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Four months after dash was born her parents did not want her anymore. They went to Celestia to see if she would find her a good home. But when Luna finds out dash is the Berrer of the element of Loyalty they decide to raise her as their own. But when Dashie learns to speak she said that she wanted some friends so Luna and Celestia set up a playdate six other toddlers.

Chapters (6)
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This needs serious editing but I like where it's going.:pinkiehappy:

3638320 thanks for the update! All I need to do is find an editor:derpytongue2:

Thank you to anyone who likes this story every saterday I will try to do a new chapter to this Tory and my other obe

This is good but there are a few spelling mistakes sorry for being a Grammar Nazi [Just trying to help]

1. " Wear were you? " Luna asked [you used the wrong wear it should be Where]

2. Luna herd a yawn from the foal. [You forgot a letter in herd] [herd in this case is spelled Heard]

3. You also spelled the Name the Chapter incorrectly [Biggining is incorrect it should be spelled Beginning]

4.This could not be right it just could'nt be. Luna Could not believe what she had just herd. Was this really true was this foal the next Berar of the element of Loyalty? Thinking about this made Luna fall [Ironically you spelled Bearer Correctly earlier but you put the ' in the wrong spot in Couldn't]

I have found some mistakes that I can list and dose that mean the fliers are off the hook? You forgot a few question marks and a few other things

But right now I only see mistakes I just saw going through the chapter again

But right now I only see mistakes I just saw going through the chapter again

My stuped spell check never helps me out when I truly need it

Don't put a space after you use "

There's no need, for example.

You do it like this. " I love playing tennis! "

When it should be like this "I love playing tennis!"


I've done a bit by cleaning up the obvious and fixing a bit of punctuation. I'll send you what I've done in PM's


Im going to enjoy reading this ]

I haven't read this (nor do I really plan to), but after reading both the long and short descriptions, I'll say that you need an [Alternate Universe] tag for this. There is no possible way that Princess Luna could adopt Rainbow Dash if she's imprisoned as Nightmare Moon. Plus, there have been one or two flashback scenes with Rainbow Dash's father in the show.

Spelling and grammar are the only things that didn't get a fav from me :( otherwise, this has potential i think

Comment posted by RainbowCatFaceDash deleted Dec 18th, 2013

Anakastories when will the next chapter for this story come out

If you like this story you'll like my next one!

that ok and i had a fun christmas

MERRY CHRSITMAS PEOPLES HAVE A GOOD CHRISTMAS HOPE U HAD FUN!:pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy::derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpytongue2::rainbowkiss::raritywink::twilightsmile::trollestia::yay:

3682033 same to you and i will have a good christmas :pinkiehappy:

i know you'v all want a new chapter but i dont have any ideas so ur gonna have to wait enless u fans have some that could be really useful for age three :D

still waiting for chapter ideas

3766597 i don't have any chapter ideas for this story sorry and i hope you can make the next chapter for this story soon

3845566 thanks anyway ill ask some friends :)

Anakastories do you have ideas for the next chapter yet for this story and sorry of putting a lot of comments on this story

3941753 no no your fine and yes actually I have some ideas but I'll get to it later

So reading this when I can get around to it:yay:

Not much to go on and remembering that this is an alternate universe where I assume luna never became nightmare moon is still a little hard to get use to, but I'm liking it so far. Glad I favourited this

The mane six are together, yes!:rainbowdetermined2:

Can't wait for the next chapter. I assume they'll get their cutie marks the same as before, rainbow's sonic rainboom.

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