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I'm a simple person with simple tastes. I may not be quite "all there" but I appreciate the small things in life and find no end of amusement from the stupidest of stuff. Also, I love reading. Alot.


"By now you have surely heard the tale of how Princess Twilight Sparkle travelled to another word by means of a magical mirror? What if I told you that there were more of these mirrors scattered throughout the land? Each leading to mystical and strange lands found only in your wildest dreams. (I mean seriously, what kind of precursor race would master inter-dimensional travel and only use it once?) What if I told you that I had in my little shop here one of such mirrors? One that led to a land of small squarish creatures that partied, drank and fought for simple enjoyment?"

This is the story of an unfortunate Gray Crasher and his adventures in the magical land of Equestria.


So yeah this will probably feature quite a number of MLP characters but I'm only including some in the bio so as to not break a perfectly good system.

As for the cover art that was done by me and can be found - BOOM!

Pre-reading and Editing advice are done by Mixtrak. He's a great guy and you should totally go check out his story

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Gray Crasher has seen some shit

i like it so far!

haha I like this i bet the next chater going to get better

yup this gets better and better keep up the good work! :twilightsheepish:


das my favorite word

Is that a Xenomorph in a suit? :rainbowderp: Cooooool

Id like to say,That honestly,I prefer the grey knight,And he to this day is my favorite character in castle crashers

3612151 Nice to find someone which good taste.

Id like to point out,That unless grey here was putting his points into agility like a dumbass,he'd likely have enough HP to not really give two shits about a single horse god curb stomp,I mean really,Grey knight's magic is a bit meh,What with it being just unlimited bombs and arrow salvo's,So it'd make sense to upgrade Strength and Defense

3612165 Dude. Horses can stomp crazy hard. Gray should be glad it didn't cave in his skull.

3612175 Again,If he was being a smart guy and putting points into defense,He'd likely be able to tank it pretty easy,I mean frankly,At max defense,I wouldnt put it beyond the range of possibility to tank a round from a Davy Crocket Nuclear weapon

3612180 You do raise a good point there and I'm not planning on him being a pushover, but my thinking is that Celestial is god only knows how strong and he was already disoriented from all the spinning and mirror travel. Apart from being unconscious and missing a few teeth. that will be back next time he swills a potion, he's pretty much going to be fine.

3612192 Sorry if i hold Grey to such high standards,But as ive mentioned before,He's my favorite char in the game,And ill be honest,By the time i reached the castle,I had everything but agility maxed,And that was because i just hated agility,What with Greys magic having a veritable hail of arrows once you got it upgraded a bit

3612197 I wholeheartedly concur when you say that gray is awesome and I have maxed out Gray in my game. But even still, a few good knocks will send any of the knights tumbling down and in this story Gray is meant to be a lackey for the ultimate knights, strong in his own regard but nowhere near as powerful as they.

3612215 Forgive me if im wrong,But i thought grey was tankier than the main four by default?.....Because that run that ended with grey being a god,Was done in four player,And everyone else seemed to take fewer hits to kill

3612221 Gameplay wise, yes Gray is tankier by default. Story wise, they are called the Ultimate Knights for a reason.

3612228 Ultimate power,Maybe,Ultimate armor?.....Not by a long fucking shot,You likely couldnt get that long of a shot with a bloody ICBM

3612229 no I would think story wise the Ultimate Knights would have better armor. Gray just has standard issue armor from the King while they could get whatever kind of armor plating they want. Meaning that they defiantly wouldn't take armor weaker than what is considered standard issue.

3612235 Or they would,So that they could carry a bigger sword,or be faster

3612236 they can break into a sprint wearing full plate, carrying a tower shield (I think that's what it's called anyway), an already comically sized weapon and various other bits n bobs. I don't think a few extra pounds of plate is going to faze them that much.

3612251 Or maybe the Knights are just part bird,And have hollow bones,But really strong muscles?

3612252 aww that sounds awesome. Remove their armor and they are in fact birds! *dramatic music*.

3612259 Honestly,It'd be par for the course considering the ending

3612263 Actually.....Itd be par for the course considering just the people who MADE the game

3612265 True. Very true. What were we arguing about again?

3612272 Gray knight getting Curb stomped,And the futility of doing so?

3612277 oh yeah he's just gonna walk that off. He still has all the other knights gear as well remember. That's a lot of sandwiches.

3612287 so he has effectively gained four or five times the normal max amount of consumables?

3612289 Spot on. Well my batteries about to die so we'll have to continue this another time sorry. Good chatting with you.

3612293 See ya Next chapter,Or if ya want,If you message me

quick! eat a sandwich!

and damn if the Castle Crashers soundtrack is one of the best i've ever heard :pinkiehappy: so simple, yet elegant, and it still fits the game perfectly.

Why you leave me with cliffhanger

Fight! Come on Gray, Show those crystal ponies the kind of power a Crasher has. Don't kill any, but still, kick the living crap outta them! :rainbowdetermined2:

chainsaw her horn and spear tips off, DO IT!

3638345 Because I work for the Devil as a summer job.

I hate cliffhangers, good job on the story though.

activate SANDVICH POWAR! Also great cliffhanger.


Luna really is now trying to kill Our (I think?) Armored protagonist,All because he gave celestia a hug whilst crying and sobbing?
Fucking hell,Luna knows what hugs,Crying and sobbing are,Why the everliving fuck did she go beserk?

3640851 First thing he did when he got there was punch her in the face. Now he's made a sudden movement towards a ruling Monarch in what could easily be considered a hostile movement considering past events and the current situation.

Luna don't care. In here eyes this small unknown and possibly lethal creature has assaulted her sister, insulted them all by not kneeling in the presence of royalty, and could for as far as she could tell just tried to strangle her sister.

Seems like a reasonable reaction.

3640863 So she's violent and impulsive,Or quick to react,and quicker to anger.......Reminds me of something

3640865 No I'd say she's just defensive of her sister. Gray did rocket punch her in the face remember.

3640889 Celestia getting injured cant be THAT big a deal,I mean honestly,She's atleast a milenia old,And isnt wheelchair bound,So her bones gotta be a bit toughened

3640892 Its less the fact of how badly he hurt her and more the fact that he did it at all. If someone punched your hypothertical sibling in the face you would be wary about them regardless of how hurt your hypothetical sibling was.

3640911 If someone punched my sister,My response would vary based on the attackers age compared to hers,If it was someone around her age (Im pretty sure she's like 6) Id just tell them to break it up,If it was someone my age (15-16) id be getting punchhappy,If it was in between id likely just lift them off the ground and haul them to the nearest parent/guardian,And if it was older than me,Id be out for blood.This is due to being protective of my MUCH YOUNGER sibling,Luna is the younger one though

3640916 Both of them are over a thousand years old. Calling one of them the younger sister is probably more of a formality than any real kind of status thing.

This chapter was worth the wait! :) I choose flee because fighting them would make the situation even worse.

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