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Celestia has had many students through her long history. One of these was a mare with an interest in archaeology; her name was Daring Do.

These are some of the letters they exchanged.

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Huh. Deleting a chapter (moving all the text into a previous chapter) makes all comments associated with the deleted chapter invisible.

Possibly deletes them, too, but leaves the 'number of comments' counter untouched.

...I have learnt something new today. :twilightsmile:

daring do was going to be the element of loyalty?:rainbowhuh:



It makes sense that Celestia would at least consider the possibility...

yes i just never concitered it

Another interesting concept. I almost feel like this one could be fleshed out a bit more. And I'm curious what other ponies she might have been considering for which elements.



I imagine anypony and everypony who would have been halfway suitable would have been considered. It's at this point been close on a thousand years since the Elements had Bearers, and with Nightmare Moon about to appear in a decade or so, she's most likely either quietly panicing, or in a state of severe denial.

Very intriguing. It's a pity Celestia got to such levels of desperation as to be so reckless. It fits quite well nevertheless.

And then Daring Do manages to go on to save the world probably more times than the Elements of Harmony ever did, and gets a fat wad of cash in publication deals for her books but no horn. In a sense, she was loyal, just more loyal to the world than to a set of friends like Celestia was to the point of attempting to shoehorn her into.



Oh, yes. A great match for the Element...

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