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Huh. That was four thousand words? Felt like it was half that length. There's nothing to this story, really. I mean, sure, you weren't going for anything in the way of character or emotion, but the sex wasn't gripping, either, and was as arousing as any plain, tab-A-into-slot-B-type statements of what actions happened and that it felt really good and was totally hot. You never had my interest at any point in the story. But hey, it got me off. :eeyup: (And wow, rubbing one out while pressing my dick against my foot was very nice; thanks for the inspiration, I'll do that more.)

“So... do you wanna talk or something?” she scratched her head as she asked Twilight.

The first "she" is the first word of a new sentence and should be capitalized properly; "She scratched her head as she asked Twilight." is a complete sentence because the verb "asked" isn't acting on the line of dialogue.

... Okay. Feet. That does nothing for me but hey whatever, your kink.

That said... "Satisfactory breasts?" Protip, I'm pretty sure no woman ever wants her tits described as "satisfactory."

this actually has some potential, but i was to short. to make this better, i'd suggest using more detail. just by doing that, you could easily double this stories awesome rating, along with its length.

feet? considering that they have 4 legs, isn't any pony clopfic 'footwork' by design? or is this anthro?

Ponies with feets......what? Would have been okay without ''feets'', kinda ruined the whole story for me.

I really rather liked this, there's not too many feet fics on here. :heart:

*looks at anthro tag*
do you people even read the description/tags, or just run blindly into any clop you can find?

3620878>>3621017 They are anthrofied, as is evident by the anthro tag

I wholeheartedly approve :twilightsmile:

3620422 I think the length is fine as it is. Personally, I feel if I made it any longer certain things would've been redundant.

3621397 derp :derpytongue2: I specifically looked for it and still managed to miss it.

3621403 Ha, no worries! I usually give my anthros hooves and hands, but I obviously had to change that for this fic.

3620153 My clopfic helped someone get off? Mission accomplished.

More than one person. :twilightblush:

3621401 to each his own. can't entirely please them all.

Buena, *Slow clap* Real show stopper! Yah did good pal:rainbowkiss:

3621574 anyways, congratz on being featured!

More festish clopfics please!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I agree with both of these sentiments.

3622232 Heh, well, I do have a masturbation story in the works, though that's not necessarily a big fetish

Excellent work as always

This is not my type of story but I still love it!

3623424 Glad you enjoyed it!


I would, so go eat your own foot.


Well... This was... Certainly something... Good Job... I think...

where did you get that pic it looks hot

What's the link for the pic

3625985>>3628188 I sent both of you the link in a message

You made me look up the word zephyr

3631443 Could I have a link too please? Great story as well by the way! I totally got that pg. 63 reference, nice one!

I would also like a link please

Feet aren't even really my thing, but it seemed like the licking part could've gotten a bit more attention than a single paragraph. I dunno, the wording made it seem like Dash licked them for ten seconds and brought Twi' to happy-land.

[+1] I really liked the story :3

:pinkiecrazy:Off ta neva' neva' land~

Edit: Actually, disregard that. The tension beforehand, the feeling from the footwork, and Dash pouncing on her intimate parts right after licking her clean would probably trigger awesome-mode if Twilight cap'd enough stimulus from her feet.

Good, but not long enough.

3805073 Given how well this story was received, I might think about writing a sequel or something.


Yes, have them scissor each other while using their feets to play with the other's cock.

It's a totally possible pose.

3805073 But neither is Scootaloo's futa cock.

3622523 "As always" makes me smile

3621346 Thank you so much!


So true. That little filly has got to be PACKING...some massive heat that is~

futa and feet I enjoy both of these things gratuitously

now how the hell do I add the emoticons

What exactly is pre I've never heard that term before

4098084 Pre-cum? It's basically what leaks out before an actual orgasm.

4098127 thanks for clarifying that for me.

Please write more footjob stuff, that was amazing.

4280309 If I think of something, I'll definitely write it. I really do love this story and there could definitely be more footjob stuff around here!

4280337 hey, so did you ever think about making more stories that involve these two and messed up spells?

5269089 Maybe! Right now, I'm taking a long break from clopfics and fan fiction in general. We'll see what the future holds though!

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