• Published 22nd Dec 2013
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In The Shadows Of Peace - Veyron

Frienship, harmony and peace traits that most ponies take for granted. But the world is not at all like what ponies believe and it takes a secert group of individuals to keep that fact at bay. This is their story.

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Breach Part 1

Vex glided up to the airship that was currently tethered to the peak of a weather worn mountain. On her deck two Diamond Dogs in worn steel armor walked back and forth as they patrolled the resting ship. A shrouded figure slipped onto the deck and made his way to the captain’s cabin while making sure that he avoided the patrolling guard dogs.
Come on Vex just get in grab what you need and then let your team deal with the ship. Vex thought to himself as he made his way to his target. He eventually found himself in front of a large ornate set of doors nestled into the aft section of the deck. Could they have made it any more obvious? Vex mused as he picked the lock and slipped into the dimly lit room. Vex crept forward as his eyes scanned the room until they came to rest on a desk that was piled with papers and books. "Bingo!" He rifled through the files until he came to a slave intake report and a small map of the inside of the mountain. He smiled to himself and slipped back into the waning darkness of the night.

The mines were silent for the first time in a long time and for that Little Strongheart was thankful. She had grown used to the sound of despair that seemed to permeate the mine. She stared up at the ceiling and wondered if anyone had even realized that she was missing. Come now, we cannot dwell on such thoughts. She sighed as she looked over at an empty bunk that had once held her only friend here. He, like the rest of those who had become ill or weak, had been taken away and Strongheart feared she would never know his fate. She rolled over on her side one last time as she tried to get some rest.

The wind howled against the side of the mountain while two ponies clad in black dangled from ropes as they descended towards a small opening in the side of the rock face. On the ledge of the opening there sat two Diamond Dogs who were halfheartedly guarding the hole. They bickered back and forth, unaware of the danger they were in. Silently both ponies slipped over the edge, pushing both of the Dogs off to be dashed against the rocks far below.
“Hopefully they didn’t need to check in for a while.” Vex commented dryly as he removed the black bandana from around his face.
“Like we would ever be that lucky.” Arcanian snorted as he took the tight black jumpsuit he was wearing.
Vex rolled his eyes and checked over his pistol and sword holsters.
“You know your revolvers aren’t going to do us much good if we’re trying to be sneaky.” Arcanian observed as he stashed a small jagged blade in his mane.
Vex snorted and began to make his way through the dark tunnel passage that they had landed in. As they neared the end of the tunnel both ponies could make out the sound of voices and the clinking of plates and cups.
“Wait!” Vex hissed as he drew up along the wall of the tunnel.
He looked around the corner and cursed as he spotted a group of guards eating their dinner and shooting the breeze.
“They aren’t going to move for a long time.” Vex sighed and looked back at Arcanian, who was deep in thought.
Arcanian’s horn glowed a soft blue color as spikes of a darker blue shot up from the floor and impaled the guards. “There.” He huffed as sweat began to form tiny beads on his forehead. “Just don’t ask me to do that again for a little while.”
Vex nodded and lead his comrade down further into the mountain, where the only light came from the flickering torches that lined the passage. As they walked, Vex checked both of his sides to make sure his sword and pistols were still in their holsters. Vex’s nose started to twitch as they got closer and closer to even ground.
“What is that smell?” Vex whispered as he pulled a black bandana over his mouth and nose.
Arcanian gave a small grunt and kept walking on without breaking his stride. As they rounded the corner, Vex saw a sight that he thought would make him lose his lunch right then and there. Piled as high as the ceiling of the small room were nothing but bodies of those who had been slaves in the mines. Vex quickly trotted into the next room and stared off into space as his body began to calm itself.
“T-that was horrendous.” Vex spat as Arcanian cantered into the room.
“Vex, we need to move if we are going to prevent more bodies from joining that pile.”
Vex nodded and the two slunk their way through twisting tunnels deep under the mountain. High above, in the airship they had just left, sat a team of ponies and griffins that were ready to strike as soon as the order was given.