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Rosie and the Doctor adventures: The Truth?? - Rosie and the Doctor

The Doctor and most recent companion, Rosie, embark on adventure. Seeking danger along the way, but is Rosie seeking danger like the Doctor? Or something more?

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Chapter 4: The Journal

About 30 years ago...

It has been nearly 15 years since this damned war began. I thought that by starting this Resistance in the beginnin of the war would show Celestia that we didn't want or need to fight. Yet sadly, I was wrong. On the bright side, we may have finally created a weapon to destroy the 'Tyrant Sun' and end this suffering once and for all. Before we use this secret weapon, though, I have decided to offer my old mentor one last chance to surrender and stop this madness. I know there is a fairly good chance the 'Tyrant' side won't listen but I must at least give her a chance. Huh. Looks like the Doctor's peaceful ways had rubbed off on me during our travels.

I may not wish to except it, but, my once kind-hearted mentor is gone. Her mind is too far gone I fear. I have planned to go see her personally in one month's time and try and reason with her, though I know I may not come back alive. I must still try. For all our sakes. This war has gone on long enough and has destroyed so many good ponies, such as my friends... The only reason I am waiting this long is because... because... I'm afraid. Not for myself, but for my little...

"Mummy! Mummy look what I can do!"

At the sound of my darling daughter's voice I ceased writing in my journal and stowed it in it's drawer. Ever since the war started I had been keeping a journal of plans, attacks, and simply thoughts. Thoughts that demanded to be written down. Now my full attention was on my little filly. She had recently turned two-years-old just the other day. For her birthday I had given her my old book of spells that I had when I was around her age. She had the same knack for magic as I did.

"Alright. Show me what you learned. What kind of spell are you attempting this time?" I picked her up and nuzzled her. I must have tickled her because she started giggling and squirming in my arms.

"Heehee! Mummy stop it! Heehee! That tickles! Hahaha!"

I stopped nuzzling her and set her back down so she could focus on her spell. 'She's probably still trying to master that teleportation spell. As usual.'

"Ready whenever you are Sweetie." I smiled at her showing I had confidence in her. She nodded and got a marble from her saddlebag. She then set the marble in the middle of the rug on the floor and took a few steps back. I held my breath, trying not to so much as breathe. One small noise could break her concentration and in turn causing her to break the spell. She closed her eyes and began to focus. Her horn began to glow as she built up magic to use on casting the spell.

"Your Majesty! Your Majesty!!"

We both jumped at the sudden arrival of a new voice. This cut off her concentration but, instead of the spell breaking, however, she put too much into it and ended up shattering a nearby vase. She looked at the marble, still sitting there, and then at me. I could just see the tears starting to form in her violet eyes.

"Don't worry, Hon. You'll get it next time. I'm sure of it.," I now addressed the pony who had just walked into my office,"May I help you? Ah, Golden Crest. Please come in. Have a seat, you look exausted." I teleported a chair from nowhere and set it in front of my desk and motioned for the tired stallion to sit.

"Thank you your Highness." He bowed and sat in the chair.

He looked at the filly that now sat in my lap and looked back at me, as if unsure if he should continue. I waved a dismissive hoof in the air. I kept nothing from my foal, and anything he could say to me he could say to her. He noticed this and continued.

"Your Highne-"

"There is no need for formalities here young colt. I won't allow it. I have a name and I would like it to be used. I am your equal, not your princess."

"Yes Miss Sparkle. Um, I have some... troubling news... It's about your husband."

I stopped him there and set my filly down. She looked back up at me confused. She didn't understand, and she didn't need to.

"But mummy. I want to hear about daddy..." She looked at me with those big puppy dog eyes, but I was having none of it. This was something she didn't need to hear and not even her cute Trottingham accent could get me to change my mind.

"No my Little One. You must leave mommy to do her work. This is something a little filly does not need to hear. Go practice in your room and I'll call you when I'm done. OK?"

"Yes Mummy!" She ran off to her room and I motioned for Crest to continue. He was the pony I had sent almost a month ago to find my husband, Flash Sentry.

"Miss Sparkle. I went to Griffon country like you asked and I used all my ties to try and find your husband and his team. Unfortunately I was only able to get info from one of my buddies down there and last he heard the whole team was killed except two ponies-"

"What of the two survivors?" I needed to know if Flash was alive or not.

"He didn't know who the ponies were but he did tell me one was a Unicorn mare and the other a Pegasus stallion."

"What of their whereabouts?" 'The stallion could still be Flash!'

"I'm sorry Ma'am. I'm so sorry... Their both being held in the intensive care ward at a hospital near where their mission had been... Miss their both in severe comas..."

All hopes of seeing Flash again were stolen from me in an instant. 'I'll never see him again...' I felt like I had just been kicked in the stomach. Like somepony was tearing my heart out of my chest. But, at the same time, I felt numb... 'This war has already claimed most of my friends, but please, not him. Not him...' I had heard him but it just wasn't sinking in. I didn't want it to. I needed to be alone.



"I SAID LEAVE!" He shrunk back in fear when I raised my voice. He got up, bowed slightly, and left. That's when it sunk in. I began to sob, no, I was balling. 'As soon as they notice their both part of the Resistance they'll kill him!' Everypony knew the Griffons were on Ce- the 'Tyrant's' side. They killed anypony who was against her without a second thought! He was going to die and I could do nothing about it. I'd never see him again. I'll have to tell everypony else. I'll have to tell... 'Rosie... What am I supposed to do? I can't tell her her father is dead! I can't do that to her! I just can't... It's bad enough I brought her into this war! Now I'm supposed to tell her this war has taken her father! I can't...'

That was the last straw. That 'Tyrant' was going to pay! One way or another. She did this! She killed him! It's because of her he's gone!! It's all her fault! All of it...' I wasn't going to wait and give her a chance. I was going to take matters into my own hooves!


"Yea Twi? What can I do fer ya?"

"Prepare 'The 'Weapon'. I'm going to see Her tomorrow. First thing in the morning."

"Sure thang. It'll all be ready an' waitin' fer ya first thang in tha mornin'. Ya want meh to git Rosie fer-"

"No! No. She can't know about this." AJ tipped her stetson and left. All I could think of was how I was going to the 'Tyrant Sun' pay for what she did!


Doctor's POV

Present Day...

It took the Master's knock-out gas longer to affect me than it had Rosie. She had almost immediately fallen to the ground. I, on the other han- er hoof, was still up and ready to fight. Though it was already starting to take affect, I was not going to just let the Master take what he wanted. I was going to defend her with all I could! I tried hitting him but failed horribly. I missed my target my a mile. If she wasn't going in and out of consciousness at the moment, Rosie would have been laughing at me. Whatever the Master wanted her for couldn't be good.

"Oh come now Doctor, you know you can't stop me. I always get what I want. So why don't you just lay down and take a nap!"

At that last word he swung around and bucked me in the chest. I reeled back. I was feeling a bit dizzy and my vision was beginning to become more and more blurred by the second. But I wasn't going to go down that easy! I took one good buck at him and, surprisingly, hit him in the side. He grabbed his side in pain but recovered quickly.

"I said go. To. Sleep!" He knocked my hooves out from under me and I hit the ground. Hard.

I tried to get up but I couldn't, I was too weak. All I could do now was lie there and wait for sleep to take over. I watched helplessly as he walked over to Rosie, who apparently was still conscious, and raised a hoof. Before I knew what he was doing he struck her in the head. I tried to yell but found my mouth was numb, like I had just drank a whole bottle of that stuff dentists put in your mouth. He glanced over at me and saw I was still fighting unconsciousness. I, in return, could tell he didn't want me to pass out just yet, he wanted me to watch. He wanted me to watch as he took her from me.

He picked her up and put her on his back. Her head was towards me and I saw a trickle of blood on her forehead from where he had struck her. He turned and started heading towards the door when he stopped and looked at me one last time.

"Don't worry. Like I said earlier; I'll be gentle with her" He smirked then walked off laughing that psychotic laugh of his.

He slammed the door behind him and that's when I started to black out. The last thought that crossed my mind was, 'Rosie...' Then I found I could fight it no more I had to give in. I let the sweet hands of sleep pull me into unconsciousness...

Author's Note:

As always tell me what you thought and please point out any mistakes I made as this will help me to become a better writer. Please comment all your comments inspire me to write more and keep this story going.

I don't wanna sound pushy but if you haven't liked my story yet please do so cuz this also inspires me. If you didn't like it please tell me why before you dislike as I'm getting more dilikes than likes with no reason why. If you didn't like it tell me why and I can fix it or work on it.

And as always thanks for reading my story as it means alot to me.

(Btw the way I portrayed the Doctor may have been a bit off. Please don't judge I'm working on it so hopefully by next time he'll feel more like the Doctor.)

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