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Two unique individuals of the Overlord Minions go on vacation to the Necro world, but accidentally fall into Equestria and decide to have a bit of fun. What will happen in their little adventure? Will they be friends with the ponies or will they fight each other? Will they allow the overlord to conquer Equestria? Or will they just go around being bored? Look into it and find out. Note: i do not own Overlord, but the characters i made i do own and i do not own MLP. Plus this is my very first story that i am posting, so please give me advice on anything you see, so that i can become a better writer. I will not accept any mean comments.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 15 )

Eh, this is an ok fic, (not that I can talk) Though I don't know what Overlord is so knowing what Overlord is would probably help me like this fic a little more.
Good for a first fic though, good job.:pinkiehappy:

3607235 thank you for the advice. For the second chapter I will sure to tell who he is and describe how they got to equestria.

This chapter is much, much better. Good Work:pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile::duck::coolphoto::ajsmug::raritystarry::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

3626501 Thank you! I will continue to write more. I also will also be making more stories soon.

Not bad. Not bad at all. Some grammar errors, but I was laughing so much I quite forgot about them. XD
I think I will have to do an animation of the anvil scene. I just have to. Freakin' hilarious! Can you send me a sketch or anything of what Grimley and Sketch look like? Or could you tell me what it is exactly I'm drawing? Are they imps, or goblins, or something between the two?

3637888 look up some images if overlord minions. That give you an idea but I will also try to do a sketch of it. Though I am not very good at it

You think me to be the kind of person to give a shit about how good an artist you are? Because I respect art in any and all forms. I look at the effort and time put into a piece of work, not the quality and expertise of the work itself. I'm no great artist either, but I draw the way I am most comfortable with, so what does it matter?

I never heard of Overlord Minions in my life, so this will be most interesting. Yes. It shall be.

Right, thanks a lot for the info. Tell your friend I'm subscribed to his channel now, so he better get off his lazy ass and make me laugh, before I hunt him down and force him to tell me jokes.

If he's scared now, tell him I was joking. XD

3638079 well we might make some funny vids

Much fun! Much fun! Fo' da Ovalord!!!


Well this is really funny i couldn't stop laughing keep going mate :pinkiehappy:

The prospect of reading this terrifies me.:twilightblush:
Like and fav.

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