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Everyone always seems to have happy endings during the Holidays. Not me. Not any of us. Why? Its so you inside dwellers get to experience it.

The multiverse is a dark, dark place. Someone has to hold it back. Though one may question who are the worse monsters, the guardians or the mindless beasts.

[A/N]: Editors would be nice.

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I'm so dependable, aren't I?:twilightblush: Sorry this didn't work out so well...:applejackunsure:

Don't worry. You're not the only one. Probably 2 other people ended up silent, and another only told me that the first chapter needed more context.
On the other hand, people apparently hate the Main character. He's not supposed to be likeable anyways, at least for the purposes here, so I guess I did my job.

3606141 :derpytongue2::rainbowwild:
Not usually a good idea to hate the main character!:moustache:

True. But I feel like reversing norms just for this one.
Where the MC doesn't get better, learn something special, change his outlook, get a happy ending. Just because everyone else already has.

I just noticed. That last sentence "Just because everyone else already has." is also simultaneously the in universe explanation for the events of the story. Within every world, as people go around spreading holiday cheer, a silent group, forever invisible to the inner dwellers, fight an endless war to let them continue to enjoy what they have. The rules exists to keep the demons at bay.

And they will continue to do so. Forever.

I still don't fully understand some of the terms used in this story, but godamn if it isn't one of the best ones I've read so far.

Wat? Someone actually likes this?

You sure this isn't just to make me not feel like a fool from the 2/5 ratio?

Um, if you really want to get some exposition, reply or PM.

I'd love some exposition on this universe you've created, especially on your anti-hero and Pinkie's role in all of this. It's fascinating!

Also, fuck the people who didn't like it. H8TRZ GUNA H8

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