he managed to gather his own supplies, now he proceeds to buy them. Ty on the other hand had gotten what he needed, and bought them. But still worried about his earlier conservation, he proceeds to walk towards Tom. Tom noticed this, but decides to let him talk to him anyways.

"Hey um. could i ask you a question?" Ty asked. Tom was a bit surprised, knowing that Ty didn't usually talk to Tom at work.

"sure" Tom replied. Ty sighed, he was a bit hesitant to ask. Ty still trying holding a smile asked a question.

"i was wondering since i don't talk to you that i could ask about stuff." "Since you know, Mary went on vacation."

Tom thought to himself before answering. Should i talk to him until Mary is gone...? I mean it would be nice since with Mary gone I lost feeding a bit. Well it wont hurt to try, will it? Tom shook his head and proceeds to say "yes." Ty filled with joy hopped a bit, then realized he should calm down. Tom rolled her eyes, ponies...

"So, talk to tomorrow i guess?" Ty said. "Sure, see you later." Tom replied.

Ty left the store with, a smile on his face. Tom finished gathering his stuff and walked out the store. He was on his way home, home... What is home to me... But his thought was cut short. He happened to bump into a pony, they both took a step back and shook their head. Tom rubbing his head, looked back at the pony he bump into. it was a Pegasus like himself. He was a bit bright blue with black mane and tail. Though his mane was a bit similar to Tom's, it had it's differences. His eyes was a Dark blue. sorta like Tom's coat. Anyways he proceeds to talk to the unknown pony.

"who are you?" Tom asked. The other pony had a bit sad face then sighed a bit. But it wasn't till then he looked a Tom. The other pony was admiring Tom.

Tom asked again. "Who are you?" The Pegasus shook his head and replied back.

"Sorry, my name is Mark." "and you are...?"

"it's Tom, and you sort of bump into me."

"Oh, sorry about that..." Mark said in a sad tone.

"It's fine, you look cute by the way" Tom said with a smile. Well let just see if i can get this pony to like me...

"um.." Mark then blushed a bit at the statement. He looked around if anybody was watching. Everypony that was walking stayed cleared and just kept walking without noticing their conservation.

Mark looked back smiling. "thanks."

Tom chuckled, he felt some affection coming for the pony so he persisted. "Want to go and eat somewhere?"

Mark replied with a simple "Yes."