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I never thought someone would make a fic outta of that story:twilightoops:

Okay then......

A little Shirley Jackson, a little Soylent Green, and a lot of WHAT THE FUCK?!:twilightoops:

*reads the first paragraph*
"I'm out" :pinkiesick:

there are no words that can describe what the fuck i just read...:pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick:

You know, I think Krusty says it best...

one question, (that should be in the description) Hard or Soft?

Beat thing EVER!

Well, my sadistic side will be satisfied for the next year or so

Let's see... The six mares who have repeatedly proven to be the only useful solution to various foes threatening the safety of Equestria? Whose power only works when all six of them are together and in harmony? Two of them got picked to become food. Shouldn't we exempt them because of the nature of this defensive power? Or maybe issue a royal turkey pardon? NAAAH. Bon appétit!

Comment posted by Cantankerous deleted Mar 1st, 2017

Any chance of a sequel??? :pinkiehappy:

Help...I've contracted WTFitis...

So, Rainbow Dash and Applejack get raped in this story for no reason... Yeah, you have just lost all creditability. :ajbemused:

Comment posted by Cantankerous deleted Mar 1st, 2017

Unfortunately, there will be no sequel as for one this was a commissioned story, and also I don't have the drive for something like this.

i actually can see y this has gotten so many down votes, and its not all about the content or subject matter. for one thing, short chapter is short...many of these r less that a thousand words and arnt all that descriptive as a result. i found the structure of the story to be very spotty and what little plot there was to be poorly thought out at best. that being said, yes, i realize that this is a fetish story and the plot is not considered that important by many such writers for those kinds of works, i am not one of those. very little about this makes any sense at all, and i could not find anything all that interesting writing wise, it was literally just "last four of the mane six eat their two best friends because Reasons". not a great use for the story hook u had in the beginning of the Lottery.


Well, that was a flop. You spent far too much time on trying to put together the setting and story for a clop/gore fic which only served to rub the reader's collective noses in how stupid and poorly thought out it was instead of glossing over it to focus on the fetish/comedy (don't ask, I have a sick sense of humor) aspects which would have allowed people to largely ignore it. Furthermore, the story is marked as hard vore which means people are going to come here looking for that, so your decision to focus most of your attention on the lesbian sex scenes while almost completely ignoring the actual vore makes this a serious bait and switch. You really needed to take your time describing in loving detail how their bodies came apart and how they tasted for this to work right and cut out most of the stuff before that including the entire processing facility. It would have worked much better if their names had been called in the morning and they were served at a town feast that night. Also, if you are going to include anything about background ponies getting picked as well, you at least need to name them and give a bit more information about what happened to them, although fully including them in the story would probably be the better option because we almost never see background ponies in these kinds of stories (or for that matter, anyone other than Rainbow Dash and sometimes Apple Jack being eaten).

I liked it, cumed pretty hard. I think the sadness is hammy but it got a laugh out of me. I'm not sure what the author was thinking in the last two chapters, it could only be a sadness fetish. It somehow works though.

Alright idea but if twilight is exempt then the other elements gotta be

I have no qualms with the actual plot/sex/cannibalism or any of that. The story itself was just badly written. There is so much random capitalization, misplaced quotation marks, Applejack just being called Apple doesn't make sense for use of shorthand/nickname. Especially when the show itself has shown various instances where Applejack was referred to as AJ. Also, names are nouns, and should therefore be capitalized.

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