• Published 16th Dec 2013
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Raising Rainbow - Pizzema Forte

After an accidental pregnancy, Rainbolt is left raising an adorable, sweet and spunky little filly named Rainbow Dash. Love will bring them closer, and time will leave them permanately embossed in each other's hearts.

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1. It's a Boy

Rainbolt nervously paced back and forth. His periwinkle hooves clanked on the ivory, tile floor beneath him. His heart was thumping against his chest and sweat dripped from his forehead harder than it did during an intense work-out.

Maybe if he wasn’t in a hospital he wouldn’t have been so nervous. Yet, it wasn’t the fact that he was in a hospital that made him nervous; it was the reason why. For the last few weeks, Firefly- his beloved marefriend- wasn’t feeling exactly…well. She was having severe stomach pains, and a while ago she’d been throwing up quite a lot. They never, ever considered the possibility that the young mare could have been pregnant. It wasn’t until the previous night that they both grew increasingly worried.

Firefly had been sitting on the couch with her love, listing to overrated tunes on the radio and snuggling her head into the stallion’s soft chest. Although they’d been dating a long while, her parents were still a bit afraid when she ventured to her beloved’s house. She was only sixteen at the time, and Rainbolt was eighteen. The nervous panic commenced when the little mare awoke one night with bullets of sweat dripping down her forehead. The first words to leave her lips were, "I...think there's somepony inside me..."

Rainbolt was beyond terrified when she said those little words to him. At first, he thought the pink-coated mare was joking, or pulling a prank on him. When the unfortunate truth that her words were honest sunk into him, fear struck him like lightning. They were both hoping the nightmare was indeed nothing more than a nightmare.

Finally, when the stallion’s hooves began to ache, he rested into a nearby chair and put his head into his hooves.

“What’d I do? What’d I do? What’d I do?” He repeated to himself over and over again.

If he wouldn’t have made that one damn mistake, none of this would have ever happened. He’d be with his little marefriend, and they’d be happy and worry-free. He tried to relax as he remembered the day that caused all this panic.

It was Rainbolt’s eighteenth birthday, but, yet again he was exhausted from a hard day at the weather factory. He stumbled into his small, cozy apartment. He was prepared to take a long, well-deserved rest in his comfortable bed. Then around six his sweet, adorable marefriend would be coming over. He could already see her beautiful, adorable face. He could look deeply into her purple eyes and feel her long, blue locks of hair in between his hooves. She truly was gorgeous and by far the most adorable mare who ever walked the grounds of Equestria. His warm heart grew giddy with thoughts of the upcoming night.

The little stallion galloped into the kitchen. Normally, it was unoccupied, but not today. His marefriend was in the kitchen, humming a cheerful tune and adding the top layer to a well-constructed sandwich.

“Oh, hey Babe! Didn’t see you there….” She smashed the sandwich together, keeping all the layers neatly glued together. “I made you a sandwich while you were at work.”

Rainbolt was still agape. “Sweetheart… I wasn’t expecting you until six… It’s only four-thirty!”

“Oh, I know… I just wanted to surprise you on your special day.”

The overly-happy mare went over to her coltfriend and gave him a tender kiss on the lips. Rainbolt kissed back passionately and then broke away with a smile.

“Hope you’re not disappointed I was a bit early.”

“Of course not! I love spending time with you!”

He wrapped his hoof around her neck gently with a smile and they nuzzled briefly.

Firefly cleared her throat. “So, uh… What do you want to do this evening? I’m up for anything you are.”

Rainbolt thought for a second. “I don’t know… hm… Maybe later we could watch a movie together. Or take a walk in that little park near your school. Or, um… We could go for a short fly, and maybe race if you’re up for it.”

Firefly smiled cutely. “Those all sound wonderful… Now, uh.. How about getting a little something in your belly? You must be starving after a long day at work.”

The periwinkle-coated stallion smiled slightly. “Yeah… I guess I am. I still don’t like it when you make food for me, though. It kind of makes me feel guilty. I used to have to cook for my family all the time and it got pretty annoying.”

Firefly almost laughed at his silly little thoughts. “Oh, Rainbolt. You know I love cooking! And it’s not like you asked me to cook for you. It’s your birthday, you should just relax and enjoy the evening.” She grabbed the plate with the layered, yummy-looking sandwich on it and placed it on the dining table across from the small kitchen. Rainbolt quietly smiled and blushed.

“Thanks, Sweetheart.” He made his way to the young mare and kissed her sweetly on her cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” She said with a grin before sitting in the chair placed directly across from her coltfriend.

The young couple smiled at each other for an unnatural amount of time. The stallion kept glancing at his marefriend, while occasionally looking at his sandwich. It seems almost…weird to eat it. Like, he knew he wanted to, but at the same time it felt almost strange to consume the delectable arrangement of vegetables.

“Something wrong, Sweety?” Firefly asked in concern.

“No… It’s nothing…I just feel a bit strange about this sandwich.”

That’s when his little marefriend burst into laughter. She nearly fell to the floor. Her loud squeals and laughter filled the room. Her little coltfriend blushed and sheepishly turned away. It wasn’t until another minute that the giggly mare could grasp her regular calmness.

“The sandwich makes you feel strange?” She asked, wiping a tear from her eye. “You’re so silly, Bolty!”

Rainbolt chuckled to himself, trying to hide his inner embarrassment.

“Yeah… I guess…”

In an attempt to purge his uneasy thoughts, he lifted the sandwich to his mouth and took a big bite. The flavor of lettuce, tomato, onion, black olives, mustard, pickles, carrots, and cheese all filled his mouth. He had to admit, it tasted fantastic. Why he ever had a strange feeling about the masterpiece, he hadn’t the slightest clue. He swallowed the yummy bite he took and smiled at his marefriend.

“This tastes amazing.”

“I know! I made myself one before you arrived!”

She happily gazed into the stallion’s golden eyes and smiled. “You’re so cute…” She muttered softly.

Rainbolt swallowed from the second bite he’d forced into his mouth and blushed brightly. “Th-thank you, Sweetheart. You’re way cuter, though.”

“No, you are!”

“You are!” He playfully argued.

“No way!”


“You’re way cuter!”

“No, you are!”

“You’re like, twenty percent cuter!”

Rainbolt giggled and allowed his beautiful mare to win that argument. How he loved seeing her happy.

“Now, finish up your meal and we’ll see how you feel afterwards!”

“I’ll probably feel better and less tired.” He admitted.

He took another large bite, thoroughly chewed and swallowed. After only a few more bites proceeding that one, he completely finished his delectable meal. His marefriend gleamed at him with a wide grin as he swallowed the last bite.

“So…” She started. “How do you feel?”

Rainbolt seemed almost confused at the question. Why would a simple sandwich cause his emotions to shift that dramatically? His tummy was full and his mind was more active, so that was a plus.

“What do you mean? I feel better, I guess.”

Firefly smiled at the little stallion with large, purple eyes and then frowned a bit. “I’ll have to ask you again in fifteen minutes….”

Rainbolt thought for a minute and then his eyes shot opened. “What’d you do to it?”

Firefly turned and smiled with a wink. “I may or may not have put a little somethin’ in there.”

The pegasus turned angry and afraid at his marefriend’s words. “You…What?!”

Firefly seemed almost shocked at his reaction. “Don’t get all huffy with me! All it was is a little something to get you in the mood.”

A blush smeared across Rainbolt’s face. “I-In the mood… as in… Horny?”

The little mare smiled and blushed with a nod. “You know… Just thought we could have fun on yout birthday…”

“B-but you’re only fifteen! Your parents would kill me if they found out. A-and I don’t even think it’s ethical for me to have sex with you since you’re a minor!”

“Hey!” She snapped. “I’ll be sixteen in two weeks! Besides, my parents will never find out, because we’re not going to tell anypony!”

“You could get pregnant! Or caught! Or-“

Firefly leaned over the table and shut her lover up with a long kiss on the mouth. He blushed heavily and his wings sprung up. The little mare broke away and smiled at him with lust in her eyes.

“You were saying?”

“I-I…I…” His entire face lit up a bright hue of crimson and he smiled at the mare. “I… would love to…”

“Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I’m so stupid! This is all my fault! She’s pregnant and it’s my fault for being so stupid!” He felt embarrassed as he pondered over his own stupidity, blaming himself for everypony’s misery and problems. He grunted and banged the back of his head against his wall.

The nurse at the counter, along with several other patients in the waiting room stared at the worrisome stallion. He was constantly muttering to himself and banging his heavy head against the back of the wall. The disapproving and judgmental eyes locked on him were completely ignored, as he was only worried about the state of his beloved marefriend.

After another long, uneventful ten minutes, his sweet little marefriend walked out of two large, white doors. Her face had a smile glued on, but her eyes showed a bit of distress. The nervous stallion instantly rushed to the side of his sweetheart and landed a kiss on her soft cheek.

“Well….” He started. “What’s the news?”

A deep pit of dread filled his heart as he awaited the answer. Firefly’s smile turned to a frown and her upset eyes glimmered.

“I-It’s a boy….”

Author's Note:

My friend did reading of my story, so thanks to him!
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfW-LBAVv2s (Chapters 1-2)

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