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After Rainbow Dash hears about Thunderlane's new fillyfriend, Dash decides she wants a fillyfriend too. Having no experience in sexual orientation, or even in dating, Rainbow thinks she has what it takes to find her special somepony. Does she?

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Downvoted for stereotyping gender roles in homosexual relationships.

I did like it. It was short and sweet. The premise isn't particularly original, but you're still a top notch writer and I look forward to more fics from you.


Username want. SO HARD.

3610068 I still giggle at your Avatar.

Well then... err... that's... okay, I've been reading Twidash for a long time. It's just about the only thing I read nowadays, and I can honestly say this is... different. Sure, there's no real plot or point, but it's fluffy, it's solid, the characters are, for the most part, in character, and over all it's pretty well done. I have to say I like what you did with Rainbow's character, and even more so what you did with Twilight. It's a rather original take on both of them in this kind of circumstance and I'm rather glad you did it this way. Of course, nothing's perfect, and this could certainly use some work. While the writing itself was pretty good (about as good as I can expect on the internet) the pacing seemed off to me. Dash decides she wants a fillyfriend too quickly, even if her reasoning is, for the most part, pretty sound. And even Twi would know not to take advantage of Dash like that. No, I'm sorry, that's taking advantage of her. If she wanted to pursue a relationship she really should have waited until Rainbow was feeling better. Be her friend until she wasn't upset about the Flutter thing anymore, then make her move.

Of course, that would have made this much longer, and it wouldn't have been the short fluff piece that it was. And it was very good at being the short fluff piece it was. So I'm gonna stop this review and enjoy the fluffyness you have so graciously given me, and I'll be looking forward to any future stories you write.

Twidash Always!
Twidash Forever!


Of course lesbian relationships have a "male" counterpart and a "female" counterpart...

Yeah, no. :trixieshiftleft:

3610513 Technically all relationship have a dominate personality and a submissive. That isn't to say it is an over powering thing. In fact most are more moderate. I.E. The 'male' is the one expected to take the 'female' out. One usually, but no always!, defers to the other on things. It was more of a word choice you disagree with than stereotyping. Honestly. It wasn't offensive to anyone on that. I'm sorry to ream you, but I don't like people getting upset over the little things (kinda ironic isn't it). It wasn't meant as an insult. I'm sorry that the vast majority of evolution and society made us think of Male/Female having set characteristics. Maybe in a couple years we won't think like that, but for now its just shorthand.


Not all relationships have dominant and submissive roles, and most certainly don't have set roles.

And you're certainly not "reaming" me, nor have you insulted me.

3610593 -sighs- Okay. You have yours I have mine.

Oh wow, haha, I didn't mean to cause such controversy! :twilightblush: It was never my intention to stereotype gender roles in homosexual relationships (especially since I'm bisexual myself), and I of course would never say that all relationships have these roles, but for the sake of Twilight's helping Rainbow narrow down potential partners, she is basically trying to find out if Rainbow wants someone tough or someone gentle. To hold or be held, so to speak. Perhaps the terms "dominant" and "submissive" were a bit insensitive. This isn't to say it applies to all relationships, you're right. Dear Princess Celestia...

Also, bear in mind, just because Twilight thinks it doesn't mean I think it. If I were put in her position I would have gone about it an entirely different way.

i loved this. i really hope to see how you progress these twos' relationship. like and faves. :rainbowlaugh:

We have to wait for more..? BUT I WANT IT NOWWWW! :applecry:

Wow, did not expect that ending. Hmmm.

I enjoyed this. I kind of wish it had been a bit longer with some more build-up/development, but it didn't feel overly rushed either. I guess it felt like a synopsis or summary - covers all the bases from beginning to ending, but still feels like there's more that must or could have happened around and between it all.

The ending wasn't too far off from what I was expecting, but did so differently than I thought it would. I enjoy when that happens. My favorite stories are the ones where not everything goes as I thought it would. Makes it feel more real to me.

Thanks for the chance to read it!

Eight people have no hearts how could you dislike this?! :applejackunsure:

i'll admit, the writing was a little simple compared to some of the other stories i've read. but, this was still well written and very enjoyable. i enjoyed it!

I don't like twidash but what the hay it was good other then the fact that fluttershy ain't lesbian I'm surprise :0 (IM JK IM NOT FOR REALS I LOVE FLUTTERDASH AS MUCH AS U DO AND PLUS fluttershy has always been my favorite character :3 :yay::yay:

Nice story I love twidash! :pinkiehappy:

My future stories will most likely not be so fluffy

Why not? You're really good at fluff. :twilightsmile: This was super cute, and I would love a sequel about their date. :rainbowkiss::heart:

Not a bad story, but it was a little rushed and Rainbow's growth was completely sporadic. The premise and the ending were also fairly bland, while still heartening. It was a good fic though and I do look forward to more from you.

However, I down voted. Why? The word pegasus does not have a capital 'p'. Just like unicorn and earth pony and human are all lowercase. Your computer THINKS you want to capitalize the 'p' in pegasus because in Greek mythology, the flying horse was named Pegasus. That was its NAME, so the 'p' was capitalized. In MLP this is not the case. Please learn this. Edit the story and fix this and my down vote will become an up vote.

For a first try, I can say it's really good. I found it very interesting the way you switch from what seems like a good laugh at the beginning to something which is really important and also serious. I like how you make the characters deal with the subject. I love to read the story but... I find the end a little bit "weird" (if I can say it like that) Because it much looks like Twilight is giving Rainbow a chance by pity much more than love however, it's a good story.
P.S.: Comments can seems to be harsh sometimes but they're all here to help you do better things.

,Peace from Midnight.

4282401 This is completely Pedantic, but if pegasii are a tribe the pegasus would be capitalized as a proper noun. (As in Cherokee or Norse.)

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