• Published 4th Jul 2014
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Voyage's End - The DM

What happens when your entire understanding of the universe is flipped upside down by something as simple as a message in a bottle?

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Author's Note:

So here it is! You all wanted to know what happened to Earth? Well here you go. Also, major revisions have been done to the previous chapters.

Dear Princess Celestia and Luna

My time in the Sol system has been incredible, to say the least. Humanity, as they call themselves, is a species of highly evolved primates who have been around for just about two hundred thousand years. I spoke to one of the humans over the radio for quite some time. His name was Damien Torres, a human male from the planet Mars. I naturally wanted to know what happened to his homeworld, to which he was very understanding.

Damien told me that almost fifteen thousand years ago, a comet was predicted to pass through their solar system. Sadly, this comet was projected to hit their homeworld within fifteen years. With only a decade to save their entire civilization, the humans worked nonstop to build massive vessels to carry them to the next closest planet; Mars.

Now, the planet Mars already had a small population living on its surface, with even more humans living in orbital habitats. But moving and housing almost ten billion humans was going to present quite a challenge. By using a technology called “terraforming”, they reshaped the planet Mars and made it suitable for them to live on. Though that was only a short term solution.

Mars did not have the infrastructure to handle this many new settlers so quickly, so the technology to travel farther into the galaxy was made a top priority. After only ten years, the first warp drive was created, just in time for Earth to be devastated by the comet. Three billion people perished in the cataclysm, which also left the planet uninhabitable for centuries to come. With a new sense of perspective and purpose, the humans launched countless exploration missions into the cosmos to try and discover even more worlds to colonize.

Twenty years after the loss of their homeworld, humanity had colonized five planets in total; Mars, Alpha Centauri, Glise, Rylon, and Dormastic. These five planets formed what Damien called the “Core Worlds”. Today, over a dozen planets are populated by humanity, with plans to expand to even more worlds as they are discovered.

Funny enough, the humans had already discovered our world and had it listed as a possible place for future colonization. However, after I told Damien that it was our homeworld, he assured me that it would be removed from the list of candidates, and moved to the list of inhabited worlds.

All in all, I have very much enjoyed my brief time with the humans. Damien said that he was eager to return home and inform his people that first contact has been made. I can’t help but shake the feeling that we are on the precipice of a new age in Equestria. What we do and say here will echo through time and history for millennia to come.

Yours Faithfully,

Twilight Sparkle

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Comments ( 207 )
Runa #1 · Oct 5th, 2014 · · ·


EDIT: Someone has to do a continuation of this. It's just too great to leave.

Fucking comets, ruining everything.:twilightangry2:

5102228 VUNDERBAR!

10/10 Name

Not needed, but a nice read. ^^ Thank you for continuing this.

Comment posted by way2dawn deleted Oct 5th, 2014

This universe must be continued!

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

5102242 i said the same thing to him in the skype call we're in ATM.

5102241 He meant that it was kind of the author to give us this.

5102252 well, excuse me. i'm sick, tired, and have a splitting headache.


5102253 by the by, that's one of the highest rewards given by the DM.

Very good, but I think a species with the ability to move seven billion people and terraform an entire planet would be able to deal with one measly comet.

5102267 it would all depend on the size of the comet.

5102259 While that may explain your behavior, it doesn't justify or warrant it.

and then the flood shows up and starts eating biological species

nice, this was a good story. great universe too

2D #19 · Oct 5th, 2014 · · ·

Ground control to Major Tom... take your protein pills and put your helmet on...

You should've expanded on this. Still a great story though.

Very good story. I have to say I really enjoyed it, the Golden Discs are not something many people read about these days or even know where they are in our solar system today.

A very very, VERY welcomed breath of fresh air my friend! Finally someone came up with a reason why our world is ruined when we traveled to the stars but it's NOT by our own hands!

You have my thanks and respect. Loved what you did here, and I hate you for putting Johnny Be Good in my head for its not leaving...:ajbemused:

Finally, a post apocalyptic story where humanity wasnt at fault.

This story still needs a follow up. There is so much potential in this verse.

We're bouncing the idea around. I'm not going to outright say I'll never work within this universe at a later time. At this point I have nothing planned, though that may change at a later date.

That's the reason why I check email notifications in supposedly completed stories.
BTW. If they have terraforming capabilities, wouldn't they be able to restore Earth to its previous state through those thousands of years?
PS. I, like everybody else will say: this must continue!

There are reasons for it that may come to light at a later date.

5102286 would make more sense if it was an asteroid, of course they might not have put all there 'money' on the evacuation plan and plan A failed miserably.

Well, this was unexpected.

Now there needs to be an intergalactic war with pewpewlazerz


Europa you need to check your Moon privileges. Comets have rights too you know. :rainbowwild:
But seriously that comment made my day XD

So humanity has a list of inhabited worlds, but the Voyager response was first contact?

That list is all the worlds humanity colonized

The realm of stasticial chance can be quite a boon and bane at the same time. Think about how small the odds were that life started here at all.

5102535 Not as small as you think. Getting the right chemicals into the right conditions isn't nearly as unlikely as you believe, and once you've got that life is pretty much inevitable. After all, there's sextillions of particles combining into a myriad of forms, and they only need to just so happen to make a self-replicator once.

5102523 Ah, wasn't sure. It seemed confusing but then again, they may have confirmed the plurality of intelligence via xenoarcheology. Like from Forerunner artifacts.

That was a pleasant surprise!:pinkiehappy: Anticlimactic in its way, but not bad. As others have said, it's refreshing to for once see humanity not having mucked up Earth before leaving.

Asteroids can be deflected.

We had fifteen years of warning for that comet? What the heck were we doing all that time? :twilightoops:

Turns out deflecting something enough to prevent an impact is actually pretty easy if we can see it coming with a bit of warning. With the scale of orbital paths and just how delicate the parameters for a collision are, you only need to nudge it a tiny bit in just about any direction at all. In most cases, this can be done simply by smashing an unarmed probe (like, less than a ton) into it as hard as possible.

Comets are the easy ones to deal with. Just laser them long enough, get that ice boiling, and their orbits shift.

Now, minor planetoids are a different matter entirely...

This was... kind of odd in reflection of the last chapter but by no means unwelcome. It did mildly imply the idea that we had perhaps ruined our own planet be it by ecological, nuclear or other form of disaster and that one ark was carrying all that was left of humanity. It's an idea I'm glad wasn't the truth of the mater however this bonus chapter doesn't feel like it quite fits in with the preceding chapter. I know you said you've revised it but it still doesn't feel very continuous.

That all said it's still a story I could read a great many ties over without loosing interest. It's a very heart lifting idea that our little improbable message in a bottle is actually found... by a purple pony princess no less. :twilightsmile:

i really wish i could give this more than one upvote

A comet?!

A comet?!

Those can be deflected easily.

I would have gone with having the Yellowstone Caldera erupt instead.

Except if you destabilize the comet and cause it to break apart. Then that one comet just became multiple space rocks of pure hatred that may, or may not, burn up in the atmosphere.


You're thinking of asteroids. Comets move a lot faster, so we'd never have very much warning. 15 years seems a bit high even.

One out of sextillions. I guess even flamethrowers can headshot.

Alpha, Glise and Rylon I recognized instantly, but Dormastic? :rainbowhuh: Can't say I'm familiar with that one. Anyways...

Two hundred millennia? :pinkiegasp: Damn! That's a lovely run, wouldn't you say? And to find out we gotta wait that long before First Contact with Equestria is kinda sad and a bit maddening. Where are the Dragonballs when ya need 'em? :trixieshiftleft: Oh, and I want much more of this story. It's just too incredible to not continue. :yay:

5102779 There's one problem with the Yellowstone Caldera eruption option: it's already happened three times in the past; in each of those instances, it wasn't nearly devastating enough to pose a threat to all life on the planet. In fact, it's nowhere near the most powerful volcano our planet's experienced.

Dormastic was pulled out of my ass when I needed a 5th planet. :pinkiehappy:

This deserves a sequel so hard it is not even funny.

praise jesus that we aren't going with the 'humans are bastards' thing.


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