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I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


Key2DestNE can't write this story anymore. So I need someone else to take over.

Takes place after the second season. Trixie, Gilda, and Zecora are giving a chance to show they have reform after Luna was reform from Nightmare Moon. They learn many lessons about being a ranger and even the Element Rangers show up in a few chapters.

Trixie as Rescue Ranger Red,
Zecora as Rescue Ranger Yellow,
Depry as Rescue Ranger Green,
Vinyl Scratch (DJ Pon3) as Rescue Ranger Blue,
Gilda as Rescue Ranger Pink,
And much later Lighting Dust as Titanium Ranger.

Cover made by Zenitram.

Chapters (4)
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Comment posted by Argo Invid deleted Dec 11th, 2013

I would like more please. ~NJH12 :derpytongue2::trixieshiftright::derpyderp2::trixieshiftleft::derpyderp1:

...Zecora was not a villain. At all.

3614316 The person that writing this will take some around a week or two to send me the next chapter. Mainly because he got school.:twilightsmile:

3614423 I KNOW THAT!:twilightangry2: She was made into one, it a different universe then the show!:flutterrage:

BOOYAH! Say I'm thinking of doing a darker version of Power Rangers using Ponies. Care to help me when the time comes?

3633375 How dark will it be? And did read my review off of agent_cupcake pony rangers story chapter Derpy's Nightmare?

3633505 I sent you a pm about how dark it's gonna get.

i like this story as well can't read more:twilightsmile:

4546016 This was written by someone else and he can't do any more. So I stated that some one else can try or I'll take over completely.

4546263 i see i think it is good so far

Hey Phantom, I think I might want to take over your Jungle Fury story... Just give me a basic outline, and I'll try to make a few good chapters based off of it and let you decide if I should keep writing it for you.

4648813 Well, I guess so. I send you the chapter that was send to me by the last guy that work on it, took over a month and it didn't get finish. I haven't gotten around to Power Rangers lately. I'll send it in the PM. Normally I'll ask if you have a Google Drive, but I forgot my Google password.

Hey,this story still up for adoption?

5457033 Well, If you want to do it, I don't mind. I haven't been in a Power Rangers mood lately.

5457040 Cool. So, how should we do this?

5457147 What I'm want for now is each chapter to be about one of the member of the Lightspeed Rescue. At first, the chapters was base of the episodes, but your free to do it however you want.

5457187 No I meant do I send you chapters via e-mail, PM, Google?

5457838 Either one works great, but send it thought the PM. If we use Google Drive, we have to tell each other Email.

5458894 Got it. I should warn you, I have a very different writing style, and it will be noticeable. I'm planing on doing Pink next.

5459500 That's ok, but the way before the last person couldn't doing it anymore was working on Pink as well. You should know who pink is.

5460391 I've read the ranger stories, it's Gilda. Quick Q, did you decide on the Timeforce members yet?

5460659 i' made an blog about the Rangers teams and who they were going to be. Here's an Link.

5460758 Awesome, these two teams had a crossover, and I so totally want to capitalize on that, while also serving as a preview for Time Force.

5461222 That good. When do you want to start?

5461227 Already writing the Pink Chapter. One we get the five ranger's we've got done, I'm planning on a three or more part Titanium arc, the serpent mark, the crossover, and then start building towards the finale.

5461250 You remember who the Titanium Ranger in this story? She in my cast. And, just asking, when do you think you'll be done with that chapter?

5461266 Next week, probably by Weddnsday. It takes a bit to swing into gear.

5461278 No problem, I get the same thing. Let me know how how it goes.

man what is taking so long with all the pony ranger stories:twilightangry2:

are you going to continue this story, or any of your other pony ranger stories ( like Jungle Fury )?

8432354 I haven't been in a Power Rangers mood, so all unfinished Pony Rangers stories are On Hold until I have the mood back again. Don't know when that will been sadly.

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