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Sam, a brony, and his friend Jake, who isn't, woke up one morning to find themselves several hundred feet above ground and not the same as they were the previous night. Despite their wildly differing opinions on their new found situation, the two agree on one thing, they better do this job Celestia gave them if they ever want to get home or have fingers ever again.

*Note: while the personalities of Mobius and Scattershot are based off of my friend and I, they are not us. Any similarities to other real persons living or dead is purely coincidental, or played for laughs. Additionally, the even numbered chapters of this story are written by Mobius, with the odd numbered chapters being written by me. This story takes place between seasons 2 and 3*

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Inb4 featured. And this is just too much like me and my best friend. The description did claim that he was going to write the even numbers. How the hell did you get him to do that?
Only thing that isn't clear to me is who the plain freak is.

  “Oh absolutely,” Jake responded without missing a beat.  “otherwise I would have started destroying everything in a several mile wide radius, starting with you.”  

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned the bestest of friendship can manifest in quite the violent forms...

Dislike entirely for the brony-in-Equestria.

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