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How has a new fruit sensation turned the best of friends into bitter baking rivals? Can Twilight and company bring peace to this war of culinary arts?

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This is absolutely beautiful. I think this should be cannon and regarded with very high esteem across all the fics! there are five or less minor grammar errors and/or typos, but the quality of this was unexpected. One thing though, the middle right when Pinkie says, "not my best material" is of less quality to the beginning that bursts out with appeal. Its okay in the middle, however the end and start are wonderful. Thanks!! :)

3672524 Thanks for the reading and for enjoying! I've taken your thoughts into consideration and have corrected some of these errors you found.

"The word is...banana." --Shawn Spencer

Gluey! It's so good to see you again! Hi! Merry Christmas!

Um, one thing, and I could be wrong, but isn't it spelt "Sweet Apple Acres"?

Anyway, great story! I can't wait to see where this goes.

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