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Facets of the Equestrian Sky - Cirrus Sky

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Chapter Five: Deep Feelings

Deep Feelings, Perfect Planning
A Pair of Epiphanies ~ Return of the Dragon ~ Eager Replies

Rainbow woke up to the sweet smell of apples, this was the secret reason she liked to sleep above the Apple family’s farm. Her mind was still swimming with confusing feelings and visions of a lavender unicorn. “Sleep didn’t help then.” She grumbled, rolling over on her cloud. Rainbow still had those purple eyes and that egg headed way she spoke, the briefest flashed of almost foal-like excitement and the feeling she had as she sat in that library, sneaking peeks at the mare across the room. “Why am I so hung up on her? I woulda asked her out by now if she was any other mare! Even when I wasn’t sure they swung that way!” poking a fluffed cloud that wandered past her Rainbow groaned again. “What is that feeling I get when I’m with her? This is so bucking confusing!!” She shouted the last part, forgetting where she was. A shout in reply came from below.

“What might that be featherbrain?” an orange earth pony shouted “Yah want t’ talk about it?” Rainbow looked down to see her be-hatted friend wandering out from under the trees. “Ah saw your lazy self napping earlier, thought Ah’d wait around to find out why. You always sleep here when you get stressed.” Applejack was looking Rainbow straight in the eye, ‘Can’t lie to the element of honesty can you?’ Rainbow thought, dropping off the cloud and landing smartly beside her friend.

“So, Rainbow, what’s the matter?” Applejack started walking, leading her friend to the farmhouse.

“Nothing I can’t handle!” Rainbow smirked with false bravado, “Just, err, worried about my latest trick not being awesome enough!” The earth pony deadpanned at that, lifting her hoof and giving a mock punch to the pegasus.

“You’re lyin’. If you don’t want t’ talk about it, fine. Jus’ remember Ah’m here if you do need t’ talk.” They reached the porch and Applejack covered the last few steps and sat down, facing Rainbow Dash.

“Thanks Applejack,” Rainbow scuffed the dirt with her hoof. “It’s, uh, a little complicated and I’m doing my best to be careful with it.” The farm pony cocked her head at the ‘careful’.

“Ah respect that.” She nodded to the door. “Ah was going to get some lunch, care t’ join me?” Rainbow decided that would be a great idea and followed into the house.


One daffodil and leek salad later, Twilight was ready for a little more study, unlocking her safeguards she removed her notes and book, a quick (albeit rather emotionally charged) review of the notes and she was ready to move on to the next section.

Now that you have established some basic examples of the ancient Equestrian loves it is time to move on to the relationship you are consulting this reference book for.

As mentioned in the passage on Lust, Love is a need. An emptiness one feels that needs to be filled. Many ponies feel this space quite keenly, searching out for that special somepony. Other ponies are unaware of this empty space in their heart until they catch sight of their special somepony. Some ponies however, most likely one like you, (as I am aware of the kind of pony who turns to my books dear reader) find a growing feeling in their hearts towards somepony close to them. Maybe somepony who is a friend or colleague. These types of building emotion can confuse those who never expected to have such feelings.

As you have now established the physical aspect you lust form, it is time to list the personality and non-physical traits of your intended. Facets of this pony that fill a need in your heart.

Twilight stopped there. This book had her down to a T, the feelings she had now had grown from a seedling of friendship to a gap in her heart that could only be filled by the rainbow mane pegasus. Sure, she was close to her friends, but spending time with Rainbow Dash had uncovered feelings of home, the safety of a protector. Like how she felt when with Princess Celestia but with added facets of complex desire.

Taking a piece of paper Twilight nibbled her quill, and began to think. As often happens in such situations, a pink ground pony with poofy hair burst through the door to interrupt her reverie. “Hi Twilight, Spike fell asleep when we were taking Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom to the farm for their sleepover.” Sure enough lying on her back was the little dragon. He had obtained a huge pink and yellow afro wig on his head and a party blower in his mouth. Every time that Spike exhaled a light buzz could be heard. “So I thought I’d bring him home to you so he can sleep in his basket.”

Twilight had caught most of this but was still trying to surreptitiously pack away notes and the book. “Pinkie, I really wish you would knock once in a while.” She sighed. The party pony gave her an odd look, shrugged and trotted off to deposit the sleeping dragon in his bed. Twilight sighed again and placed her chin down on the desk. Her exhalation disrupted the pile of letters and once more she looked at the blue and silver missive.

“I’ll write that reply now!” She smiled and began drafting her reply. Pinkie left with a goodnight and a complimentary muffin. “Night Pinkie” Twilight shouted after her energetic friend. Crossing the last t and dotting the last i she held her letter up to the light and gave it a read through.

“Dear Andromeda Star, it is lovely to hear from you again. Of course I remember the schoolmate who introduced me to astronomy as a science over my amateur stargazing! Ponyville does indeed have a splendid view of the night sky and I already have some possible sites for us to check. Your patron is very knowledgeable if they were aware of this small town. Maybe we can discuss our findings? I will gladly receive you as a guest and give you the guided tour of town. Perhaps we can fit in some stargazing too? I have an opening in my research and commitments two weeks from now so you are welcome to come to stay then.

Regards and fond memories Twilight Sparkle (D.Thau, EH, EM, M1, PhD)”

Twilight smiled the smile of those able to pronounce and inflect brackets and sealed the letter in an envelope, addressed it and applied a stamp. Tomorrow morning she would send it out and hopefully she would get a reply soon. She was eager to start a real professional advance in astronomy.