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Rosie and the Doctor adventures: The Truth?? - Rosie and the Doctor

The Doctor and most recent companion, Rosie, embark on adventure. Seeking danger along the way, but is Rosie seeking danger like the Doctor? Or something more?

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Chapter 1: The Nightmare

Chapter 1: The Nightmare

The filly slowly opened her eyes, wondering what could have awaken her. She knock the covers onto the floor and ran to her window. Outside she saw nothing but destruction. The nearby town of Ponyville, the place she once called home, was in shambles. Buildings burnt in giant red flames as the poor inhabitants ran as fast as they could. She could hear the blood-curdling screams of those to weak or too late as they burned.An average filly would panic at the site! But not her. She was all too used to it, as were most of those living in this dark time. Suddenly she heard a skull-splitting noise. It was the noise that had woken her earlier. It was an awful sound. Somewhere in between an ear-shattering shriek and bone-crushing 'BOOM!' The ground shook with the impact as more buildings were sent up in flames.

Suddenly the image she had seen mere seconds ago disappeared. She now found herself in a long hallway with only one door. She could hear what sounded like a confrontation as she slowly made her way to the door. As she approached closer she could clearly make out the voices of what seemed to be the pony being attacked. The voice was all too familiar to the young filly.

"Mother?" She whispered softly to herself. That's when it clicked, she recognized this place! When she realized where she was she became fearful. She ran towards the door when she noticed the noises stopped. That meant either one of two things: 1; her mother had won or 2; her mother had lost...

The filly knew who her mother was fighting and if her mother lost she would die then all would be lost. They would have lost this ongoing war and that witch would be in complete control! She continued to run but the hall seemed to be getting longer and longer. At last she was only steps away from the door when a cold sound sent a chill down her spine and filled her with terror. It was the laugh of that wretched witch, which meant only one thing; her mother had lost...

She peered inside the giant room yet saw no sign of the Tyrant, but she could still hear her sick twisted laugh as it echoed through the huge room. She looked around one last time and saw the thing she had dreaded to see, her mother's still body lying in a puddle of blood. She ran to her mother and held her lavender face in her tiny hooves, tears had begun to flow freely down her face. The body was not cold. Yet. She could hear her mother gasping for every breath. The foal knew that any one could be her last. Her mother's eyes fluttered open and began to fill with tears at seeing her foal so upset. She smiled weakly and muttered something to her daughter and shut her eyes one last time... With her last breath she whispered to her young filly one last 'I love you'.

"No... No! Mommy please no!! Mommy!! Mommy come back!!! Come back!! Please..." The filly screamed to nopony as she buried her face in her mother's soft coat as she sobbed more. The body had become cold by now, but she didn't care. She just wanted her mother back. Suddenly she felt a hoof on her shoulder and jumped. 'Has the witch returned? Is she going to kill me next?' She glanced and noticed the hoof was a light brown. She sighed inwardly, 'Not her. Thank Luna.' She turned her head to see the mystery pony's face and noticed it was...

The young mare woke in a cold sweat. 'That was one hell of a nightmare. Who was that mare that died? And what did she mutter? And most importantly, WHY AM I DREAMIN' OF HER!?!' She thought angrily to herself.

The mare decided since she was awake she might as well start breakfast. She thought of what she would make and what she would need, pushing the nightmare to the back of her mind. 'I think I'll make the Doctor some bacon* and an English muffin topped with his favorite mixed berry jam. Oh and I can make me a nice dandelion sandwich with a warm cup of tea. Yea that sounds good...' She continued to think of what she would have for breakfast as she made her way through the TARDIS towards the kitchen. When she arrived she started cooking. Her thoughts of the nightmare she had last night had completely gone from her mind, not knowing her nightmare could have been a link to her long forgotten past...

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoy my story! Oh and for future reference Rosie is a unicorn. I don't think i mentioned that... And my profile pic doesn't show a horn... Oh well!

Please tell me what you liked and what you didn't as this will help me improve on my writing skills. If you notice any spelling errors please let me know and I will fix them as soon as possible! Thanks for reading and hopefully I will add more to this story soon.

* Rosie knows the Doctor is not really a pony and doesn't mind him eating meat in front of her.

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