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The Big Orange - Lexomancer

Celestia sends Twilight to Manehattan for some hooves on experience being a princess. Rainbow Dash comes along to make sure that Twilight gets used to her new wings. However, sompony thinks that she's supposed to teach Twilight to fly...

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"Where could she be?" Twilight wondered. She was anxious. The lack of flying had little to do with it.

Lorain had spent the entire day, save a brief break for lunch, drilling Twilight on proper wing care. Twilight had actually found the subject matter interesting. Only two thing marred the lessons. Her concern for how Rainbow Dash was first. Lorain's constant use of Twilights newly acquired title, a close second.

"Calm down, princess," began Applejack.

Something in Twilight snapped. "Don't call me that!" Twilight spun to face AJ, wings slightly flared. AJ's eyes shifted nervously between Twi's sparking horn, and her twitchy left eye. "I swear if one more pony calls me by that stupid title today, I'll-"

"Simmer down Twilight," said a surprisingly calm AJ.

Twilight took a deep breath. Her expression went from equicidal, to frustrated and embarrassed.

"Sorry," Twilight said, rubbing the back of her neck with her hoof. "It's just all day with Lorain, it was 'Yes your highness' and 'no Princess' and frankly I'm sick of it." Twilight took a shallow breath, and continued. "Then there's the fact that the Cyclones let us into their training facility, and not Rainbow Dash." Twilight's eye, was twitching again.

"Deep breaths Twi," Applejack said.

Twilight's eye ceased jerking as she followed Applejack's advice: however, her wings picked up the nervous tic.

"Yeah," chimed Pinkie, from her spot on the fluffy couch. "Have a cupcake."

The coffee table in front of Pinkie was pilled high with a baker's dozen pastry boxes; each a different color and sporting a different logo. When they had met her back at the hotel room, Pinkie claimed that these 13 boxes represented the 13 best bakeries in Manehatten. Twilight and Applejack knew better than to question their friend.

"Hmmmm," Pinkie thought out loud. She was currently weighing a cupcake in either hoof, both missing a bite so dainty, it would make Rarity proud. "Would a Deborah J. Sucre cupcake cheer Twilight up more, or would Ivan Sing's?"

Twilight smiled at her rosy friend. "I appreciate the thought Pinkie, but I'm not really in the mood for a cupcake right now."

"Oh well," Pinkie said cheerfully. "More for me."

Applejack whistled. "Those cupcakes must be sumtin powerful, if Pinkie's not going ta try ta force feed ya one."

Twilight simply nodded in agreement. Then a look of surprise crossed her face. "I can't believe I forgot," Twi said as she face-hoofed. "What did Lorain want to talk to you about?"

"Oh, that." Applejack grinned widely. "Seems she witnessed mah performance at the Equestria Rodeo competition." Applejack flexed her hind legs. "She was so impressed with Bucky McGillycuddy and Kicks McGee, she wanted me ta show the other Cyclones exactly what ya can do with a pair of properly toned legs. I spent the whole day teachin' them proper applebuckin' techniques."

"Ooooh, ooh," Pinkie squealed joyfully as she interrupted their conversation.

Twilight eyed the mare as she joyfully bounced up and down. "What is it, Pinkie," she asked.

"Pinkie sense," she said. "Let's see; numb tail, wiggly nose," Pinkie stuck out her tongue. "Twidgy twung." She stopped talking and emitted a happy squeak. "That means somepony is going to invite us to a party."

"Hold on a sec, there," Applejack said. "Why didn't ya get that there feelin' when we was plannin' your surprise party?"

"I did," Pinkie said, still bouncing up and down. "I just didn't know what it meant."

"Oh." Applejack shook her head and turned back to Twilight. "Any way, how did your meeting with Captain Squall go?"

Twilight let out a loud groan.

"That bad huh?" Applejack said knowingly. "Was he unhelpful?"

"Not purposefully," Twilight said. "Turns out they didn't get a letter from Celestia herself. They got a official note from the mayor's office." Twilight continued, grimly. "Captain Squall even let me see it."

"Well," asked AJ. "What did it say?"

"It was all official, and verbose," Twilight said. "The important part is it did indeed say that Celestia asked that they provide me with, 'complete access to the training facilities and her trainer.'"

"Oh ponyfeathers," Applejack huffed.

"So now I have to try to set an appointment with Mayor Rook," Twilight added.

A smirk appeared on Applejack's face. "Well that shouldn't be to hard, seen as he's sweet on ya."

Twilight was afraid if she blushed anymore, it might stain her coat. "I told you," she replied softly. "They do this for all visiting royalty."

Applejack rolled her eyes. "All Ah am sayin' is hes practically eatin' out of your hoof already. You just say Dash is supposed ta teach ya, and he'll-"

There was a knock at the door to the suite, sparing Twilight from hearing exactly what Mayor Rook would do.

Twilight let out a sigh of relief. That must be Rainbow Dash, she thought.

Twilight wrapped the doorknob in her magic as she approached it. "Where have you been...Rainbow..." Twilight trailed off. The blue-grey pegasus colt was not Rainbow Dash.

"Hi Jet," Pinkie called from the couch. "Come on in and have a cupcake."

Twilight decided not to question how Pinkie knew Jet was at the door, since Pinkies line of vision was blocked by the door itself, and by Twilight's body. It's probably better for my sanity.

Jet stepped into the room, and rifled through his saddle bags. He emerged with a folded sheet of paper in mouth: he promptly gave it to Twilight. After touching his black helmet in salute, he wandered over to Pinkie.

"What have ya got there, Twi'?" Applejack asked.

"I'm-not sure," Twi said. She didn't recognize the seal; it was a large bird, one whose name escaped her. If Fluttershy was here, she could tell me what it is. Twilight shook her head. Fluttershy, Spike and Rarity were going to join them in Manehatten tomorrow. The only reason Rarity had not come with them earlier, was her desire to bring everything she could possibly need in the Fashion Center of Equestria. Spike, and Flutter shy had both been roped into helping her pack.

Wit another flash of magic, Twilight opened the message, carefully preserving the seal.

Princess Twilight Sparkle,

You are cordially invited to attend a party held in your honor. It will be held 6:00 Wednesday evening, in the Ballroom of the Manehattan Spire Hotel. Attire will be formal; refreshments shall be provided. We would be happy if you and your entourage would attend.

See you then,

Mayor Edgar Rook

The letter fell as panic filled Twilight's brain. "What do I do?" she asked no pony in particular. Something snagged inside her head. "WhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoI-"

Jet starred at the princess, Applejack at the letter; thankfully, Pinkie acted. With a flick of her foreleg, she launched a bit of cupcake. It sailed through the air.

"Mmmmph," Twilight said, as something chocolaty with butter-cream frosting cut off her cry.

Pinkie thrust both her forelegs in the air. "Woooohooo! Three points. Now chew," she commanded.

Twilight was happy to comply. This tastes divine.

"Good," Pinkie said happily. "Now swallow."

Twilight complied, as Applejack picked up the invitation and read it.

"What's with all the panicin'?" Applejack asked. She smirked slightly. "Unless ya are sweet on this Mayor Rook fella."

The panicked look returned to Twi's eyes, though not as extreme. "It's a high society function," she said, as her wings began shaking nervously. "Need I remind you of the Gala?"

Applejack winced slightly at the memory. "That bad?"

Princess Sparkle nodded. "If not worse. We're in the heart of pony fashion in Equestria. The only place that might have fancier parties is Prance."

Pinkie gasped. "You just made a party sound-sound-un-fun!" Pinkie held her chin in hoof for a second. "I don't know Twilight," she said incredulously. "I've been club-ing in Manehatten before. Let me tell yooooooooooooooou," she continued cheeriness back. "These ponies know how toooooooooo paaaaaaaaaaaaaar-teeeee."

Twilight's mouth and brain decided to make a joint break for freedom. She started panting as if her lungs were trying to catch up. "I don't know if I can do this! Have every pony looking at me, expecting me to be the life of the party." She began pacing, as her breathing shallowed. "I'm not Pinkie Pie. If it were press conference that would be different. For that I just have to answer questions. But this, I need to impress everypony. What if they don't like me? If I make a bad impression Celestia could have imprisoned. Or banished! OrImpriosnedInThePlaceIWasBanishedTo!" She Took a rattling gasp, that seemed to shake the room. "WhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoI-"

Applejack gave her nervous friend a hug, as Jet looked at Pinkie Pie and raised an eyebrow.

"You know what Jet," Pinkie said as she handed the colt another cupcake. "I think you're right. Twilight is being super paranoid."

Jet's other eyebrow rose in shock, as AJ's and Twilight's jaws dropped.

"Ya can understand him?" Applejack said, as Twilight impersonated a fish.

Pinkie looked up from the cupcake she was unwrapping. "Well duh. He was being pretty clear."

Applejack turned to Jet who merely shrugged.

"You are speaking plain equish," Pinkie replied to the young colt. "It's not like you were speaking griffin or something."

Jet nodded in agreement, then stood and headed for the door.

"Oooooh, I totally understand Jet," Pinkie said, as she raced to open the door. "You need to get back to your deliveries, so you can go hang out with the CMC's. Thanks for carrying the invite up, I'm sure that the bellhop appreciated it."

Jet paused at the door to salute again, then turned and vanished.

Twilight decided to once again ignore Pinkie's pinkieness, for the sake of her sanity. She then groaned, remembering something from the invite. "Oh no."

"What?" Applejack and Pinkie said in unison.

"Jinx!" Pinkie cried happily. "You owe me some cider."

"The party is in two days," Twilight said. "That means tomorrow evening we'll have to go dress shopping."

"So-oh!" Applejack said as realization dawned on her. "Rarity gets in tomorrow, consarnit."

Pinkie vibrated wildly. "Don't worry about it," she said with her signature smile. "You don't have to go dress shopping tomorrow."

"Why not?" Twilight asked.

"I don't know," was her answer. "But the Pinkie sense is never wrong."

Before either mare could decide to comment, the door to the suite burst open.

"Hi Rainbow Dash," Pinkie squealed. "Want a cupcake?"

"een aw sehk," Dash muttered, around a mouth full of book. Realizing this, she grabbed the book in hoof, and gently set it down on an end-table. "Pwah, sorry. In a sec Pinkie." Dash turned to Twilight. "Twi, I just saw the most awesome thing ever!"

"Was it an aerial stunt show?" asked Applejack.

"What? No," Dash shook her head. "It-"

"Oooooh! Oooooh!" Pinkie interjected. "Was it a multi-layered mascarpone mint cake, topped with marshmallow frosting, marzipan and meringue?"

Dash rolled her eyes. "No. It-"

"How about a perilously perched peach pie pilled plentifully with plum preserves? Or a calefacient caballine chocolate cherrychanga?" Pinkie paused briefly. "Or would that be a calefacient caballine chocolate chimicherry? Chimicherry-cherrychanga? Chimicherry-cherrychanga? Chimich-"

Applejack placed a hoof over Pinkie's mouth. "Now don't be startin' that again." Applejack shuddered at the memory.

"Mmmmkhhhh," Pinkie promised.

Twilight turned back to Rainbow Dash. "What was it?"

"You know those old pre-equestrian books?" Rainbow asked Twilight. "The ones that where painstakingly crafted, not printed?"

"Yes," Twilight said, obviously puzzled. "I know the Manehattan Museum has several fine examples-"

"Imagine that," Rainbow said as she interrupted Twilight, "but it's a Daring Do book."

The princess let out a fillyish squeal. "Ohmigosh! That's-"

"Amazing!" Dash, Twilight, and a third pony finished in unison.

"Jinx!" Pinkie continued happily. "Now both of you owe me some cider too."

"Where did you see it?" Twilight asked, ignoring Pinkie's outburst.

Dash smiled. "After you guy's went inside, I decided to fly around Manehatten."

Twilight winced as she thought about Dash being locked out of the training facility. Dash continued on cheerfully.

"I saw this book shop downtown, and decided to see what they had." Dash pointed to the book she had set down on the end table. "I bought a book, the owner and I got to talking and he decided to show me a project he was working on for a private commission."

Twilight whistled. "That sounds great."

Dash seemed to realize she was talking about books. "It's okay: I mean, if your into that stuff."

Twilight shook her head. Rainbow Dash always has to keep up her cool appearance, she thought. Just like the time I introduced her to the Daring Do series in the first place.

"How about you?" Dash asked Twilight. "What did you do all day? I bet the training facility was awesome."

Twilight could hear a tinny bet of sadness in Rainbow Dash's voice.

"I didn't see much of it," Twilight replied. "I spent the whole day in a classroom."

"Huh?" Confusion was apparent on Dash's face. "What did you go over today?"

"The importance of proper preening," was Twilight's answer. "I feel silly for never having done it before."

Dash's jaw dropped. "You've never preened your wings?" Her shock grew when Twilight shook her head. "But that something every peagsus foal is taught as-" realization dawned on Dash's face. "Oh...right, heh-heh. New wings."

"Yep," Twilight said. "Wait, you said you bought a book. Which one?" Without waiting for an answer, she looked at the cover of the book on the table. There was a silhouette of a unicorn mare, imposed over a grinning skull. "Death Beckons?" She asked.

"Yeah, the store owner recommended it. Why," Dash asked. "Is it good?"

"It's worth reading." Twilight had a happy look on her face. "E. Rook may not be Scorching Quill, but he has style. His Anika Beck series is his best work, in my opinion."

"Sounds exciting," Dash said. "Any way, what did you three do for the rest of the day?"

Dash listened patiently, as pinkie explained about searching for the train of thought, sampling cupcakes and questing for castanets; Applejack stated hesitantly what Lorain had wanted and Twilight told to her meeting with Captain Squall.

"I knew she was lying," Dash said when Twilight finished.

"I'm not sure if you could call it lying," the princess responded. "I don't think she ever saw the letter, misinformed is more accurate."

Dash blew a raspberry, as Twilight continued. "So now I need to set up a meeting with Mayor Rook."

"That's silly," added Pinkie. "Why don't you just ask him at the party?"

Rainbow Dash wanted to know, "what party?"

Twilight face-hoofed, when Applejack answered. "Why Wednesday evening, the esteemed mayor is hostin' a shindig in Twi's honor."

Dash had only one more question. "So," she asked smugly. "You guys pick a date yet?"

Author's Note:

Whew. That one didn't want to be finished. Thanks to anyone who read this chapter. A special thanks to Reflective Vagrant for all the help he has given me on this story so far.

Also, thanks The_Weatherbug for the cover art.

Happy reading,

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first things first: "equicidal". I had to do a double take. But the pun made up for it. Was that your own invention?

and you mentioning me in the author's notes... thanks. :applejackunsure: I feel like I've done a lot more "hey! read this!" to you than helping you. if my memory serves me right it's 4 to 1 now...:twilightoops:

o, and wanted to ask about something. It was gramicaly correct i think but...

It was all official, and verbose," Twilight said. "The important part is it did indeed say that Celestia asked that they provide me with, 'complete access to the training facilities and her trainer.'

when you said that, were you trying to imply that 'her trainer' might have meant Rainbow Dash perhaps?
'complete access to the training facilities for her and her trainer.'? allowing for a mix up?
intended as "give her and her trainer access", but miss-interpreted as "give her access and provide a trainer for her"?

i might be misreading what you were implying with my own preconceptions though, so you do your thing.

And at the prospect of a date we shall now see uber panic mode engage. Good chapter!

3887370 So funny story. I typed "Homicidal", because I had just been reading "Homicidal Psyco Jungle Cat". I thought about it and was all, they aren't homo sapiens. So I thought about their genus name, and thus "equcidal."

Glad you liked it.

Edgar Rook - E. Rook. How did I not catch that?

Either the Mayor is in love with Twilight, he is trying to use her for social climbing purposes, or Twilight was correct when she said that they always treat royalty like that.

You know, I wonder if Lorin knew but she still butted in to get in close with the new princess, Twilight, mainly polotically. It be intersting to see if she will continue to butt in when Rainbow Dash is confirm as a teacher. :rainbowdetermined2:
I also wonder if Rainbow Dash has a history with the pony that while she would not remember, the one that she precieved wrong, Lorin. :rainbowhuh: She did seem angry when she first Rainbow Dash but it maybe just for the fact she came out a bit strong as Twilights trainer.

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