• Published 22nd Dec 2013
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In The Shadows Of Peace - Veyron

Frienship, harmony and peace traits that most ponies take for granted. But the world is not at all like what ponies believe and it takes a secert group of individuals to keep that fact at bay. This is their story.

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Down time.

“I don’t like this Vex, how do we know that this isn’t a trap?”

“We don’t Nova, so we will have to be on guard once we reach the meeting place.”

Vex stood on the Eclipse’s bridge looking out at the rain that was lazily falling from the grey clouds above. He had been up here since his meeting with Luna had finished and like he had thought, his crew did not like the new orders he had been given. As Vex continued to stare into space, Stitches came bounding up the stairs with a look of mad excitement in his eyes.

“Vex, she’s awake!”

“Who?” Vex’s face was a perfect picture of confusion.

“That mare we rescued is awake now.”
With a small smile, Vex motioned for Stitches to lead the way. “Let’s go have a look.”

Waking up somewhere strange was hard. waking up somewhere strange with a crazy earth pony staring at you was even worse and Pvt. Bailey was not sure how more she could take. Hearing the sound of hooves approaching, Bailey turned to see a bat pony approaching her. He was unusual for a bat pony seeing as his coat was an onyx color while his eyes were a stunning ruby red.

“My name is Vex and this is Stiches.” The bat pony known as Vex motioned over to the tan earth pony.

“W-who are you ponies?” Bailey croaked out.

“There will be time to explain later but for now let Stitches take a look at you.”

“W-will I get to go home?” Bailey was stunned to see an almost apologetic look cross Vex’s face.

“I am sorry but we cannot risk letting you go… At least not yet.” And as silently as he had come in, Vex left, leaving the white mare with many more questions.

Vex sat on the deck as he waited for the mare to find him and inquire more about who he was and who the others were. It wasn’t long before he heard uneven hoof steps as the white mare took a seat next to him.

“My name is Bailey by the way.” She stated as she stared off into the evening sky.

“That is a lovely name.” Vex let the drizzle lightly soak his coat and wash away all the grime and filth of his last battle.

“You know I am part of the guard.” Bailey mentioned. “My unit was tasked with helping the Buffalo tribes near our borders... You can see how well that worked out.”

“I am sorry for your loss.” Vex stated in a sympathetic tone. “I need you to promise me something.” Vex waited for Bailey to nod before he continued. “No matter what happens and what you see, none of it leaves this ship… To you and the rest of the world, we don’t exists.” Bailey nodded in understanding as she listened to Vex. “Now I am going to take you to meet the rest of the crew; please keep an open mind as our pasts are not the best.” With that said, Vex lead Baily down into the ship and towards the Warden’s meeting room.

The meeting room was at the bottom of the ship and was the most secure room on board with defensive spells designed by none other than Princess Luna. Seated around a large oak table were three other ponies that Bailey had briefly seen when she had awoke; there was a grey bat pony mare with a long flowing mane then there was the blue unicorn stallion whose eyes held a cold edge to them, as if every life to him was merely pawn in a deadly game. Finally, there and then there was the crazy tan earth pony that had been the one to sedate her the first time she had woken up.

“Bailey, these are my Wardens.” Vex took a seat with the others. “The bat pony to my left is Nova, the blue unicorn next to her is Arcanian and the tan earth pony to my left is Stitches.” Each of the respective ponies gave her a nod of acknowledgement. “Now you will get to ask about how we got here and who we are but remember, none of this leaves the room.”

Bailey nodded as she stared at the rag tag group of ponies before her. “S-so what were you all before you were Wardens?”

Stitches was the first to answer. “I was a doctor at a hospice, but it would seem that performing experiments on living patients is a good way to lose your medical license.” He smirked at the fear in Bailey's eyes. “Don’t worry dear I only do that to the dead now.”

Bailey was sick to her stomach as she turned to the bat pony mare next to the crazed stallion. “W-what about you?”

Nova gave off a toothy smile. “I was a night guard for a while…. That was until my commanders started to doubt my abilities with poison and so to show them what I could do, I gave a live demonstration, with both of them as the lab rats.”

Bailey was starting to see a pattern in the ponies sitting at the table. “W-what about you?” She squeaked as she pointed a hoof in Arcanian.

“I was a battle mage until I decided that for my final test I would fight my instructors to the death.” He offered a shrug as if taking those lives had been no big deal to him.

Finally, Bailey turned her head towards Vex. “Who did you kill to get here?”

Vex smiled, showing off his fangs as he stared into her eyes. “I killed a few, but I was mostly a drifter going from town to town, looking for fights to get into and ways to make quick cash.” Vex sighed. “This unit was started as a way to get rid of those ponies who could not fit into society and who are considered expendable.”

Just then the overhead speakers crackled to life. “Vex, we are nearing the location Luna gave us and we have spotted our new allies....”

Author's Note:

Woooo un update again I am sorry for the wait. Thank you all for sticking with me.