• Published 13th Mar 2012
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Facets of the Equestrian Sky - Cirrus Sky

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Chapter One: Time Spent Reading

Chapter One: Time Spent Reading.
Pink Pages ~ Simple Type ~ A Day Passes By

A peace had descended on Ponyville Public Library. The resident dragon had left for his morning chores and a sand bath at the spa (“I do like normal baths but sand really does buff up the scales…”) which was nothing to do with the fact that a certain white unicorn liked to have her facial today. The morning ‘rush’ of sorts had ended and the forecasted rain promised to keep the residents inside for the rest of the day.

Inside the library sat a violet unicorn, a to-do list, a quill and a large book in her magical grasp. “…Re-organise the foal books, Check! Make sure all windows well sealed against rain, check! That’s my list done, now for some study.” She settled down for a good session when there was a crash at the front door. “Come in Rainbow, its open” she called to her pegasus friend.

“Thanks Twi’! I nearly have my landing down!” The energetic cyan pony shouted. “Finished moving my clouds so I thought I would come here to wait out the rain, the cloud house doesn’t like getting wet.” Rainbow Dash bounded in and loop-de-looped onto her favourite floor cushion. “Got the new Daring Do?” She started to browse the shelves eagerly seeking out her favourite book series.

Twilight looked over and suppressed a giggle; the sight of that rainbow mane sweeping along bookshelves was still a little bit of a novelty, one she still enjoyed. “No, the library doesn’t have it; you’ve read all of them bar the newest. That one isn’t even published yet.” Twilight said, Rainbow pouted and began muttering about which book to re-read. Facing into her book Twilight grinned, the surprise she had for Rainbow Dash could only be improved if the Wonderbolts themselves presented it. “However, I happen to know a pony at the publisher’s office and he very kindly sent me something…” She trailed off and took a peek at Rainbow, she was hanging off Twilight’s every word her poise and expression nearly a duplicate of her take-off stance. With a beaming smile Twilight teleported the manuscript from her bedside table. The bound sheets had a little note tacked to the front. ‘To Twilight Sparkle, let me know what you think. Cheers, Proof Reader’. The frontispiece was a sheet as pink as Pinky Pie’s mane, large Confidential stamps across the page and the title in neat basic type, “Daring Do: The Hyperion Connection” Rainbow breathed, her eyes glowing at the sight.

“Now, I haven’t had a chance to read it yet so no spoilers!” Twilight warned, a teasing note in her voice as she magically levitated the book just out of Rainbow’s reach.

“Ok Twi’ Ok! Lemme read it!!” Rainbow begged and pounced at the book… where the book had been. It was enjoyable seeing her athletic friend so eager to read a book, Twilight mused but not nearly as attractive as the look she had when engrossed in a tome…

“Alright then. Here.” The manuscript flashed out of existence and re-appeared next to Rainbow’s favourite reading spot. Of course the varicoloured mane Pegasus never noticed how that spot was just perfect for a certain lavender unicorn to have long stints gazing at her while pretending to read. Twilight could hear her friend whispering the first few lines to herself before falling silent, the only sound to be heard was the soft breathing of two bookworms.


Luna’s moon was high in the sky when Rainbow Dash turned the last page over. Images of dangerous chases and life threatening traps dancing before her eyes as she looked towards the window. “Huh, I read a long time today.” She muttered, considering the passage of time she had surely been aware of. At some point a daisy on rye sandwich had appeared at her side, a glass of cool lemonade and a cupcake. A mixed root mash and sweet tea at dinnertime and at some point a weary young dragon, sparkling in the receding light had bid her and Twilight goodnight before heading upstairs. The movement of Celestia’s sun had also infiltrated her little world of literature too, she recalled moving around to catch the changing light as the day wore on, finally settling into her original position when the artificial lights switched on.

“Hmm, guess it was a really good book.” She grinned. While it was obvious that it was a very advanced copy, still lacking the polish of a good editor and in need of a few nips and tucks here and there, the story had been incredible. Feeling very Twilighty, Rainbow filched a few sheets of paper and a pencil from the desk to write a few notes for Proof but stopped in surprise to see her friend fast asleep behind her giant book. ‘Trottingham Tax Returns: The First Thirty Years’ the title read, goodness knows why the Ponyville Library had a copy but it certainly proved that her egghead friend would read anything. She left the sleeping Twilight and true to her name, dashed off her notes while they were fresh in her mind.

Satisfied that all had been noted, Rainbow returned to the desk in search of a tack or clip, while no professional she was Equestria’s biggest Daring Do fan and surely Proof would value her input? Not finding anything in the nearest drawer she turned her attention to the desk, smiling at the cute sight of Twilight dozing on a stack of notes, her nose firmly planted in the book in front of her. In the mare’s hoof was a note with her name on, written in the elegant cursive of the sleeping figure. ‘Rainbow, it’s getting late and I’m getting tired. If I am asleep when you finally resurface it is bound to be super late. Feel free to use the guest room and I’ll make sure you get some breakfast. Goodnight, Twilight’.

Rainbow popped up to the guest room and smiling with satisfaction took the spare blanket to wrap around her friend. Smling affectionately she wrapped the edges around Twilight’s neck and made sure that she was well covered. Giving her one last quick nuzzle Rainbow trotted up to bed.

It was a good job that the cyan pegasus had not taken a closer look at Twlight’s notes or reading material. Even the thought of someone seeing it would have sent the unicorn into a spin. Tucked inside the dreary tome was a slim book, its title read Love/Lust? Deciphering your Desires by Hearts Compass…